Halliday to switch Ibrox for SPL rivals?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

On top of this morning’s chaotic breaking news at Ibrox with all the apparent changes coming our way is that as well as his omission from the Europa League squad, Andy Halliday is set to switch Rangers for Dundee after manager Pedro Caixinha reportedly confirmed the midfielder is not part of his plans going forward.

It has been a fairytale for Halliday, who got to live the dream, and now it seems his time is at an end at Ibrox with Dundee probably the perfect place for him to go, with a manager in Neil McCann who understands Rangers like the back of his hand and will welcome an experienced campaigner like Halliday with open arms.

Whether it is indeed the Dens Park outfit Halliday ends up at, few would begrudge him the move out of Ibrox – whatever we think of his contribution, he got to live the dream like so few ever do, and that will be his mantra for as long as he lives.

The lad is still under contract, having secured an extension till 2020, so it would probably take a small fee to release him, but Rangers surely will not be too demanding on Dundee and a friend like Neil McCann.

If this all comes to pass, good luck and thank you Andy, and the best to you. Except when you play us, of course!


  1. Why did king have to ruin a great week for the club by coming out with a load of crap?

    He's like trump. A complete idiot.

    Thank goodness we have other more grounded people on the board.

    Claiming Celtic have only 2 in a row is worthy of a five year old.

    Questioning fans loyalty is disgusting and he should apologise – I'm not holding my breath.

    Why come out with this crap? Why?

    • mr king is bang on its a two horse race and one of the horses was not present .you ask why come out with this crap .hes sticking up for the club he loves .when so many so called legends are hiding .this celtic athletic or what ever they call themselves .the smelly ones have had there slagging .brown .griffiths ,lawlell ,sutton . e,t,c .will we just sit back and take it . i dont think so

    • Ano it was a little bitter but part of the frustration we have all felt for a long time…Lets move forward and do our talking on the pitch WATP

    • He's right about two in a row. But I don't agree with his comment about loyal Rangers fans.

    • It might be crap, but no other bugger is saying anything that gets supporters going. All the ex-Gers are giving it "ooh, foreigners, ooh might be a disaster".
      We walk into the hailstorm of pish that the media darlings give us- Sutton, Hartson, McManus, English- nothing but Rangers bashing 24-7. Disappointed Kris Boyd having a pop. Alex Rae too. So what if King's winding up the Hoop-las. About time someone ruffled their preening feathers; all they get is arse-licking from every other corner of Scottish football.
      So, yes, he might be talking shite, but it's OUR shite.

    • Haha I think echeif jist summed up everything king was saying about fans that jist look for the negatives

      And I know lots of Celtic fans that feel that with out rangers there league wins were meaningless

  2. I can understand why he's came out with statement about some so called fans.
    Every other week we have so called fans and ex players criticising everything about rangers.
    No one had heard of many celtic players ie larsen, van dik, dumbele, and many others but no ex celtic player or fan has given the abuse that king and Pedro have to put up with.
    Real rangers fans get behind the manager and chairman.

  3. Good news for Halliday as you say he lived the dream and hopefully he can continue to have a career .All the Best

  4. It is going be good to see what club comes in for him under contract till 2020 and on wages of £5/6/7k most teams in scotland can not match that so it could be south he heads if any club wants him and that he will want to take a drop in wages so he could sit tight and watch on he would not be the first to do so and he will not be the last what we say out loud some times comes back to hurt us.no one is any ones fool so he and every one we want to move on should be handled better than out you go.

  5. Halliday is a blue nose and NOT a bad player and would do a good job for Dundee, St Mirren, Motherwell or even Hearts etc.

  6. Dundee can't afford him, only one other team in Scotland can afford the wages our players are on and they won't want them Either…

  7. mr king loves sticking it to them (SO DO WE ALL)and he said a few thing that I don't agree with but he stuck it to them something that no other person's have done even our so called legends who have press time rimming them c–ts so good on him he is a RANGERS MAN don't forget WATP

  8. E Chief. You are entitled to your opinion
    Unlike Boyd.Rae.McLiesh,Ferguson and other ex players King is defending his club and Manager. If you ask me they come across as poor ambassadors for the club.
    They should be trying to boost the club before an important European ties. Or perhaps the 2 Alex'so and Barry are peeved at flunking where Pedro Caixinha succeeded in hospital application to manage the greatest club on earth?

    Kings comments on the fan base, I can see why many who love the club and cannot attend for a variety of different reasons. Well intended but I'll chosen choice of words?

    The biggest thing is that 50000 fans, Barry, Alex, Alex and Kristen, do clearly believe in what Pedro Caixinha is trying to achieve in such a short timescale.

    In King We Trust

    6 in a row is dust

  9. E-Chef I back you, and for the people that accuse you of being one of them are small minded in my opinion !!

    I have always backed King he has done a lot for us and sorting out the Ashley and SD saga was phenomenal bit of business..

    However to come out and disregard them and the hole of Scottish football is nothing short of childish in my opinion we finished 3rd last year ffs.

    Remember this time last year when we signed Barton etc it was all the same hype and look what happened !!

    We have signed unknown players from a far and haven't played a game yet and a lot of supporters think we are going to win league, why ??

    They are streets a head of us on the park and off it that's a fact, they don't make CL they will just punt a Dembelle, Rogic or Teirney to off set it, look the sell on clause the cunts have with van dyke.

    King has just put pressure on Pedro with his comments if we get off to a bad start the same fans that are shouting, will want rid of him..

    Time for us all to lower expectations and let Pedro built and forget about them across the city for now..

    Hate to rain on fellow fans parade but everyone has a opinion and that's mine and I have supported Rangers all my life..

  10. Halliday was a 100,% Ranger , he came into an awful team and never got played in his position , would hate him to leave this club with a bad taste in his mouth but if he did I wouldn't blame him , he never played once in the position he knows , he was Warburtons lamb to the slaughter

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