Imminent seven player Ibrox exodus on cards


 Article by: Ibrox Noise
Rangers are set to shift seven players with the breaking
news that six have been excluded from the Europa League squad while a seventh
is a definite target for Mark Warburton’s Nottingham.
Joe Dodoo, Michael O’Halloran, Andy Halliday, Rob Kiernan,
Harry Forrester and Matt Crooks have all been excluded from the squad to face
Progres Niederkorn, while James Tavernier has confirmed he is considering a
move to Nottingham Forest after an initial bid from manager Mark Warburton was
rejected. He is expected to increase his submission to a seven-figure sum this

None of the UEL squad exclusions are a surprise – none of
them have been regarded as having a future under Caixinha, and Rangers fans
will not be disappointed at seeing the back of the majority of them, while
James Tavernier, subject to mass criticism last season from all quarters of the
support for below-par displays would not be a colossal loss either.
With eight signings secured for the new season already, this
exodus is the first real major movement the other way and confirms that if
Pedro does not manage to actually get rid of these players (those pesky
contract things could get in the way), they certainly are not part of his plans
and would only be taking up a wage now.
Change has certainly been necessary at Ibrox for quite a
while, and it is a damning indictment of the shocking work done by the previous
manager that only three signings he made in 2016 of 15 have been deemed good
enough going forward, with the exceptions being Jak Alnwick, a backup
goalkeeper and the two returned injury-plagued midfielders, Jordan Rossiter and
Niko Kranjcar.
The work done in the other direction has been stellar, and
while this site has a concern or two about defence, it is all moving in the
right direction regardless.


  1. Incredible that Michael OHalloran, having supposedly been watched numerous times by Frank McParland, 'the best scout in Britain' was given a four year contract and has proved to be one of the worst signings. Head down and try to get to the byline only for the defender to block the cross for a corner, same move every time.

  2. That all sounds a wee bit nasty to me some players could fill in used as back up i am sure of that unless Pedro is going bring in seven players for cover then i do not know why he would even think you could get rid of so many some of them are just going sit on there money now and if no better offer comes in for them more money than they get here no one will move on would you?better not saying who you want out before clubs come knocking.

    • I have to agree John – whether Pedro rates them or not, he has to respect these players and the fact that most of them are on long contracts. Tossing them all on the scrapheap to try to enfore his authority is counterproductive imo, these guys are still assets and we should trying to maximise any returns that we make on them. Its not like we can afford not to. I expect most of these guys will be seething and not in the mood to budge regardless of what offers materialise. There are already rumours of cliques and discontent among the 1st team squad, and if Pedro's not careful this could quickly blowup in his face.

  3. I do think it's harsh on Halliday, Crooks and O'Halloran. None of them given a proper shot at their proper roles.
    And I do think Rob Kiernan will come good somewhere; all he needs is a big Weir/Gough type next to him to put him right. Warburton tried to build a team round him when he was only 24. Idiot.

    Forrester will not be anything but a journeyman unless he stops being a bit of a div. Dodoo needs to toughen up.

    I still don't like seeing players leave Rangers, although we do need some movement. Mass clearouts rarely work.

    On a slightly positive note, I suppose this means he's relying on the youth as back up?

    • Halliday has said many times that the midfield role is now his most comfortable role. He has been given two seasons to prove himself good enough and failed miserably. O'Hallaron is a winger and has always played there for Rangers, yet he has failed to produce anything to show he should be kept. Literally the best game of his career came against Rangers in the cup. Agree with most of the rest, apart from Kiernan, the 12 clubs he's been at in his career probably thought the same as you though, but he couldn't even hold down his place for Burton, he has played more games for Rangers than the rest of his career combined and hasn't progressed at all.

      Also, the same amount of players have left as are coming in so as back up's go we are in the same position as we were last season, except Caixinha has shown faith in youth players like Bates, Wilson, Barjonas, Beerman and McCrorie, all of whom have shown more than Kiernan, Halliday and O'Halloran.

      You might not like to see players leave, but these guy's are a waste of a wage and have no place in a top flight Rangers team.

    • Fair dos. I thought Halliday was always a left attacking midfielder. O'Halloran can't argue with, although to be honest, I think I'm just cacking a bit that he'll head back to Perth or somewhere and then proceed to hand us our arse four times a season. 🙂
      I think I probably just feel that Kiernan got treated really badly by fans and Warburton tried to deal with it by being the stubborn git he is. I also think Kiernan suffered a lot from having Tavernier fannying about in front of him. That said, I'd not keep him at all, no way.

      So yes, they need off the wage bill, but it's a gamble until we've seen the replacements on the pitch. Who's going to be in the dressing room to shout blue murder at them with Halliday away?

      Still, can't wait for Thursday.

  4. I still feel O'Halloran could have done a job for us and Crooks has not really had the chance due to injury. As for the others, Halliday and Kiernan is particular the sooner they find new clubs the better!

  5. Here we go it's highost time the fans got of Pedros back and get behind the team a head of the start of our season we all know there were several at ibrox who weren't pulling their weight and Pedro has identified them and has taken the decision to get rid as much as we may disagree in principal but we have to trust our director of footbaLl and manager on this matter as for Daventry king it's true we don't need to antagonise our oldest rivals we know the truth about Celtic they thrive on batting us as do 90% of our league rivals are also feeding off it with the help of so called pundits who all forget that Fergus mcann saved celtic it's high time the team did the talking for themselves on the pitch while the fans show we are proud to standby our club after all we have being through as to the boys all the best agains tax progress in the europa qualifying round and a big welcome to all our new players

  6. Got to give Pedro his place. He has watched them playing over the latter end of last season and in training. We were very lightweight last season in all positions, easily bullied off the ball. We also needed a top class, unforgiving striker to bury the glaring chances that we have previously missed. Hopefully Alves will fill that big gaping hole in defence, but the full back positions are a concern for me still, but there is still plenty of time.
    Only seems a rush as we needed to get players for Europe, but we still have till end of August to get a couple of players in and all the dead wood out.
    Got to give Pedro time and space to stamp his authority on our team, can't fault the guys positivity in signing international players thus far, I'm sure we will see a different dynamic drive in our team in the coming months.

  7. Agree all departures another good article guys …Really push when you look at Warburton Wier and McParlands legacy ….. nothing !!!!!!

  8. I personally think a tougher approach has been required for the coming season. The deadwood have been told they are deadwood and although there is sympathy because we are all bears and they are family, they simply have not met the grade and leading them on as back up would only dampen their career. Its in their best interests that they move on and no PC has made them aware and I see them all moving on and us making some profit off them. That's good business in my eyes and the right direction we should be going

  9. I never new we had so many players 30 in Europa League squad plus those we need to get rid of some as soon as.

  10. Gary , halliday has said his favourite role is in midfield for last 2 years ? And he hasn't delivered ? He has always played in midfield but as an out of position anchorman for gers , he played leftwing for other clubs , you are an Imposter or know nothing about football

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