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Ibrox Noise has never shied away from being honest – all our readers will know we have strong opinions and we are not afraid to express them – whether we are being critical or praising the Club, we are always calling it as we see it. And right now Rangers are truly in a messy state of limbo;

And yet, as ever, waiting on and watching the Rangers will always be as exciting today as it was when we were kids.

It struck me that no matter how rubbish our team is, how incompetent or tight the board appears to be, or how confused the management seems, as Bears, our blood runs blue and we were as excited for a dead-end match against Hearts yesterday as we were for the Uefa Cup Final or 1992’s massive Leeds tie or indeed the CSKA finale the same season which saw us just pipped to the post.

The fact is your team is in your blood – and however poor Rangers might be, and however much we want them to be as good as they were under Walter, or Wallace, or Symon or even the Little General, it does not stop us loving them as much as we always did or getting excited watching the team come out of the tunnel.

Sure, by the 25th minute and the side has been absolute mince, enthusiasm does often douse a tad – but then it is half time and we look forward to the second 45 where the team is going to have sorted out the kinks and tweaked things to go flying. And sure, by the 60th minute and the side continues to be mince and our best player gets taken off in order that a wildly inappropriate sub can be made, our enthusiasm does douse a tad again.

But at the base line it is still Rangers, our team, and through thick and thin we support.

Consider it self-flagellation if you like, consider it masochism – it is a bit of both. But in the modern era Rangers fans had a wonderful time of it between ’88 and 2012 – right now and over the past 5 years it is a bad time, football wise easily the worst in our history – and we are currently not the team we should be with no light at the end of the tunnel.

But yet we soldier on because We Are The People and you do not stop supporting just because the team is rank. We will still be critical. We will still moan when Tavernier mucks up another pass and gifts Diddy Squat Utd a tap in goal after 3 and a half minutes, but we do that because we are Rangers fans and we love the team and want the best for them.

There are two pointless matches upcoming – Aberdeen and St Johnstone. We are as excited by them as we were for any match which came before them.

And always will be. 

Whether we get soon the Rangers we expect is unknown, whether indeed we ever do is, but the support, the sites, and indeed your very own Ibrox Noise will continue to moan and praise whatever the weather.


  1. Well said guys. We stick by our team simply because we are the team. A team such is ours isn't just the players on the park. They are the kit man, the physios and even the tea boy to the coffee woman. Importantly they are the fans. The twelfth man. We are as ingrained in Rangers as Rangers are in us. We wane as fans as much as the team does as players BUT we fight, we carry on.

    Keep telling the truth guys. The good, the bad and the downright ugly stuff. Keep your opinions strong.

  2. I always appreciate your honesty and the honest platform you allow for honest posts who convey a message and are allowed to speak their mind, which should and does offer a fair debate and varying views of how we are doing, again which is healthy debating.

    I, for my part, have never waivered in my distrust, dislike and pure disconnect when it comes to how King and his concerto party, lied, bullied, conned and lied their way into Ibrox, and for those crimes we are once again going to suffer, this time quite harshly I think. Sometimes you back the wrong horse and you shake yourself and re-appraise things, all good and well, yet our criminal chairman has had the 'rose petal, treatment and the backing of a number who, I think, should be named and shamed when the next pile of shit hits the fan….as it surely will, and this time the consequences are, and I keep banging on about it, as serious as it gets.

    The Takeover Panel Appeal Board made a judgement that King and his cohorts gained the club under very dodgy and unethical terms, crookedly in other words. These rules are in place across the world to ensure, crooks and criminals adhere to financial regulations and ant take over is fair, honest and above board. The Takeover Panel have been reviewing King and co's takeover for years, citing King as an unwilling and obstructive person who did not in any way help his, his concert party or our clubs case by being his usual 'fud' self….so had no choice or option but to find him, and his concerto's, guilty as sin….their words, not mine 🙂

    So, what does our criminal chairman do, when found guilty and instructed to offer value to all shareholders and to make it before 28 days? He does what he always does, buries his head up his arse, blatantly disregarding their instruction, giving them no option but to use the Court of Session, the highest court in the land, to make good on its verdict….and believe me, they will.
    So just because its all a bit quiet around this at the moment, it will happen and the loss of all financial services to our club, or as other wise known, the 'Cold-Shoulder'…will hit hard, so if there are a number of transfers, investments or other financial transactions in the pipeline, best get them done as soon as possible….

    There are numerous stories around about signing targets etc etc …and while there is no harm in speculating and hoping, the cold hard honest truth is, we will NOT be signing anyone of any note and will NOT have a transfer budget of any sorts to go out and improve…Dave (the career criminal) King, our most worshipful Chairman has seen to that, sealing us up like a kipper on a BBQ…we, the untouchables and the un-investables, our position is dire and people have to realise just how serious it can all become, oh and we still have the Craig Whyte and the SD court cases to run…as always in the news for all the wrong reasons….but that's what people wanted, I wonder who will be first to break ranks once the full implications of the TAP ruling sinks in….and when the CoS hands out its verdict and sentence….oh and as usual, Rangers do not do proper due diligence …even on players and this is the result…
    "Rashid Sumaila's contract situation reportedly causing issues in potential Rangers swoop" … amateurish from top to bottom… Dave King's true legacy


    • The full extent of the damage done by the criminals from Murray on will, imho, turn out to be far worse than even the greatest pessimist feared.

    • GordonRFC you always seem to have this leaning that something untoward has been done when King Taylor and Park did a great thing and took Rangers back from the thieving scum that had infiltrated this great club All had their own interests firmly to the fore. I have never heard anything that relates anywhere near to that from the current board …ever . I agree we need investment I agree we need better dealing in the transfer market . Warburton ( Twat) left it in such a mess.. again another who has his and only his own interests at heart … Weir a disgrace. Please everyone stand together …Renew you season books and lets try and see if we can move forward .. If we beat Aberdeen on Wednesday it will show that the despicable performances by Warburton's Team cost us 2nd not the defeats against the Scum WATP #fuckyer10inarow

    • Once again gord….and his venomous hatred of rangers!!,,your venom comes across like a closet dwelling multi named person!!,we are rangers and supporters do not take down there club the way that you constantly do!!, are you part of the organised smack down of rangers in everything public!? You certainly seem to be one of them!!

    • Ron

      I neither know you and have never seen your posts in the past, but I can assure you my stance, far from being anti Rangers is quite the opposite…its to try and wake people up to what is actually going on…not what they are told is going on….over 50yrs man and boy I have supported my club….and if you ever read my posts you will see….the only one I ever smack down is King and his cohorts…..and its time you opened your eyes to the fact.


  3. A superb piece by Gordon RFC, This is the main problem at Ibrox – Dave King who said he would invest £30m and appoint a Nomad within 6 weeks of moving in. Neither has happened and coupled with King's response to the Takeover panel we have become financially toxic. NO chance of any external investment.

    And news today that the Development Squad have been been withdrawn from the Scottish Development league – a farce!

    • I actually think they are right in with drawing from the Scottish development league and putting them in a European development league where they will meet other teams from the best in Europe, should give them a help when it comes to progressing to the 1st team and playing in Europe, my only surprise is The manky mob never did it 1st

    • They did. They've had a team participating in European leagues for at least two seasons. You can check this yourself.

    • That was a different on Celtic was in. It was a cup format comp ironically set up by warburton. This seems to be a season long league. Be good to see a home game via Ajax etc

  4. As many times this season I have told the other half, that's it, I'm done, after all I am getting on now. But. Week after week you just have to carry on regardless. WATP.

  5. It's because we are all TRUE BLUES that we get excited when "THE GERS", 'THE BOYS IN BLUE"
    "THE FAMOUS GLASGOW RANGERS" play a game of football – we are FANATICS IN BLUE!
    Please keep buying your season or game tickets next season – as when your team are in deep trouble – that is when we are needed more!

    In 2012, we collectively kept Rangers alive by supporting our team in every match – so that we wouldn't die. WATP – so keep it going.

  6. Sorry but have to disagree with your statement – "we were as excited for a dead-end match against Hearts yesterday as we were for the Uefa Cup Final or 1992’s massive Leeds tie or indeed the CSKA finale the same season which saw us just pipped to the post" We went into yesterday​'s game 39pts behind 'them' & 9pts behind the sheep. Having been a season ticket holder for 30 years, I didn't experience any buzz yesterday but only sadness that we are so far behind. We can't allow mediocrity to be our new standard, we've got to aspire to be "Simply the Best". King and the Board must hear our disenchantment and prove they are capable of realising our desire to be not only the best supported team in Scotland but to be the Best team in Scotland!

  7. Pity the teams today, if not yet the clubs, have lost almost all connection to their traditional communities. Have to smile grimly when I see someone like Dembele referred to as a 'Celt' and in most smaller cities it's regarded as worth mentioning if their team features a 'local boy'. I'd have the old days back in a shot compared to the ersatz showbiz Sky Sports created.

  8. RF, if you think continuing with that theme is going to sort what Gordon says, you are 100% wrong, my position on King is documented, Gordon is very close to perfection in his comments about King, however there are at least two other stories that will ensure King is gone very soon, one very specific to him personally and the other about our stadium that has potential to bring all shutters down. I want to be optomistic, however we need to be realistic, the way to sort the mess is to admit our most recent mistakes since 2012, rid ourselves of King and if that means starting again, so be it. J

  9. The good old days are gone for now but we will be back stronger than we where before time it will take but we will follow On Regardless you can bank on that.

  10. Gordo, an excellent (but chilling) post. What’s the worst case scenario for the club/fans? And is there anything we can hope for going forward?

    I feel like we’re on a ship with 52,000 passengers, and instead of sailing towards the Caribbean (as we’d paid tickets for) we find out we’re actually heading towards the Arctic and it’s December. On top of that, the ship's navigation system is down, we have a broken rudder and no Captain (we thought he was a Captain, but turns out his papers were forged). We try to get into the bridge, but the door is locked; we can see a guy in there who looks like a Bearsden accountant – he's sporting a cheesy smile and has just put an unknown Portugese entertainer in charge of somehow piloting the ship. “He speaks good English,” says the accountant, “I find him really impressive.” And all the passengers are realising that if the situation doesn’t change, our cherished ship is eventually going to hit something (again)…

    • Jorg

      Worst case scenario for club and fans is extinction…if we can not use banking, can not process payments in electronic format we cant trade properly….if we cant trade properly how are we going to survive? The law is sometimes not fair to those who have done nothing wrong, but are caught up in it, like we the honest fans are…we are caught up in something we are not privy to and will suffer.

      What can be done? Get rid of King and hope above hope those sentencing us will see our intentions are honourable and we are trying to move away from King and co, we need re-listed and trading to attract investment, for that you need a NOMAD, something we will never attain while King is anywhere near our club….

      What does the future hold?…. I think of it like a "Schrödinger's cat " scenario….how can we tell who will invest in us and grow us when they can not and are not allowed to?….think of it like this and you will see how we are being held back and strangled to death.

      For those unaware of the "Schrödinger's cat " theory….

      "Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. It illustrates what he saw as the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics applied to everyday objects. The scenario presents a cat that may be simultaneously both alive and dead, a state known as a quantum superposition, as a result of being linked to a random subatomic event that may or may not occur. The thought experiment is also often featured in theoretical discussions of the interpretations of quantum mechanics. Schrödinger coined the term Verschränkung in the course of developing the thought experiment"



    • Thanks Gordo. I first started to doubt King when he gave this matter-of-fact answer, at the beginning of his tenure, following our failed attempt to sign Scott Allan: "..it became quite clear that Hibs were not going to sell us Scott Allan no matter what we did…" (this was after a 3rd bid of a whopping 280,000 GBP). It was the first trace of phoneyism I saw in him. In his 'campaign promises', the things he said he would address at Ibrox are now as bad as ever – a lack of transparency and accountability, and an inability to dampen the "background noise" that surround the club. These noise levels are today as high as they've ever been, as fans and media try to work out what's going on inside the club. Interesting posts, Gordo.

  11. Spot on!!! Got goose bumps just reading it. and when you see 1988 – 2012 the memories come flooding back. WATP

  12. jeez for a long time i stayed away from these forums , pop yer head up for a look and it is all doom and gloom still and having heard and read things suggesting the club is still underfunded both on and off the pitch u got to think the previous poster is better informed than me and probably right ,so the onus falls on the fans to support the manager and his team while they can , although i can't believe in extinction rangers is an idea you can't kill it .rangers forever

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