Transfer window – must do better


If one thing has surfaced time and time again over the past few weeks, it is a worrying undercurrent among Rangers fans of the calibre of player being sought to rebuild this beleaguered Rangers side.

While no one is expecting the quality of Gazza, Laudrup or Baxter any time soon, alarm bells have been ringing among a great deal of the fanbase with names like Henaghan, Sumaila, Whittaker, and Berra being touted for a switch to Ibrox.

This is not to say these are all absolute dross, indeed many have responded slightly more positively to links suggesting a move could be made for Motherwell’s Louis Moult. But the problem Rangers fans seem to be arguing is the bulk of the players being mentioned in press circles, online and even ‘in the real world’ is they are barely any better than what we already have.

Indeed, some feel this Rangers squad could actually get worse if half these rumours come to pass.

Rangers are in a desperate state right now. Fans are losing confidence in the board and the squad, with many wanting to exclude the manager for now given he remains relatively new to the gig; but with the majority of the football personnel at the Club lacking the quality fans want to see, the rebuild we all want does not seem to be quite as much of the upgrade we were led to believe would arrive.

Indeed, we still are not truly aware of what the ambitions or budget of the board actually are; all we know is Caixinha presented a list of 12 players he wants, and we do not even know what the quality of the majority of these is.

The names being mentioned generally do not inspire the belief we can even secure second next season; and the number of rejections is a little disappointing (Vaulks said no, Alves supposedly did albeit he has been slightly more positive today going by the quotes) – it does not seem either that the budget is there to deliver a half decent Rangers squad.

Anyone hoping for Willie Henderson’s £50M should wake up and smell the coffee. If we manage a tenth of that we are doing well. Sterling example of the financial problems – Motherwell have reportedly slapped £500k on Henaghan’s head – and already that feels like a non-starter and too much. In truth, for the player in question, it probably is, but there is a horrible dread just beginning to surface that Rangers are stuck in this bargain basement with absolutely no light at the end of it.

The quality needed – several £1M plus players plus one or two £2M players requires a minimal outlay of £10M – and that just does not look like it is happening, hence the multiple to links to half of Norwich’s freed surplus and Bosmans like Sumaila.

It is true that Rangers should be able to attract better with Europa League confirmed and theoretical progress on offer; but the names do not force that conclusion.

We better hope a lot of red herrings have been swimming our way recently or next season will be more of the same.


  1. Richard Fillingham

    Whittaker was my pet hate as he used to lose the ball up the park and cause too many goals to be scored from his missing right back position – sound like someone else we know – right – Tavernier!

  2. "The quality needed – several £1M plus players plus one or two £2M players requires a minimal outlay of £10M.."

    I'd suggest that judging players by price tag only (which you are doing in the article) is a bit nonsensical. If we rewind to last summer's transfer window and follow your logic, you would have bought Joe Garner for the "quality needed" price of £1.8M and turned your nose up at the paltry/lesser quality of Moussa Dembele at £500k…

    "…that just does not look like it is happening, hence the multiple to links to half of Norwich’s freed surplus and Bosmans like Sumaila."

    Just because a player is surplus to requirements at a club does not mean that the player is not high quality; the club might simply want to lower their wage-bill or the player might have fallen out with the coach or the coach might want his own players. Similarly, Bosmans are often Bosmans because they've purposely run down their own contract; it doesn't mean that their quality is not high.

    Reading the article, there seems to be no vision for the future except to blindly hope that some rich guy comes in the door and starts splashing the cash. Is spending tens of millions on transfer fees in the next few years, and forever more, what we need? Or should we change our thinking and try to come up with new ideas instead of the failed ones of old?

  3. I think Whittaker was ok. I remember him playing as an emergency ch against Celtic and they did not score against him.

  4. We're in trouble appointed a dud manager. And we've got to go through the charade of waiting till he proves he's a dud. 2 wasted seasons. Shame on those that picked him.

  5. I have no confidence in the manager yesterday we ended up with five forwards Mckay Miller Dodoo Garner and Waghorn Hearts switched to three four two after they went down to ten men and controlled the game for long spells our manager had Miller playing in front of our back four when he took off Windass the whole framework of the team became a shambles it was patently obvious that we had lost the midfield just one more question can any body tell me what the injury is that Rossiter has and will we ever see him play again?

  6. and still the real failure that is King and his leadership (lack of it) is apparently ignored or am I missing something, we appear to have went from £30M to guess the problems but we are just not saying anything, just hoping us fans keep turning up, paying our hard earned money, watching and hoping J

  7. We need players….WHO WORK HARD, too many, just think ..oh when i get the ball,i will advance the team……..WRONG,our game has to change…TO WINNING the BALL,FIRST..!! Thats why we have to get rid of the deadwood thats MOST of our squad,right now….

  8. We certainly don't need to be going after hearts flops. I couldn't care less how well the manager thinks he knows the Greek midfielder, it is exactly the same mistake Warburton made ie going for average players who aren't the callibre few required to move us forward.

    There are SEVERAL hearts players better than this player.

    Then there's the stupid idea of strengthening the defence with a Motherwell player who is part of the most shambolic defence in spl

    I am willing to give new manager until Christmas to prove himself. However the early signs are not encouraging.

  9. If it was funny I'd laugh..

    It's getting beyond a joke now what the f£&k is actually going on at Ibrox? I don't just mean the running joke that's the Board & King – defo betted on the wrong horse this time…

    Signings – Sumaila now has a 3 yr contract bloody hell that was pulled out of the hat at last minute ( no pun intended ). Now surely Ped must've known that at least – if not he should've! I'm keeping an eye on what's that all about? I'm rather relieved he's got that 3 yr contract as I think there is better in the SPL..

    Rossiter – while it's great news to hear he's back training as he'd be a welcome addition to the squad.. What I can't understand is why there has never been any report to the fans about what injury – injuries he's had and why??

    Mole/Greek bubble and squeak the carry on continues… This could be the longest Summer ever and I don't mean sunshine either Bears.. We live in hope

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