The “Great Harry Forrester Mystery”


Rangers’ fans have suffered a great number of puzzles over the past couple of seasons; the health of Jordan Rossiter, John Eustace, the selection process in general, the signing of Rob Kiernan…

But one of the most curious is the entire “Harry Forrester Mystery”. Signed in January 2016 and the only borderline moderate ‘success’ of that absolutely disastrous transfer window, Forrester actually had a decent impact over the course of that season’s second half, contributing some big goals and making a noticeable impression on games.

The guy’s physicality and willingness to roll his sleeves up did not go unnoticed and he produced the hard-tackling robustness in midfield while complimenting it with some pretty decent footballing ability too. But there were also signs of a poor temperament in evidence, with more than one or two ‘naughty’ tackles in there too and a booking or two as well.

Despite the positives of his game, Harry Forrester faded dramatically from Rangers’ first team, occasionally appearing on the bench under Bread Man and when Loaf Left, Forrester’s lingering chances of match day action more or less disappeared entirely.

Nowadays he simply does not feature in the squad at all, regularly posting photos on his various social media accounts of what he is doing when the side is playing.

While no one would pretend he is an exceptional player, the utter removal of him from the equation has been decidedly odd. Rangers have lacked real fight in the middle for some time, and while Caixinha’s new system seemed to temporarily reinvigorate that aspect with Jason Holt and Jon Toral providing the grit, it was quickly and inexplicably ripped up and Rangers have returned to being weak and pathetic in the middle.

Ripe for Forrester to come in and toughen it up, right? Apparently not.

Certainly there are issues about Forrester’s temperament. More than once he has committed ugly ‘tackles’ that would make Joe Garner wince, and more than once he has been booked for it – who could forget Chris Sutton’s comical chagrin when Craig Thompson admittedly bottled out of sending the creative attacker off for two obvious yellow card offences at Den’s Park.

But for his undeniably questionable temperament, Forrester has contributed in many positive ways on the pitch – he has scored vital goals, winning goals, and he has changed many games when deployed as a sub – his ability, while not astonishing, is solid, able, and has made a difference.

And yet here we are, his fading from the match day squad spectacular in its conspicuousness, while reports are coming in that along with O’Halloran, Kiernan and Halliday he has been called in for ‘assessment’ by management looking to see who qualifies as dead wood and who does not.

One can only wonder what Forrester’s professionalism and attitude in training are like for him to have been cast from the match day squad with such ferocity despite what he could definitely bring to the team.

Going by these reports, Forrester’s time in Govan could be over pretty soon, which will bring to an end a slightly odd time at Ibrox for the lad.



  1. He was the best player they had at the start of the season until the bread man started fuckin him aboot

  2. Flashes of a player but don't think the work rate is there. His late tackles are largely due to a lack of concentration and laziness meaning he isn't able to get there in time.

    Decision making also variable, old firm game when he should have played Dodoo in for a tap in comes to mind.

    For me it's not a mystery and Harry Houdini will not be missed…

  3. Nothing curious about him failing to make it at ibrox – the lad has talent, but appears to lack the mentality required. He has failed at every club he has been at.

    We must not sign any players of his calibre this summer and hope Warburton wants him at Forrest.

  4. The loaf has gone but what makes anyone think that this sort of signing is not possible?

    I think this club is finished, the days we regard ourselves as a big club is OVER.

    it's alright having a big support but on evidence where has that really taking us?

    We need structure, funding and sponsorship and not to mention a competitive Scottish football to close the gap on other type of deals.

    player turnaround and finance will have a direct influence on what type of season we have.

    I think Ped the ted won't get a 3rd window purely because of budget and quality.

    We remain the club that clubs want to defeat but we don't have the players or finance to cope with demands.

  5. Sorry genuinely not wantin to sound like a dick but I find that hard to hear from from a fellow supporter. I never comment but I think that is incredibly pessimistic. I expected better under ally and it was disappointing to miss out on 3 consecutive promotions but we have never lost the support. We survived the cunt Green when things were still shaky and if Dave King doesn't put his money where his mouth is we have the voice to get him out eventually. Plus we're never out the papers they love anything negative about us so if King wasn't keeping his word everyone would know about it. I'm willing to put faith in him for now because I feel he has kept hos word in terms of investment so far although it seems there was a lot less than expected put in to the transfer pot. I don't think being shrewd and having picking up players on the cheap is necessarily a bad thing but obviously you need someone with a real eye for talent picking them. I was doubtful that Pedro was the man for the job but honestly now with what he said about garner and the idea that he might build the team around him I actually think is brilliant I think he is bang on with what he said. If he can get some fast get a couple of good crossers in and garner will score for fun. I know a guy who is a Preston fan and he absolutely loved him and was gutted to see him leave. I telly think he cam do a job in the spl but the way the team has played under loaf and murty didn't suit him. Between King and Pedro there are no guarantees of success in the next few years but I don't think there's really been anything too negative yet from either of them. Kings held up so far and Pedro cant really be judged while he is managing loaf's squad. We are too big, too well supported and too well known around the world not to get back to the top. Im no businessman but I'm pretty sure a support this size that already has shares could force a hostile fan takeover if King was fucking it. I might take time bit we'll be alright. Know why? Beacause We Are The People!!!

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