Rangers close to five-player swoop; reports


Strong speculation is gathering pace that Rangers are close to completing the signings of Bruno Alves, Carlos Pena, Fabio Cardoso and Louis Moult, on top of the capture of Ryan Jack.

The five signings would be a massive boost for Rangers fans, with serious work finally getting underway to overhaul a dishevelled squad and give the chance for manager Pedro Caixinha to finally imprint his image on the side.

Alves, as we know is a strong centre half, 35 years old at Cagliari, with a wealth of absolutely top class experience, and his signature would be an exceptional start to the incomings, while Aberdeen’s Ryan Jack is the worst kept-secret in Scottish football and will be announced in due course.

Motherwell’s Louis Moult is another one which looks to be close to over the line, the 25 year old striker having had an outstanding time of it this season, and Rangers clearly believe he would be an upgrade to the likes of Martyn Waghorn.

Meanwhile Fabio Cardoso, a 23-year old Portuguese defender at Vitória de Setúbal is also mooted for the switch to Govan with his manager confirming it is a strong possibility. He said:

“I want to keep Fabio. But my team is not as big and strong as Rangers. We are a middle team in Portugal and we don’t have power. If Rangers want a player of Vitoria, we do not have the power to prevent it or to keep this guy. Obviously, he is one of my best players and I want him to stay. To make a good team, you need good players always but this is life. I understand. If Fabio is wanted by Rangers, of course, it is good for him.”

And last but not least Carlos Pena, a 27 year old Mexican midfielder currently in his homeland Guadalajara but on loan at Leon has himself confirmed he is negotiating with Rangers to make the switch.

A much needed boost in every area of the pitch should all these transpire, and it is quite possible they will.

Watch this space.


  1. I'm not sure about Alves, was never the quickest of cats and at his age now it's worrying. Carlos Pena, from what I've read, looks like he could become a homesick playboy. Cardoso, Ryan and Moult would all be welcome additions tho'.

    • I think Boyce would be better than Moult any day. I know he is a Celtic supporter but he would jump at the chance of more money.

    • You are right about what Alves won but can we pay his wages if it is love of our club he is coming for then great can we give a 35 year old £10 grand a week?better than that how come no english club have jumped all over him and they could pay £30 plus grand a week how come it must be love for sure.

    • His last game for Portugal was 3 months ago. If he was so old and slow he wouldn't have started a game for the champions of Europe 🤦‍♂️

  2. Andy, Alves won a Euro 2016 medal less than 12 months ago. Let's not label hima Senderos. His average rating in Serie A this season was 7/10 each game.

    • I agree with you on this Warb and remember what Davie Weir did for us at his age and to a lesser extent but significant enough Clint Hill this season, so Alves might be what we need at the back along with a more mobile quick centre back beside him.

    • Not saying Aves is a bad player Warbs, and I would never compare him to Senderos, just concerned about his lack of pace. Davie Weir was a great player for us but remember how deep a defensive line we had to play becuase he was so slow.

    • I would compare Alves to Senderos. His average rating was 6.72/10 this season to be exact, and he made only 1 appearance at the Euros (due to another player's injury). The only difference is that Senderos (AC Milan, Arsenal, Valencia) has played for bigger clubs than Alves. Senderos has also played in the toughest league in the world, the EPL, for most of his career; Alves has not played in it once. Senderos is a woeful tackler – so is Alves; his tackle of Harry Kane was not unusual. On top of that, on top of how shit Senderos is, Alves is more than 3 years old than him. A snail that will make many mistakes.

    • Howdi Bill…admittedly I've not seen much of Murray apart from last night so based on that he has a long way to go and is nowhere near ready for us… not for me ma friend.

  3. Its a definite step in the right direction. I am missing the bloody footy already. Bring on August 5th. WATP

  4. Stop the fn moaning guys! Happier days are coming! It's like moaning because your boss gives you a 10% pay rise…Then…"Tight FN bsd Should have been 15%!"
    Look, As Bob Dylan said, The times they Are A' Changing'
    And that is most certainly true as we all know!
    Would you guys look forward to change or the same fn $h1t?
    If half of these signings come in, and half of the current dross goes, then…..

  5. Lets just get these players in and a couple more from South America please. Starting to get excited about the new season!

  6. We have been desperate for two good centre halves for a couple of years now, if the two new Portuguese ones sign for us – it is well done to Ped the Ted.

    I suggested thinking about Moult several months age on one of my Ibrox Noise articles, before anybody else had mentioned his name with Rangers.

    Carlos Pena is reported to be a Mexican playboy who parties too much and is a womaniser – if he turns out to be almost as good as JIM BAXTER – I will be delighted.

    Signing Ryan Jack the captain of Aberdeen must be a good thing for us,

    I am hoping we sign a few of Hearts best players also.

    • Richard if we can get Paterson I'll be overjoyed…made up… delighted… lol…hopefully happier times ahead after these recent times.

  7. It's all positive, let's be honest. After last year it had to be. A good strong backbone for the team and ditch some of the guys who simply don't make the grade.
    Onwards and upwards

  8. I'm still of the opinion that we as a Club should not give single blue pound to any former SPL Club who did their masters bidding to attempt to kill us off. Plunder their resources, upset their fans, promise pre-contracts – all OK – but not one single penny to their clubs. The days of Rangers pulling these lickspittles out of the mire have gone. We.re moving up – we don't need to take them with us. Only free agents in Scotland should interest us.

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