Pedro wields the axe; these are Rangers’ high-profile casualties

Pedro wields the axe; these are Rangers’ high-profile casualties

With Rangers’ manager Pedro Caixinha confirming he is ready to shed the team of a great deal of dead wood, Ibrox Noise takes you through the highest-profile casualties who look likely to be pointed towards the exit door to make way for potential new blood coming in.

Andy Halliday:

Pretty self-explanatory this one; barely played a role since the Portuguese came in, and most fans no longer have the love for him that they once did for one of their own. Is not good enough to take Rangers forward, but he lived the dream that .000001% of Bears get to do so he can move on with his head held high whatever you think of his displays.

Rob Kiernan:

Has had a dreadful time of it in the SPL, with his complete lack of ability exposed and his unsuitability for this level laid bare for all to see. Pretty mediocre at best in the Championship, he has been utterly out his depth in the SPL and he is extraordinarily unlikely to still be at Ibrox come next season.

Philippe Senderos:

For whatever reason his CV did not translate to performances on the pitch, and for Warburton, Murty then Caixinha to not have interest in using him bodes ill for any chance he has of remaining in Govan. Certain to leave.

Michael O’Halloran:

A waste of £500k, he may have shown glimpses of quality occasionally but the unders episode did little to endear him to his new manager and Rangers will want to get as much of their investment back as they can.

Joe Garner:

The symbol of all that was wrong with Warburton’s signing policy, Garner saw Rangers waste nearly £2M on a player who lacked everything it takes to make it as a footballer. Preston North End (sorry guys, all due respect) is and was his level.

Joe Dodoo:

Honest kid and has not been treated terribly well by any of his managers but whatever you think of the right or wrongs of this, it is hard to see Pedro wanting to retain his services. Unless he has big plans for him next season. Unlikely.

Harry Forrester:

Simply absent in 2017, Forrester is frozen out and has no way back in. He will surely be cut loose.

Lee Hodson:

Ped has shown, again, no interest in Hodson beyond a bench player – sure, he has been ill recently but Tavernier seems to remain the top choice at RB. For now. It is unlikely Hodson will remain at Ibrox and there have been rumours of a bid for him. Rangers would absolutely take the cash.

Josh Windass:

Just has not done it at Ibrox. Be it injury or form, this kid lost all impetus early on and has barely featured. Strangely been a regular sub on under Ped for Hyndman, but in all likelihood if a buyer can be found he will surely be headed out.

None of these are 100% guaranteed, but the likelihood is few of them will survive. Rangers need a serious rebuilding job this summer.

NB: For those screaming MARTYN WAGHORN, the lad seems to start a lot of matches under Pedro and it is far from certain he will be gone this summer. But we shall see.

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  1. U forgot tav and wobbly waghorn (for such a big guy he gets pushed over far to easily) I think they will be the 1st two to go and only cause warburton may actually sign them again. Hopefully add a bit of extra cash to the pot as well

  2. There's only one thing wrong with Pedro's "I will buy players I know well" idea. If he does that, they will be by definition players who don't know the Scottish game well. Warburton brought in some of his bumchums, like Kiernan, but look how that ended up. What matters most is quality, not familiarity. If he goes for the weak option by surrounding himself with Yes Men, I'm already worried.

    • Spot on. My thoughts exactly. It's only right that Pedro gets some time with his own players but three things have got me worried about him:
      1) He couldn't muster a fight with these players over two old firm games yet Murty managed it with his only chance
      2) His body language speaks volumes, he looked completely lost from the touch line in the cup semi final loss, that and the fact that he chose a yes man for the local assistant role when we were all crying out for someone who knew Rangers well and wouldn't allow the players to come off that park without giving every ounce of effort
      3) He has shouldered responsibility for the OF losses verbally yet on both occasions he didn't even bother to address the playing squad and give them the swift kick up the backside they so badly require

      It's early days but I'm concerned we have bought into this guys charisma and personality rather than abilities as a coach, he says all the right things but I never wish to go through two old firm defeats like that in my life ever again and under him I'm concerned that could happen again. I know that he wouldn't have been the most popular appointment but someone like Tommy Wright would have got a better result with the players available at his disposal I'm sure of it.
      One concerned bear for the season ahead

    • Correct, Jorg the 2nd.

      "I'm concerned we have bought into this guys charisma and personality rather than abilities as a coach.." You're dead-on. If you look at the video interviews that were given by Stewart Robertson after the club's appointment of Caixinha, the former was asked two or three times questions along the lines of "What makes you feel that Pedro is the man to lead Rangers forward?". Robertson's response every time was, "I think it was how he came across in the interview, really."
      ….so, to cut a long story short, Pedro has a good job interview and gets handed the gig. Robertson said nothing about track record. I had a quick look on the internet for Pedro's record, and I don't think he's ever been with a club more than 2 or max 3 years. I must say I like Pedro in interviews too, but Robertson's job is to look beyond the charm, beyond the "he speaks good English" (yes, he did actually say that in response to a question about Pedro's suitability for the job). Caixinha probably speaks better English than Alex Ferguson, but WTF? I'm not convinced by Stewart Robertson at all. He used to be a director at Motherwell, and his appointment of Caixinha is a very 'Well-like appointment – a completely unknown foreign manager with no experience of British, let alone Scottish, football, and one who will likely flood the league with 15 more foreign duds that are no better than the local duds.

      I agree with you about Johansson too. Rather than Pedro leave the players to argue amongst themselves in the post-match OF dressing room, I'd have much rathered Bomber Brown been given licence to pin a few of them up against the wall and batter them with a hair-dryer…

      I'm still behind Pedro as it's Warburton/Weir and now King/Robertson I'm angry at. I'm sure every Bear on here has been checking the club website (and the Youtube channel) every day this week to look for signs of a statement of explanation/intent/LEADERSHIP from the chairman, but there's been a deafening silence instead.

    • One thing that concerns me about Pedro saying he will bring in players he knows – apart from one season in mexico he's never won anything as a manager therefore by definition the players he knows aren't winners either. This is a guy who has had 11 jobs since 2003. I worry that we end up signing another 9/10 bang average players and Pedro will be gone by Xmas. Personally after both old firm games and get rid now and put Murty back in charge until we can bring in a proper manager.

    • Caxinho will be gone by October along with our chances of finishing 2nd! It is obvious that he is a con and the board will come under extreme pressure this side of Halloween. Yes….defo scarey

    • I'm behind Pedro too, but I have to say that the appointment of JJ ahead of some hairdryer types and the comment about players he "knows well" both have me shifting slightly uncomfortably in my seat.

  3. We can only hope that someone wants to come and take Garner off of our hands. He's just not performed at all. He'd make a better actor with all his dramatics than he would as a goal scorer for us.

  4. Well, starting Tavernier and not Hodson and Waghorn the one footed sitter misser hardly says much for Caxinho. If these two stay Caxinho will go because every game will be a struggle next year.

  5. Where is the money coming from Ibrox Noise? Is this a pointless article? We've once again heard Jack about what Dave Kings plans are if he even has any; he's needing to come out and tell us what is happening to our club!!!

  6. I hope Pedro isn't looking for any money for that shower? If is spending budget for next season is linked to his sales, we wont be buying anything worth a jot …its a vicious circle and the noose is getting ever tighter


    • Exactly, these players are on contracts and it's not a one-sided decision​ for them to leave. Garner is awful, maybe one of the worst players in the SPL so who is going to buy him?
      Being realistic, even if he was offered out for free would Aberdeen, St. Johnstone, Hearts etc take him, let alone a team from elsewhere?

  7. The question shouldn't be "who is going to leave" it should be "who does Pedro keep"…!!!

    For me it's Foddy, Wilson, Wallace, Bates, Beerman, Hodson, Holt, Krancjar, Miller, McKay (if he signs a new deal)

    Everyone else can leave

    • You are entitled to your opinion judt like everyone else, however niko could have been a good player for us but never impressed in the bigger games he played before his injury. I would be tempted to offer to Harry Redknapp as we all kno he loves niko.

      As for Beerman, you having a laugh, i think he must have been on the beer in both old firm games, he was shockingly bad in both games and i know hes only young but i think he will struggle to recover from those 2 games.
      I would love to know how the 5-1 game would have turned out if it wasnt for Myles rush of blood to bring roberts down for that pen. I know it was early in the game but for the early stages we looked up for it. however the pen put that to bed as the element of doubt obviously crept in. I honest believe it would have been a far different game to what it turned out but we will never know. He reminds me of frazer aird, early promise then couldn't kick his own backside.

      Hope pc gets funds required as i cant suffer another year like this. I dont expect him to win the league but just have players that look hungry and have abit of dig and passion. Passion being a must because apart from kenny there has been no passion in that team. All we can do is wait and judge pc on the players he brings in. Heres hoping its a good season next season.

    • Hodson!? not good enough, Krancjar will break down again, and the goalie is a good shot stopper but poor in commanding/instilling confidence. so those three can go as well

  8. BT, sound list, not sure what else we really have in youth to move up so an estimate would be at least 6 signings assuming everyone else you left off leaves. So, while not disagreeing with your choices, how much funding will we need, does not really matter I suppose, Mr King will finance them, how much has he promised us this year? J

  9. Beerman???!?!?! Seriously?? Might be a young lad but he's a clown who had stage fright in his first old firm game, we heard all the crap about "yeah it will do wonders for his confidence blah blah" then 5mins into his next old firm game he slides in needlessly like an idiot and suddenly we are 1-0 to the scum and they're off and running. I've not seen anything to justify him being ready for the first team as a starter, no chance. It's only my opinion but I think it's time to be honest and stop the "give youth a chance regardless of talent levels". He's not got it. Personally I would keep Miller, Hill (squad player), Fods (he should've stopped the 2nd though), McKay (if he rediscovers his form he's a saleable asset in future), Holt, the rest of them can go. Especially that c"ck Waghorn, from the first time I watched him play for us in the first pre season loss to Burnley 0-1 (July 2015) I seen him miss sitters and told my son that boy is never a striker and won't cut the mustard for us. Granted he had a decent season in championship but f"ck sake he's certainly been found wanting at this level. He's garbage and it depresses me when he gets a game.

  10. You seem to forget that almost all of those players are contracted until 2020. On the likley assumption that there won't be a posse of ardent suitors in pursuit of these rejects it means big payoffs will be required. Where's the money going to come from – the proposed transfer budget?

  11. Saw some total eejit post "Pedro will be our Deila" on here, but I think most would take that…

    Two league titles and a core of a treat that Rodgers has gotten the absolute best out of, but, it's still the core of the team he built.

    No ones going to take these flops on for cash, and its public knowledge about the financial status of Rangers. Best (worst as well) plan would be to offer these numpties to all parties for next to nothing just to get them off of the wage bill.

  12. Would be surprised if Dodoo and Windass go as he started them in the last game. Hopefully someone will come in and take them. I just hope we don't pay them off

  13. I have sympathy for Halliday and Windass and, to a lesser extent, O'Halloran. They haven't had a proper opportunity to impress in their natural roles be it through injury or necessity. Although I suppose we "don't see them in training" as is the usual excuse. No real sorrow seeing the others go, though Hodson hasn't had a fair crack either. Even if we can't shift some of these and can't replace them with new, we should be playing youngsters. I do like the fact Pedro took the chance with Bates and Beerman and, despite their inexperience, it will be for the best in the long-term. More of those and at least some energy and passion will be evident.

    I get that Garner is lambasted, but I still think he leads the line brilliantly and just needs a strike partner instead of two striker/wingers who can't cross a ball. He consistently wins flick-ons and makes good runs, but no-one is ever in the box to benefit. If you watched on Sunday too, when he came on, he instantly had three or four Cellik defenders watching him, noising him up, pushing and jostling him. I bet if you spoke to opposition players they would much rather have a Waghorn they can push to one foot, a Dodoo they can blow on so he falls over or a Miller who huffs and puffs like a headless chicken than a canny Garner.

    • Great retort Doug…and your spot on. Re Garner, he's too hot headed for up here…as you've pointed out they targeted him as soon as he came on at Ibrox with four of them surrounding him, goading a response. I'd prefer someone taller with an aerial attribute. Firstly though we need some take no prisoners defenders followed by some take no prisoners midfielders… with pace !! Let's be honest it's a rebuild job.

    • True- if he could cut out the little digs, I'd be much happier. Aerial attributes, though- he won every header today against taller defenders- just no-one to pick up on his flick ons. And his winner was a peach. For all the folks clamouring about Dodoo, I just don't see what he brings. To me he's timid and lightweight and will not cut it in the rough and tumble of the SPL. But yes, totally agree with you on the no-nonsense aspect. Our best teams always had a brilliant spine. Most good teams do. A goalie, centre-back and midfield dynamo on which to build. Goram, Gough and McCall types.

  14. Doug your spot on again…Dodoo like all Warburtons signings is far too lightweight… and your man Garner "may" have a future beside a big Hately type partner… Another aspect I'd like tae see is our manager and players keeping their own council and doin' their talking on the pitch… there's been far too much speech play for my liking.

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