Pedro confirms “The List”


Pedro Caixinha has today confirmed he and his management staff have had a ‘technical meeting’ with the Rangers board and presented them a list of all the players he wants.

The list, reputed to be around a dozen players, has been drafted up in lieu of a more credible assault on the SPL summit next season, and Caixinha has stated the amount of cash required to secure these signatures is ‘not small’

Rangers’ boss said:

“Yesterday we held a technical staff meeting with the board and we presented a list of players.”

Rangers fans will pleased to hear plans are manifesting tangibly to finally bring some (hopeful) quality in.

He went on:

“The player plan I presented is realistic regarding the situation. Let me tell you it is not a small amount.”

What qualifies as ‘not small’ is unclear as yet, but a budget of £3M like last summer simply is not enough. Rangers need to get closer to £10M+ to get in the influx of quality desperately needed.

Hopefully the board delivers.


  1. This seems to be good news Ibrox Noise. It would be good to get some clarity in how much will be available for actual transfers alone; not including wages for players.

  2. I wonder how the players will react in the remaining 4 games. Pedro told the media this week he’s “looking for men” in the transfer market; a comment that might irk more than a couple of players in the current team. I doubt this will happen, but what would be the plan if we were to lose all of the 4 remaining league games?

    One manager whose (rolling) contract is about to expire and who would be the perfect man for us if things go belly-up with Pedro is Tony Pulis. In 2012, following Barca’s CL win the year before, all the talk in the media had been about tiki-taka football. I distinctly remember this new philosophy being contrasted (by the media) with the football of British ‘dinosaurs’ like Pulis and Sam Allardyce; their tactics were considered a relic. In the summer of 2012, Pep Rodgers and Pep Lambert – regarded at the time as playing attractive, Barca-esque football – got two of the top jobs in English football, at Liverpool and Villa. The next season, Pep Martinez got the gig at Everton. Two seasons later, with 18 months management experience to his name, Pep Warburton took over at Ibrox. It could be a coincidence, but Rodgers (Liverpool), Martinez, Lambert and Warburton all failed to implement their tiki-taka philosophies. Wenger continues to fail with the same blueprint. Over time, Pulis and Allardyce proved the British tiki-taka brigade wrong. Tiki-taka is wonderful from midfield to attack, but (as Warburton should realise, but doesn’t) playing it from goalkeeper-defence-midfield-attack is for the Barcas of this world. Puyol and Piquet can do it. Try it with Kiernan and Senderos at your own foolish peril.

    Rodgers has reinvented himself at Celtic. His coaching ability is revered once again. But if there are two chinks in the armoury at Celtic, they’re Rodgers’ historical record of transfer signings (particularly defenders) and his teams’ tendency historically to go so gung-ho that they leave the door open at the back. Case in point – being 3-0 up against Pulis’ Crystal Palace team a few years ago, and drawing the game 3-3. In his post-match interview that day, Rodgers conceded that Liverpool’s EPL title chances were over. Suarez had to be led off the pitch, crying uncontrollably, by KoLOL Toure. Pulis said in his interview that day that Liverpool played the game “as they had all season” by “leaving themselves very open”. It’s only a matter of time before the same doors are opened in the Celtic defence. None of Celtic’s current defence were signed by Rodgers (Lennon signed Lustig, Deila signed Gordon, Sviatchenko, Boyata and Simunovic). If the papers are to believed, there is current interest from the EPL in these players. If they were to leave, which they surely would if a Southampton or Everton came in for them, it would mean Rodgers facing his Achilles Heel – building a central defence that doesn’t ship goals.

    The only time Celtic’s defence was tested with a combination of confidence and aggression last weekend (by Kenny Miller alone), Miller waltzed his way straight-thru it and scored. As we know, confidence and intimidation play a huge part in football, and Celtic haven’t had to come up against that this season. A manager like Pulis, given his standing in the game and his track record against Rodgers, would bring a psychological fear factor to mhanks players before a ball would be kicked. Knows how to get results, knows the British game inside-out, and he might fancy cutting Brenda back down to size a 2nd time while getting himself and Rangers onto the European stage.

    Let’s give Pedro our backing, but if things go further wrong in the coming weeks, I’d love to see Pulis sounded out. But there needs to be money for there to be a project, and that’s the answer we all need. My feeling is that Pedro might have been signed because he wouldn’t complain about the lack of funds or give the game away (that there were no funds). Over to you Dave King. And we will see over the next 4 games whether Pedro has the ability to handle a crisis.

  3. Regardless of the remaining games, I think Pedro has seen enough to help him decide who is going to be shown the door. Three or four games won't make any difference.
    I hope he brings in at least 2 players who are very familiar with the style of Scottish football. I think potential signings from Mexico or Portugal will find it difficult enough without not having team mates who can guide them a little.

  4. give the guy a chance to get his own players ship out the dross and get a team capable of putting up a decent fight in the league as someone said confidence is a big part of the game, look at celtic ,90% same team 100% better beczause of rodgers man management which with young men is just as important as tactics

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