Ex-Rangers star in ‘advanced discussions’ over return; reports


Rangers are now absolute odds-on favourites to sign Steven Naismith, according to at least one bookmaker. With 7/4 odds continuing over the past 24 hours, and a great number of claims that the deal is most definitely taking place and is in an ‘advanced position’, it does seem that the former Ibrox hero turned villain is looking incredibly likely to return to Ibrox.

However, it must not be ignored that other clubs are said to be in the hunt for his signature including one English Premiership side in the shape of Burnley, while a host of fellow championship teams have been named including the three relegated sides; Hull, Middlesbrough and Sunderland.

However the persistent story surrounding Naismith has always been regarding the distance from his family since moving to England, and he is said to be homesick and wanting to be nearer.

Naismith will have a lot of work to win a great portion of the support back over should this story materialise, given the ignominious circumstances of his departure, and he can expect a hot reception from some, but he probably feels there is ‘unfinished business’ regarding his association with the club.

Would Ibrox Noise readers like to see him return?

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  1. Would love to have him back. He's the type of boy who knows our clubs history and fear it takes to be a success. He is still an excellent footballer and far better than any other of our previous recent signings.

  2. I've stuck by Rangers since we were put down to the lowest division by Lawell and his cohorts .
    That prick Naismith couldn't wait to bail out as according to him we were finished as the Rangers he knew .
    Now that traitor wants back . Well fuck him .
    If that's the road we're going down I won't be going back.
    I would rather still be I the bottom league than have bastards like that abusing my club like he did in our hours of need

    • get your heid out the sand, he was entitled to move to further his career, this is the sort of player we need back in our team, move on or we bloody well will see 10

    • 100% agree m8. 2 years we paid him through bad injuries , 1 on both knees if I remember rightly . Then he jumps ship. Too risky as well thinking about that injury history

    • David,your right they took big wages then jumped ship they new what was going on and could have stayed around took a drop in wages but he and a few others ran.

    • Listen you idiot. Lawell and his cohorts didn't finish rangers. Your club ran out of money couldn't pay it's debts and was liquidated. Whatever nonsense you want to believe after that is up to you but those are the facts. Naismith's contact died when rangers went bust. That's why all of a sudden you had a squad who could up and leave. Christ, I know this will never get posted but FFS this continuation bubble will burst soon. And the clever pundits will be on the right side

    • We paid Kilmarnock 1.9 million quid for him in 2007. 5 years later, having given us a whopping 6 goals a season on average, he decides to line his own pockets by becoming a free agent. That, despite us giving him the best treatment available on his return from long-term injury. And, to back up his money-grabbing story, he said he didn't believe Rangers were still Rangers. And now people want him back? It's always been a funny game, but not this funny.

  3. Couldn't care less about his past injuries, do care that he's a shadow of the player he once was, due mainly to three injuries.

  4. Naismith is the quality we need and if he is willing to take a significant drop in wages – maybe to right a few wrongs – then we should welcome him back. He could do for us what Sinclair has done for Celtic!

  5. Naismith is not the player he was at Everton. Most Norwich fans will vouch for that. He'll be 31 in September, so we'd be unlikely to receive a fee for him in the future (to cover the losses we will make in paying him a wage while he's with us). If you give him a 3 year contract at 10k a week, added to the signing-on fee and agent fee, you're looking at 2 million quid that will disappear out of the club in the next 36 months and not come back. Given our current financial state and given where we've been in the past, is that a wise move? Celtic have all the money in the world, but when they needed a striker last year they went for an out-of-contract 20 year old at 500k. They could sell him today for 20 million, minimum. That's a logic that makes sense to me. I wonder if fans really think through their choices. With every decision we make, there are consequences ffs, surely we've learned at least that in the last few years? If you feel we can chuck 2 million out the window over the next 3 years, well, by all means.

    • Norwich was simply the wrong club for Naismith. He wasn't the player he was at Everton because Norwich were not in the same class as Everton. Rangers need to pepper shrewd young signings and the best of the rest with one or two £2 million pound players. There is no risk with Naismith he knows the SPL and he knows what it is like to play for Rangers – and if he plays his part in stopping Celtic getting 10 in a row – then that will be all the return we need

    • From what I've seen, our current team is not in the same class as Everton's team is either. Naismith struggled in the league below Everton in a team that should have been fighting for promotion. Halliday knew what it was like to play for Rangers too. I rest my case.

    • Got to agree surely it makes more sense to spend money wisely on a young and up coming player with a view to make money

  6. I have also stuck by the famous since they went down but it would be short sighted to say im not supporting them cause Naismith would come back.The boy had the right to make a living and look after his family..so maybe he went about it the wrong way…everybody makes mistakes so if he still has the quality (which he does)bring him back because we going to need a lot more like him to stop the manky mob getting to 9 in a row.

  7. Past is the past let's get behind all new players n team we need to continue to strive to get bck to wer we belong. Let's get behind them no matter wat!! We can't let that lot have another season like this!! WATP 🇬🇧

  8. Kenny Miller was accepted back after he went to Celtic and where would we be without his goals since then. The past is history, surely it's the future we should be thinking about

  9. I want to see the three Mexican players at Rangers next season alongside two Portuguese central defenders and the Aberdeen boy who looked good yesterday. With other players returning to full fitness we should have a good quality side and while I appreciate that we need a good quality striker, (as well as the Mexican that we are being linked with), I would rather that we picked up a quality young player.

    Admittedly, that would be difficult since we do not have a scouting network.

    The only thing I would say is that I would prefer Naismith to Lafferty if I had to choose between the two.

  10. I feel Steven is past his best, and the older you get, the more prone you are to injuries and healing takes longer. I would spend the money on a younger player, with better ability at half the price. The footballing world is a big place and we shouldn't be narrow minded to bring sub standard spfl or ex-rangers players to our team. Jorg Cooper makes a very good point re shellic bringing a striker in for 500k and will be sold for a damn sight more. This is good scouting and judgement of a player that will succeed both domestically and internationally. Something we desperately need as it goes to show, there are good players out there that can be bought within our budget and improve our team.

  11. Just pay city £4m to get him back and off the wage bill, never proved to be a prem player and even worse in the championship possibly living off his reputation last time he was playing in jockland

  12. ime with you david but please go back…we are the famous (grouse?)no…we are THE RANGERS…we need our supporters to be particularly strong at this time…as far as pedro is concerned the faithful have to realise that he will never ever motivate our players the way we need…to get the best out of your squad you need to kick ass on certain ones and you need to cuddle others…he only knows the former…barrie mckay is a glaring example of that…stuart mcall is a player motivator and that is what the gers need right now…i hate to say this but look at sceptic…a couple of signings and a motivation of the rest and look what they have done…i hope ime wrong about pedro but i think not

  13. He won't come back to ibrox unless his £50-60k a week wages are matched, Sunderland failed last season as they couldn't match what Norwich were paying

  14. Can't see him returning to ibrox unless rangers match his £50-60k wages. Sunderland and norwich agreed a fee last season but Naismith couldn't agree personal terms. Earning too much at Norwich

  15. Everyone has been saying they want rangers men in to show the team rangers standards, yet people don't want him back for some stuff he said. Let's not forget the pay cut he had and then a summer of hell not knowing if he had a job for not. And then he refused to sign for someone that we know knows is a crook in green. Yes an appoligy is need for the fans, but if he can do his talking on the pitch then that will be good enough for me

  16. If players like him get us into europa leauge group stages then he's paid for himself.every 500k player won't make us millions if it did every club would b loaded

  17. If the wages are not going bust us then bring him on Naismith will do a job for us if we can keep him fit,but there are lots of players we are now linked with most i know nothing of them so i say keep bringing in players from the uk that we have got some back ground on them or we could see us going the same way as we did with MW.

  18. I would rather we spent the kind of wages he would command on someone who is younger physically stronger and more long term naismith is a fantastic footballer and much better than anything we have already but to similar to krancjar in both age and position

  19. Naismith is too simillar to krancjar in terms of playing position wages and age how many players over 30 do we want

  20. im no fan of deserters, in his defence he was upfront unlike othes who looked suppoters in the eyes while lining their pockets. what he did, i could'nt have done but many would under the circumstances.charlie & the crooks did more to destroy our club than anything the players did.they became casulties of mismanagemet & greed. i can't make my mind up on this.heart v head ?

  21. It appears people are more than willing to forgive and forget what Judas and his fellow cohorts said when they left us up shit creek without a paddle….they didn't have to stay when we were relegated to the bottom tier, but I think they should have insisted on some form of compensation/transfer or goodwill gesture towards the club that stood by them and paid them handsomely when they were injured or out of favour…the decent thing to do surely!!!

    We seem to forget that people, yes even our own, shafted us big time and those Judas's who deserted us like rats from a sinking ship are simply that….rats, but to be fair, they will be more than welcomed back by those running our club now as it appears they fall into a category that's acceptable now….those who fuck the fans over the biggest get the best treatment….nice one, but I isn't buying it or him, he is nothing like the player you remember so wake the fuck up and do not invite them back, or have we sunk so low its now ok?

    Who knows or dares to dream here any more….its all screwed up


  22. I will be more than happy to welcome Naisy back, the guy knows exactly what level of performance is required and demanded EVERY WEEK and it also cant be denied that he would add a winning mentality to the squad which is unfortunately short on the ground at the moment, plus the fact that he is a very good player who can read the game better than most which is why he has always managed to sniff out goals where others failed to see openings in opponents defences

    The fact he said what he said on leaving, to me, is of little importance as I think its safe to say that through that particular period EVERYONE who cares about Rangers temporarily had their heads up their arses to a certain extent due to shock and as such thought and said daft things as a result as we were ALL in panic mode

    We should welcome him back with open arms as unlike majority of the loafs gang, he WILL do us a turn

    We should move forward directing our justified contempt and disrespect towards the REAL enemies of our famous institution, namely The SFA, majority of other Scottish clubs and the general media and never let them forget we ARE STILL HERE and got their card marked accordingly

    KARMA FOOTNOTE – Delighted to see the Tannadice corner shop mob fail miserably yesterday against Hamilton and hope their scrawny wee git of a chairman does the decent thing and gets out of football as nobody needs this totally inept, poisonous, malicious little nonentity anywhere near our game



  23. I've said previously that in my opinion the signing of the 3 amigos from Norwich are not going to win us the league next season. So what would-be the point in spending good money on any of them. The only way for them now is down as they get older. We should be looking forward and investing in players who'll give us a financial rrturn. Look how Huddersfield Town are achieving with relatively little spending and relatively lesser known players. We have to box clever. Support Ped the Ted this season and see if he's up to the task in the transfer market and if he's not we'll maybe have some money left to attract the right manager. But fingers crossed for Pedro. He's still the greatest unknown at Ibrox.(aoart maybe from the rarely seen DK)

  24. Theirs a few players I would welcome back Naismith is one he was let down by David Murray like the rest of us but he had to put family first as anyone would still loves rangers once a ranger always a ranger is it not time we changed the name of Murray park maybe to jock Wallace training academy after a true ranger

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