Double transfer boost as Rangers star pair confirm stay


Rangers have been handed a timely transfer boost with the news Barrie McKay and Niko Kranjcar both intend to continue on at the Club beyond the summer.

McKay and Kranjcar had been linked with moves out, with unknown Clubs said to be hovering around the winger while ‘Arry Redknapp’s Birmingham City became strong favourites to sign the Croat, but both players have committed to staying at Rangers and helping Pedro Caixinha’s side have a better fist of it next season.

McKay for his part said:

“You would need to ask Pedro (if I am staying). Hopefully. I want to be playing here. It is a great club and where I want to be playing. It has definitely had its ups and downs, you can’t lie about that. As a team, we have just not been at it. We have had good results, bad results, terrible results, everything in one season. It has definitely been a big learning curve. The highlight (this season) was probably just playing as many games as I have this season and to make the jump up to the Premiership. I think I have handled it pretty well.”

And his creative playmaker colleague said similar:

“I can honestly say I have never worked so hard to get back in shape. I understood it’s a difficult injury and I’m not that young any more, so it would take a lot of hard work to get back to playing shape. I am happy with my current status and hopefully I’ll be ready to go 100 per cent when we start with preparation for the new season.”

So reasonably positive words from both in lieu of the upcoming transfer window, which in all fairness feels like it has started already.

Going the other way though, Clint Hill has confirmed his time at Ibrox is at an end.


  1. McKay,Bates,Barjonas,Rossiter and maybe Hardie/Thompson are Rangers future. We need two experienced ball winning Central Defenders, a resolute right back, a ball winning midfielder and an out and out Goalscorer/striker/poacher who is never allowed in our own half of the pitch for 90 minutes. How can we score enough goals to win games when Garner and Miller are played deep in our own defence?
    Caixinha has been given slack because "they aren't his players," Well that is his only excuse and we have been bloody jammy to win our last two games.
    He has not proven he is any better than the Loaf.
    A good start would be to move along and pronto Tavernier,Keirnan,Waghorn,Windass,Holt,Halliday. I'd give Dodoo and Garner one more season. Second next year is a failure.

  2. A big fan of both Barry and Niko, so here's hoping they can stay fit next season. Windass doesn't look in top shape to me. He showed much more urgency when he first joined us, and put in some promising displays back then. Needs to sharpen up if he wants to stay at Ibrox I'd say.
    Watched an excellent documentary last night about youth development in German football. Highly recommended –

  3. That's meant to be good news…. Surely Tavernier has got to be getting the bullet he's pure Pony at RB – Ped is starting to worry me slightly by continuing to play him.. Waghorn couldn't score in a crackhouse ffs he can join him…

    • '73 …yae always gi'e us a laugh…Christ knows we need it… Tavernier is a bomb scare of a right back…am just not sure if we should keep him as cover for midfield ? ffs what am a sayin'…am not sure if they awe couldnae go ( just not sure who the exceptions should be… Kranjcar and Rossiter a just think will never be fit, so I'd cut oor losses wae them)

  4. McKay has been living off of that goal be scored last year against Celtic.

    As for the Croat… woeful games followed by two bang average performances before he got injured that caused people to wax lyrical about him.

    • I still think McKay should be sold, let's face it he's only contributed these last 2 games against lesser opposition.. He downed tools straight after he knocked back the last contract offer! Funny how 2 goals makes it ok to be rewarded with a new and improved contract which he wants.. Either except the last offer McKay or fuck off that's how I see it.. If he wants to stay and play for the Club then that shouldn't be an issue should it? As for Niko get him off the books as once his yrs up we wouldn't get Jack for him, free up the wages for fresh talent…

    • Finally someone that sees sense.

      The money from punting McKay could be used to improve the FFP aspect because if UEFA decide to actually look at the licenses as opposed to accepting the SFA's word on it one won't be granted.

      Seen a few folk chucking around a picture that supposedly proves ones been granted… Except… Inverness are on it as an SFA application too.

  5. The interview with Craig Mulholland about the New Games Programme is the best bit of news I've seen at the club in years. If we can hang on to Craig and Graeme Murty and give them the money they need to grow the academy, we're onto a long-term winner Bears.

    • Definitely, 73 (calling you Bawbag just doesn't seem right, lol). I'm not one to heap much praise on the board, but in this case I'm impressed that they've backed the idea. It should help us attract the best young talent in Scotland as well, as I'm sure youngsters would like to be involved in this Champions League-type youth competition. The icing on the cake is them getting to play against a Scottish senior side from the lower leagues every month (if I understood it correctly); an excellent idea that will also help us gauge where our young boys are at in terms of senior football potential. Hope we can get good crowds going to these games too. A very positive development at the club.

  6. I would give McKay a new contract then promptly sell him, as for Nico to old to be worth the trouble if they can get a replacement. Kids in Europe instead of spfl is a def plus can only help them improve

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