60-times capped international confirms desire to join Rangers


Ex-Rangers striker Kyle Lafferty has confirmed his desire to come back to Rangers, with the 29-year old forward recently freed by Norwich. The circumstances of his departure were disappointing, albeit not as controversial as the likes of Naismith and Whittaker, and the Northern Irish international is keen to amend the wrongs of the past. He said:

“The way I left was disappointing and I have thought about it over and over again and the situation a lot of players found themselves in. It was a difficult time and if I had the opportunity again I would stay and fight for the club and try to help them as much as possible. The longer you stay at a club like Rangers the better you adapt and although it didn’t end the way I would have liked, I still have a lot of great memories and I would like to go back and play for Rangers again one day.”

Lafferty is without a Club right now and Rangers fans are divided as to his possible return to Govan sometime soon, but of course with options like Joe Garner and Martyn Waghorn at Rangers’ disposal, arguably anything (within reason) is surely an upgrade.

Would Ibrox Noise readers like to see Lafferty return to Ibrox?



  1. Get Lafferty and Naismith back…it's time to forgive and forget. I was raging with Naismith in particular at the time, but the club was an utter shambles and with hindsight who could blame them. Bottom line is do we need them… too right we do.

    • Totally agree…nobody did anything as bad as Kenny Miller when he scored against us in an Old Firm game but I forgave him and he is one of my recent favourites…

      All I'm saying is if we can forgive that we should forgive the likes of Laff, Naisy, Whitts. Could maybe get McGregor back too??

  2. Not sure about Lafferty – never felt he was committed to the cause. Naismith would be great signing at this stage for Rangers. A significant drop in his wages gfor sure – but perhaps a chance to redeem himself to the supporters.

    • I would take Naismith back but Laugherty – he was mediocre back then and he's even more mediocre now. I know we're in a tight spot financially but I dunno, I just never warmed to this guy. His dying swan act to get Mulgrew sent off that time was a fucking embarassment. 1 OF goal in about 10 games is not what we're looking for, Jesus Garner has a better record than that!

  3. The only time I recall Lafferty performing well is when it was coming towards the end of his contract and suddenly he transformed into the player he was on paper. He had no consistency and thats exactly what we don't need at Rangers right now. At Norwich he's scored 2 goals in 31 appearances! Naismith is only fractionally better with 5 goals in 32. The upside for sure is they know what Rangers are all about but the downside is a) their history when departing the scene and b) what would they cost us in terms of wages? I think they money can be better utilised.

  4. Naismith would be a big step in the right direction. Time to leave certain behaviours in the past. Lafferty never really convinced me first time around, so I think we should look elsewhere.

  5. I spat my tea oot when I saw this post… You've got to be fucking joking aren't you? Lafferty was a liability half the time he looked like Bambi in ice. Don't get me wrong as stated above when he wants to play he can score some crackers defo.. Naismith out of the two is the far better player but his wages would cripple the Club!

    Unless he was given a bonus incentive like score 20 goals + 5 assists then you get 1/4 a million payment.. Fact they should do that with the whole squad performance based bonuses end of season. None of this if you just win pish as they could still be under achieving as players and a squad.. Big enough carrot to keep them focused on end of season results

  6. Got to be a yes for both

    Have a look at current startin 11 would both players get in the team???


  7. The one ex player that's been at Norwich I'd have back quicker than a heart beat is Whittaker.. Get Tavernier chased as Whitts is the better player all day long..You can't forget that wonderful mazy run and sublime finish and pulled it aff in the big games

  8. Lafferty is better than all of our current strikers by quite a long way! He's still possibly not really close in comparison to the strikers at Celtic. Naismith would be amazing to have at out disposal however he's well out of our wage bracket. We praobly can't even afford Lafferty.

  9. Nothin to do with forgiving. He was rotten the 1st time. Better options out there for less money

  10. Will Lafferty take a huge drop in wages?no, what will he bring to the table not much better than we have now a ageing player looking for love in his old age.

  11. Time to forgive and forget and move on. Yes, it left a horrible taste in the mouth the way Naismith left, but Rangers were a mess at the time, they'd already accepted a 75% pay cut. Both Lafferty and Naismith are FAR better than what we have now, so I'd take both back as right now, we're going nowhere fast!

  12. Not Rangers standard. Better than what we have now, but so is most of Hibs' Championship team.

  13. Oh oh, smacks of desperation, surely we wouldn't consider him, Naismith, yes but where is the funding coming from, ach Mr King of couse, just as laughable as signing Lafferty. J

  14. Surely signing either would be another step backwards. Lafferty was poor last time around. Neither good enough for what we will need to get back on top.

  15. Surely neither are good enough for what we need. Would they get in the Celtic 11? If the answers no then we don't sign. We have enough of those already

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