Why this player just isn’t a problem against Celtic


“How many games has Beerman played in the first team? A reality check required.”

This was a comment in response to the site suggesting Lee Wallace has a fight on his hands to regain his place in light of Myles Beerman’s impressive rise from nowhere. The young man has imposed himself effortlessly in matches, looking every inch the assured and seasoned campaigner rather than the rookie he supposedly was.

The dismissal of such promising talent just because of his age and lack of experience, despite three comfortable matches in a row to boast of is pretty prehistoric logic, as if such a young player could not possibly be valid competition to his senior counterpart.

To suggest Beerman has been a revelation is an understatement. Despite his tender years the young man has fit Rangers like a glove – and the harsh brutal truth is he has impressed more than the player he has replaced.

There have been many critics of Wallace this season, and most of that has been justified – the captain has not hit the heights since promotion, and this is the first time a truly worthy alternative has arisen.

Beerman’s composure on the ball, calmness under pressure, solid reading of the game, and intuition over when to get forward and when to defend have been commendable – left back (indeed either full back slot) is a notoriously hard position to master, such is the running and positional reading needed. Look at how James Tavernier struggles with it; yet here is a teenager making it look easy.

Aware Thistle’s threat down the left was negligible on Saturday, Beerman made more than one advanced run into enemy territory and with better finishing could even have nabbed himself a goal – the lad knows when to get forward and when not to.

Moreover, Beerman, like his fellow rookie David Bates, is another who is benefitting from Danny Wilson’s leadership qualities – just like he is with Bates on his right, Wilson is guiding Beerman on his left too – and sandwiched in the middle of them the senior stopper is making a fine job of leading.

Pedro Caixinha has stated he has no hesitation putting Beerman in on Sunday – in all fairness he has no choice given the captain will be unavailable. But the reality is Rangers will be no weaker for this, and some might even argue Beerman is currently the better option.

The Maltese-born full back has already experienced the Lion’s Den at Pittodrie, and excelled, frankly – he has faced near-enough the toughest the SPL has to offer already and coasted it.

Rangers fans have nothing to worry about when he takes the field against Celtic.


  1. It's refreshing that the Rangers support are finally getting behind the youngsters coming into the team. All too often the boo boys would hound them out as "not good enough" if they had a small blip in consistency and this led to people like Ross McCormack, for example, walking away from the club, Charlie Adam getting slated even although he was getting played as a left winger, etc. etc. The best comment I have heard from Pedro is that he has asked the players where they prefer to play and that's the position they will line up in. It's not wizardry…

  2. I'm delighted at the progress shown by the team and, in particular the young players brought in, but we must be realistic – Sunday will be an immensely harder task for individuals and team. This won't (can't) be lost on them and us, and if we can keep our focus, we might just get another great result. Come on the Rangers!