VOTE: Your Ibrox Player of the Year


So…it has been an intriguing season has 2016/2017. While not quite on the level of disaster, it has certainly rarely soared as highly as fans would have hoped, and third place is certainly about right for the season’s endeavours thus far.

But which players have truly stood out? The Club may be running the official POTY vote, but Ibrox Noise wanted to poll its readers for an alternative opinion. Who is your Rangers’ Player of the Year?

Is it Clint Hill, who after a sticky beginning rose to the challenge and became Mr Dependable?

Is it Wes Foderingham, one of the few players fans feel may have actually stepped up to the the SPL?

Or perhaps it is the ever-dependable Kenny Miller who has bailed his men out more than once.

Or maybe the impressive Emerson Hyndman who has really stood out since joining in January on loan.

Or maybe someone else?

Cast your vote below and choose your personal preference for Rangers’ Player of the Year and we shall see if our vote here tallies up with the Club’s official poll.

Naturally certain players are excluded through lack of appearances, injury – Crooks, Kranjcar, Dodoo, O’Halloran etc.

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  1. The only person that could have been player of the season if it hadn't been for warburtons pal act is hodson. Loads were unhappy when we signed him since he had never played at a good level, yet he seems to have done great every time he has been selected. Hopefully he will be next season rb when tav goes to join warburton

    • If Hyndman doesn't merit a mention then Toral shouldn't either. But I say include both. They have both played somewhat often.

  2. Without a shadow of a doubt king Kenny for me the man is the model pro, the model GERS pro to youngsters, honest hard working professional. This man has carried this team on his shoulders this year never say die he plays as if he 27 n not 37 deserves a new contract shudnt even be a hesitation. This man should b around our club for years youngsters could learn so much from Kenny the application of the man is unbelievable. Legend!!

  3. If Kenny Miller doesn't come out as player of the year in every version of these polls out there this season, whether its official or on individual forums, I would be amazed and a wee bit concerned that my fellow Bears were ignoring the bleeding obvious facts that HE has been the ONLY PLAYER who has constantly shown, game in game out, that he understands exactly what Rangers are all about, would run through a brick wall for the cause and as accurately mentioned above, has single handedly carried the team on his shoulders, all this plus he is still an extremely fit, intelligent and very skillful striker (who repeatedly shows up Waggy & Joe G for what they actually are – – PISH)

    The sad fact is that Kenny is the ONLY player currently at Ibrox who could, in my opinion, walk into any Rangers first team squad over last 40 years and could stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Greig/Gough etc. which I do appreciate is the ultimate accolade

    A true professional who plays for the jersey, displays dignity & respect at all times and the likes of which are very few and far between

    Comon guys, PAY THE MAN!

  4. Beerman- only one to not put a foot wrong all season!! Rest have not hit the levels required. No striker into double figures must be a first for us.

    Plus he has the best name, who could say no to Beerman?

  5. Miller all day long…It's more than just goals he's brought to the table.. Garner don't make me laugh – even worse somebody voted for him 😂😂

  6. Kenny Miller all the way. His never say die approach.His relentless passion and leadership. His skill level is
    better than mid 20's strikersafter all… He can play full games at a high pace with ease showing up others.
    He scores key goals against the top teams.
    If he was 27 then he would be snapped up down south.
    If you're reading this Kenny – Thank You! Rangers Legend! ( The East end thing though…well, scoring a couple more against them
    might make us forget…lol)
    Give Kenny a new contract ffs

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