Is Barrie McKay set to leave?


Before today’s breaking news, Ibrox Noise was about to cover the recent turn of events with star winger Barrie McKay anyway, with the 22-year old forward having been ditched from the first team for the trip to Pittodrie, amidst rumours of discontent on his part towards the new Rangers regime.

Whatever the reason, manager Pedro Caixinha made a bold statement dropping him; in truth, McKay has not really lit up the SPL this season in the way fans expected. Indeed, the ex-manager outright ditched him around October due to his failure to deliver, and in fairness to McKay, he did produce a higher level in December when he regained his place, but this calendar year it must be said he has slightly regressed again.

And with today’s revelations that McKay has rejected a new deal amidst Everton hovering, we do appear to have hit something of a quandary.

McKay has talent, of that there is no doubt – when he is in the mood and hits form he is immensely productive. But he is not your typical winger. He does not really beat a man, he rarely puts in swinging crosses and his big weapon, pace, is usually deployed from deep rather than pure one on one dribbling action.

And when he is not in the mood, and that is increasingly the case these days, he is a borderline passenger because one of the crucial weaknesses of his game is his delivery. The boy just cannot cross.

He can link play, but unfortunately he mostly does so by cutting back and pushing the ball inside rather than the fleeting inside channels to an overlapping run.

What I am saying is that McKay, more and more this season flatters to deceive – he is not a terribly productive winger and has not been since Rangers were promoted – he simply does not score, and he does not even provide many assists.

Regular readers will know this is all hard for me to say, in light of how positive the site has been over the past five years about McKay’s development from rejected youth into Scottish international; but ever since that AWOL at Parkhead, McKay just has not been at the races and looks like he just is not at one with Pedro Caixinha.

And if he has indeed rejected a new deal, it forces the conclusion his heart is now elsewhere. Naturally we still have summer to see if he signs a new deal or lets his existing one expire in January 2018; far more likely would be his being sold this summer if he does not commit.

Every new regime tends to see a seismic change at a Club – a sacrificial lamb of a player who is made the high-profile casualty of change. For Real Madrid see Iker Casillas, for Man City look at Joe Hart – Pedro seems to have targeted McKay, for right or wrong, and the prized winger appears to be edging towards an exit.

But in truth he does not seem to be fitting into the new manager’s system, unlike other players who have had absolute new leases of life such as Holt, Wilson and the emergence of young Beerman.

Time will tell what will happen with McKay, but right now the only way is out.

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  1. I think we should accept that if any decent offers come in for ANY player we should be taking it and using the money for someone better. When we are sitting pre split talking about our senior players or our goalie being player of the season then it tells the story of the standard of the players that now ply there trade on the Blue Sea of Ibrox.

    • He's a wee pussy,let him go.When does he ever attack the ball or run with real purpose or intent? The wee stupit flicks with the outside of the boot kill me.He needs some nastiness and balls instilled in him,I don't mean smashing through 50/50s but he's feeble.He should be driving at his man full pelt every time.I'd take a million for him let him go.

    • Calling anyone a pussy hiding behind your keyboard is pathetic.

      The way so called fans turn on players at first hint of trouble is beyond pathetic.

      McKay is best young player we have produced in recent years, debatable wether he or McLeod is our best since administration. That said his assist and goal ratio is poor, again debatable if that is due to him or the fact he has nobody to cross to.

      Fairly certain that he will sign a new deal and this is part of negotiations. However if he stays we must get far more put of him.

      But NOISE – Everton have been linked with ex Celtic defender not McKay.

    • You want me to send it by smoke signal?I'm on a keyboard after all.I stand by every word and would have no problem saying it to your face either e-chef? Believe me!

  2. Couldn't care less if it's a decent offer take it cos he's more cold than hot, too light weight does the odd gd thing in my opinion wud rather get wee Vladimir Weiss bck at the club with the money or caddis at Motherwell, in this current squad the only 2 players I'd defo KEEP wud b Miller n Wallace need to have a cple players in ther that have the club at heart the rest if a reasonable offer comes in for any of them offski.

  3. Have to disagree with the comments so far. McKay is the most talented player we have. He's not always effective but that surely should be worked on. Compare McKay's contributions with O'Halloran's – chalk and cheese. McKay is capable of opening defences up – I don't think he can be getting the proper coaching. Tell you what if we let him go Septic or the sheepsh@ggers might fancy him and it will come back to bite us on the @rse.

  4. Sorry and I meant to add – if he's that bad why would Everton want him? Are you seriously telling me we're better than Everton?

  5. Agree entirely with mr burns,but i think pussy is too good a word for him,i would replace that with shitebag,no aggression whatsoever pulls out of the tackle every time,has plenty of skill and can go past players but final pass is terrible,he should get himself a copy of the neil mcann/willie johnston video on how to cross the ball,wont be missed for me.

    • Your pathetic.

      Do we not have some of the thickest fans in world football.

      Most neutral pundits would label McKay as one of the few players we have with potential. Yes we need more from him but there are two problems that aren't his fault.

      1. Nobody to cross to. Surely anyone who has watched us this season recognises there is nobody in the box when we get in good positions out wide.

      2. Wallace runs into his space constantly . This means McKay has to drop deeper and makes him ineffectual. Wallace needs to learn when to run forward, just like tav on other flank. Both need to learn to defend rather than choking our attack and leaving us open to counter attack.

      And then there is the non existent service from a midfield that is constantly over run by opponents.

      He hasn't rejected contract, he has rejected the first offer as part of negotiations.

      Perhaps those branding him a 'pussy' should take a look at themselves. King is destroying the club yet many fans are too stupid to see it. His latest breach of rules by failing to make the offer he was legally obliged to do is the act of a con man.

    • Bit scatter gun that comment about thickest fans in world football – what because people have a different opinion to that of your own! As for the dig at King who would you see at the helm of Rangers – in your all footballing and accountant wisdom??

    • Thats a good wan nobody in the box to cross to,ah dont know what games you've been watchin mate nine times out of ten he hits a defender with the ball,this is not a guy who's just starting he's been in the first team for a good long while now,and as i and others know he has got skill but if he wants to make it he has to do more,otherwise he can go and let somebody else get a chance.

    • Just putting it out there ….Who else in our team could we actually command a fee for? Who else is being linked to ANY English/Championship side? Answer that one honestly and you will get the message….while not everyones cup of tea, playing in a pish poor Rangers side, the worst ever according to some, yet he is still attracting attention.

      Other teams are not wrong, they can see potential and where he would fit in their side, most of the comments seem to be around how inconsistent and softy he is….I go with the one about EPL sides showing interest, could be the first Player since Jelavic left that we got more than 'two bob' for.


    • Perhaps olly you should read (if you can) what pundits have been saying all season.

      Nobody in box for crosses is one of our biggest problems, wether you see it or not.

  6. He's a good player. With potential to get much better. However if he doesn't want to play for our team then he and everyone else should go who doesn't want to. I think he would be a good central attacking player. I remember the game against Celtic and he was the best player for us our of a bad bunch.

    Hope he stays.

  7. No denying FulhamJohn he's got skills has McKay but you can't compare him too MO – the reason being McKay has played more game time..There are far better wide players in the SPL with better STATS – bottom line it's goals and assists that count plus effort – McKay is sadly lacking in all fronts… Just like Garner is never a 2 million player end of

  8. I won't be sad to see him go. Good player on his day but he is a bit of a week link down that side. Take Weiss back any day over him

  9. I say sell him. Better to get some cash for him while we can. He has been way out of form lately but calling him a pussy is uncalled for. He doesn't seem to have impressed Caixinha much so keeping him when he wouldn't be making progress is unnecessary. Put the cash towards someone with a but more physicality.

  10. Caixinha will decide if he goes or stays. It will be down to the manager. McKay's attitude will determine the manager's decision.
    On the other hand lets get Chris Cadden in. He would be a powerhouse for Rangers.

  11. yes he will be sold to bring in some much needed money around 2 million that will be the most we get for him,i hope he stays

  12. On his day, McKay is unstoppable, however he is very inconsistent. He does bottle out of tackles and his displays are dependent on his confidence. I have a sneaky feeling he may have been tapped by the bread man at Forest. A lot of our players will know themselves they are on their way out under the new management, therefore will avoid being injured in games to sign on for new clubs.

    With only a year left of his contract, we would be foolish not to take any decent offer for him, or we will lose him for nothing. I like Barry, I think he can be a better player under Pedro. I hope he does sign and extension for us and fulfill his potential, be more confident and consistent. I do think he has talent, but I don't think Barry knows that himself at times.

  13. My money's on him & Tavie playing there football in Nottingham next season.
    We should get 6M for them both hopefully!
    Honestly another 7 or 8 need to follow him out the door, that is the next stage 10 out 10 in and get challenging the manky mob.
    Be honest with yourself do U think if we don't keep 8 and bring in 10 the leauge positions next year will read any different??

  14. Robbie Wilson you are deluded. In the summer he will have @6 months left on his contract, £500K tops as he is inconsistent. The criticism that Tav gets means he won't get more than £300K. He simply cannot defend.

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