Rangers’ star midfielder finally returns to training


Rangers fans finally have something to cheer about with the sight of Niko Kranjcar regaining fitness and scoring in training at Auchenhowie earlier today.

The 32 year old Croat’s season was completely curtailed prior to the League Cup clash v Celtic in November last year, just as the creative midfielder was finally getting close to sustaining 90 minutes of play and hitting form. Sadly the ex-Spurs man suffered a serious knee injury in training and has had to make do with missing the past near-six months of action.

However the sight of the former Portsmouth creator back on the pitch and sticking one away in the onion sack will be a welcome sight for fans who desperately want some consistency on the pitch, and the attack-minded mid was a class apart when on form and in the mood.

The timescale for his absolute return to the match day squad is as yet unknown.


  1. sorry (editor Ibroxnoise) but thats probably the most uninteresting news you have ever published on this site…at this time who cares?..I know you are only doing the right thing trying to bring us bears something, anything, to be positive about…for that I commend you…Its very very difficult for us to pick ourselves up from this latest bodyblow after all these long years of not being at the top and the vermin across the city getting another reason to turn the knife…I am one of the older generation and never hated the grey and puke green scum but they over the last few years have made even me disgusted by there attempts to destroy our wonderful GLASGOW RANGERS club…Ime sure that I dont need to go into the details and the lengths that these bastards have gone to, we all know full well…So…what I say my friends is never give up…fight these scumbags…one day we will prevail…keep renewing your season tickets thats the lifeblood of our club…show others your love for RANGERS… without us… the supporters… the club is nothing!!!

    • You are blaming the wrong people for your clubs problems, other clubs supporters have just forced authorities to apply the rules..

    • LMFAO even this tiny little bit of none news attracts the Tics to comment, they just can not help themselves, they obviously have nothing to do but frequent Bear sites, like Sutton like son! I wouldn't dream of looking at their sites as i just don't care what they write on them or what they say, but they are Obsessed.

    • Aye get lost ya beggar … We all know who stabbed who us in the back The scum and the others DUFC etc etc etc

    • Obsessed should be banned from this site. I agree with you one hundred percent camelonman.

  2. Good news but not the best
    1) Barton has been suspended for 18months cause of betting
    2) new castle are under investigation of tax fraud… yet some commentators on this site want Ashley back

    • Stuart

      What makes your think Ashley is being fingered in any of this? Why presume something like this is linked to him, did Sheik Mansur know Man C were breaking rules by signing and spending against UEFA financial rulings? ummm I don't think so….the only convicted criminal mentioned on this site is Dave King…yet some seem to fluff over that fact.


    • "yet some commentators on this site want Ashley back" …..
      However the so-called real Rangers Men, Dave King and Paul Murray were not prepared to accept the austerity of the CVA presented. They voted for foreclosure and  Administration with a view to picking up the club for a song.
      King who is a pariah in the City and ensuring we can attract NO financial backing, later voted against a CVA when Charles Green rocked up on Edmiston Drive. Should we have expected anything less from individuals who think tax is the exclusive preserve of ‘the people‘ and Financial Rules have no place in any of their adventures.

      Don't be too gleeful guys, our shit hasn't hit the fan yet, and when it does, we will not have anyone to bail us out of the shit storm….watch what you wish for guys…the Court of Session has yet to deal our illustrious leader his come uppance.


    • Wow. If u think Ashley didn't know what happens at Newcastle then ur jist being foolish Ashley used his guys to control everything lambias was a director at rangers and before that Newcastle and goes to what every company Ashley buys next. Ashley is a huge crook and everyone knows it.
      And the point about Dave king being convicted, well the judge that convicted him has been jailed for being corrupt, and king has been told he can appeal it all since they think the judge was taking brides off of kings competetors… go look it up

  3. I read today that Darren McGregor is out of contract at Hibs this summer, one of our former manager's worst blunders was releasing him and replacing McGregor with Kiernan. I would like to see McGregor brought back to us for next season and Kiernan kicked out.

  4. heard that stuart! with a bit of luck he could share a cell with whyte.I would like t see fan ownership, the germans seem to favour it. nobody loves gers more than the fans,it's not buisness its a way of life 4 millions worldwide.

    • Scooby

      The Germans have a system of half and half, or as near as damn, which works well for them, but there are rumblings over there also about it not working, have a read of these articles and see some of the things that can, and in our case, probably will come to light with fan ownership.



      But as you can see from the article below, Dave wasn't up for sharing his ill gotten gains….



    • i take ur point gordo, I lack trust given all points u have previously stated as regards the state our club has been reduced to.who can u trust?

  5. Sadly I think Ashley with his billions will squirm out of the firing line leaving one of his lapdogs as a sacrifice. By the way, doesn't anyone think it strange that Donald Findlay is defending Whyte?.
    Good to see Kranjcar getting back to fitness. He'd be a great player in a good team but only above average in ours. However the young boys could benefit from him.
    I'm starting to get a good feeling about Saturday.

    • Alan

      If you are following the trial, you will see just why DF is representing Whyte.
      He has already shown Murray out to be the crook we always knew he was and is having a feel day exposing all that's been wrong with Rangers under his tenure….King will also be in the firing line, oh my, airing ones dirty linen in public is never good….but under oath and in a court of law…it is the truth and its as bad and as sad as anticipated….with much more to come I fear 🙁


    • Gordo would you trust Ashley more than King or would you distrust both of them equally??

      As for DF I thought he had to represent Whyte or was that Charles Green because it was on Rangers business..

      Whyte is a pure con artist and deserves what he gets. Murray a crook how's that? I mean we weren't complaining about Murray when we were successful and winning everything..

      The German model of the fans part ownership is about the best option. Bottom line fans love the Club more than any of those mentioned above.

      As for the original post Kranjcar a great player at Spurs & Pompey but not the same player anymore.. We must bring the Youth through now as Rangers have no other option regards player investment – because Warburton spunked it on dross…

  6. The pain goes on …."Celtic U20 3-0 Rangers U20: Hoops clinch Youth Cup glory with Old Firm win at Hampden"



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