Rangers’ best team for Celtic – do you agree?


So while we still all come to terms with Sunday’s abomination, attention must turn now to Saturday’s final instalment of the Old Firm double header punctuating the past week and discussion over what the best team Pedro Caixinha can select is.

Ibrox Noise has had a think about this and we reckon we have compiled the best XI that Pedro can send out on the Hallowed Turf this weekend, and while we do not expect a win from it, it will deliver the workrate and unity we demand from a Rangers team. Obviously the quality simply is not there yet, and will not be until we sign it, but for now, here is your Ibrox Noise selection:

In goal Wes Foderingham. No big debate there.

Defence: this has to be Lee Hodson, Danny Wilson, Clint Hill and Myles Beerman.

Midfield Two: Jason Holt and Jon Toral

Midfield Three: James Tavernier, Emerson Hyndman, and Kenny Miller

Striker: Joe Dodoo

So that’s:

Foderingham; Hodson, Hill, Wilson, Beerman; Toral, Holt; Tavernier, Hyndman, Miller; Dodoo

On the left we have Kenny Miller helping out Myles Beerman fend off the threat of either Patrick Roberts or James Forrest, while the double team of Hodson and Tavernier did a number on Scott Sinclair at Parkhead.

This leaves Hyndman free to provide the creativity through the middle, and we then give Dodoo a chance to start as the out and out striker we think he could be if just given a damn chance there.

Hill was on the bench on Sunday so hopefully is fit enough to partner Wilson, which is no slight on Bates as he has been commendable deputising – but Hill is simply a better defender.

And last but not least Holt and Toral doing their bit as usual breaking up play. This 4-2-3-1 formation has worked rather well, and it is anyone’s guess as to why Pedro elected to abandon it.

What do you think readers? What would you go with if you disagree on our team?


  1. I agree with the team with the exception of leaving Bates out for Hill. Bates unlike say Kiernan or Wilson has yet to make any glaring mistakes in defense. Plus he is a young lad and the more experience he gets in the first team the better he will become and as he develops he may save us the cost of at least one centre back in summer signings.

    • I agree. The result is less important than the experience for the young lad. Hill won't be with us next season so we need to blood our youngsters.

  2. I agree with most of this. One of the big problems 1st half on Sunday was we had no one on the park who could beat a man or two freeing up space. Miller must start up top and stay up top for me(none of this CM sh*te). Dodoo where miller is and possibly swap Tav for Mckay. The boy is still a good player on his day and what better game to prove yourself than against them.

  3. Yes spot on , Bates will get his chance he will become an excellent centre half beside the very much improved Danny Wilson who is not looking over his shoulder at car crash Kiernan

  4. Agreed, (maybe stick with Bates though instead of Hill, get his experience in old firms up) but i will be very surprised if Waghorn and/or Garner are left out. Pedro seems to have a thing for Waghorn.

  5. Totally agree with your selection. Bates time will come sooner than later especially since there's no guarantee that we'll have Hill next season. Cetic's central defence looked unsure even against us on Sunday so Dodoo's pace and sharp reflexes might pay dividends. Waghorn needs to sit this out as his eye for goal is just not there just now, although he works hard enough. No rash tackling please.Let's make it a contest.

    • Waghorn is never short in industry but he's dryer than the Gobi desert on the goal front. I was certain Ped would've played Dodoo in front of Beerman like when he come on against the sheep…His linkup play with Miller is good they click it's not rocket science eh.. Dodoo looks a classy operator I couldn't care if he's a lazy git at training ( which must be the case ). Less talking to the press and do the talking on the pitch from now on in manager & players…

  6. Can't argue with that selection that's what I was expecting on Sunday! I do agree with Martin above I'd have Miller upfront and Dodoo on same side as Beerman.. Still thinking dropping Bates is a bit unfair on the boy tae let's face it Hill won't be there next season..

  7. What's about signing big Rab Douglas , sure he was a brickie , we could get him to brick up our goals and we still won't score . All joking aside ,Yes I think that is our best team , I still would use mckay and MoH for their pace in the second half because they are slack at times at the back . Give us something to smile about rangers Saturday night.

  8. I agree with most of your team ibrox noise!My 4-2-3-1 would be
    My reasons for mckay is on his game he's creative and can without question pass a ball!He is also capable of tearing lustig apart,his pace is frightening!For me kenny miller MUST play through the middle in the no.9 role!David bates time will come and i'd most definitely bring in clint hill for his influence and experience,beside danny wilson!So this would be my rangers starting 11 against celtic on saturday!

  9. I would play McKay on the right flank with Dodoo and Miller CF and left flank. If they want to swop, I'm okay with that. We Must get crosses in to their box, and quickly. Hill or Bates hard one to call. I like them both. It's a credit to Bates because Hill has been great for us.

  10. I think this sums it up nicely….read it and weep, even a man of his calibre is seeing through the smoke and mirrors these people are hiding things under….wakey wakey…

    Rangers legend Willie Henderson has claimed the club need £50m if they want to compete with Celtic next season.
    Henderson, who played more than 450 games from the Ibrox club, said the current crop of players are not good enough to be playing for the club.

    He thinks massive investment will be required to challenge their Glasgow rivals.
    Henderson said: "What showed up was Rangers are now so far behind Celtic that the fans at least expect an enormous effort from the people wearing the blue jersey.
    "I think they except that Celtic are a better team just now but they should not be a better team with effort and that was very disappointing for the fans.
    "These fans have put up with a lot for a long time and we are now in a situation where if Rangers are going to complete with Celtic there needs to be a huge investment in this club to purchase players that are going to be of a standard that can play for Glasgow Rangers and compete with Celtic."

    He added: "£50m. £50m solely for players. It might be an idea if another investor could be brought into the club who is interested in putting money into football because it is certainly needed.
    "It shows that a lot of players at Ibrox who for a considerable time had a chance to prove themselves to be of that class, I'm afraid some of them are not that good.
    "Today I don't think there is a Celtic player who is going out there and putting a shift in that would fear getting beat by Glasgow Rangers."



    • walter would topple them @ the 1st attempt, sadly it's no going to happen. i don't agree with willie, the board should have begged walter& big alex to sort out the mess left behind and put an end to this celik shite talk,it wuld have cost a lot less.THE IMPS didnae need that gordo.

    • gordoRFC its hard not to disagree with you we are all hurting , however the reality is there is NO ONE waiting to put money into Rangers . We all need to buy our season books and try to get some scouting and signing targets in the close season

    • Scooby

      Haha buddy, the Imps have been fantastic this season and they have a real gem of a young manager who, along with his brother, have brought a sense of pride back to the club, the city and the fans. Honesty, hard work and some pure brilliant results along with the manager instilling and enforcing the human value of the club, its never about the manager, its about the club, the players and the city….such a refreshing attitude to things.
      Wether the Imps can hang onto the Cowley brothers is another matter, but they are honest young lads who have relished their first job as full time manager and assistant…last Saturday Bournemouth in the EPL played a home match in front of 10,880 crowd, the same day the Imps clinched the Conference title in front of 10,080 …while they can never be considered a big team by any means, for a city the size of Inverness, not a bad turn out, cant remember Caley hitting those dizzy numbers…unless the Glasgow giants were in town….my point is, it doesn't cost the earth and it doesn't need to be spend spend, a little dignity and honesty goes a long way with people….something we have been sadly lacking.


  11. whatever team he picks mc kay would be hard to pick up in behind a front 2,as i beleive shrek will b missing.

  12. Looks good guys , I would have Bates as the lad needs all the experience he can get . Kenny and Joe Dodoo need to be right at the Scum Centre Backs they are pish . Tell Tavernier its his last game and tell him to show what he has to do get his move .

  13. My pick would be Kloss, Numan, Amoruso ……

    This shower are useless with the exception of Miller. The others are just not up to the job.

  14. I think smart bet is a draw for this weekend gives Rangers some saving grace & Celtic keep unbeaten run.. When 2 teams play twice in a week its rare to see one team walk both games.

  15. Wouldn't play Toral, Tavernier, Wilson, Miller, Hyndman and DEFINITELY would NOT play DODOO….. Play the youngsters and find out if they have the bottle, fight and skills to face these people…. The team Surrendered on Sunday but the FANS will NEVER SURRENDER…. WATP.

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