A massive wake up call for this Rangers star


When the hordes of ‘deserters’ made their way out of Ibrox in that fateful spring/summer period of 2012, it became en-vogue for the club’s star players to break supporters’ hearts by leaving through the back door with Rangers receiving nothing for the vast majority of them.

Only a handful of senior players remained on Rangers’ books, including internationals like Carlos Bocanegra and Dorin Goian, not to mention Bocanegra’s international team-mate Maurice Edu. But all of them would leave not long after, and in both Boca and Goian’s cases, Rangers had to pay out their contracts to get their wages off the books.

And while veterans McCulloch and Alexander also stayed, there was one other who continued to ply his trade in Govan while at the peak of his years, a player who willingly sacrificed the best seasons of his career to stay at Ibrox. A player who could have got a cushy lower EPL gig like McGregor before him, but who chose not to. That player was of course Lee Wallace.

As such, his commitment to the cause and eagerness to give his best to Rangers at the cost of inevitable international caps will never be forgotten and yours truly will always have huge respect for Wallace and the conduct with which he has held himself in, both on and off the pitch.

However, few could deny that the past 18+ months of performance from Rangers’ captain have been patchy at best and average at worst. Indeed, I should assert the guy has never been rank rotten, but more and more fans in the past couple of years have accused him essentially of sleepwalking, of not being a great leader since gaining the captaincy and crucially not producing his best form, especially in the SPL.

As such the emergence of youngster Myles Beerman has come at a very interesting time for Rangers fans, our new manager Pedro Caixinha and Lee Wallace himself. The Rangers Academy youth product has broken through at the tender age of just 17 (just like the defender next to him did all those years ago in 2009) and has benefitted from Wallace’s month out with abdominal issues, and has gained widespread acclaim for his accomplished debut at Rugby Park, followed by an even more assured display in Aberdeen.

The fact Rangers simply have not missed Wallace and have been infinitely more robust down that side since Beerman and Danny Wilson joined forces really is the wee shake Wallace maybe needs.

Whether Beerman is ready for long-term selection in the left back slot is a matter of debate, but Wallace’s generally underwhelming displays since promotion have opened an unexpected door for the youngster, who really has impressed.

Many fans have observed the rigid nature of Rangers’ down the left with Beerman rarely out of position and Wilson closing any remaining doors shut down that side, and Wallace surely faces a bit of a battle to regain his mandatory starting slot.

This is healthy for Rangers, and in no way a slight on Wallace – this site is on record many times as praising his contribution and legacy; but a Club as big as us needs this kind of competition, and frankly Wallace does too – he has never had a valid competitor, aside Steven Smith who was only used sparingly and did not really set anyone’s heather on fire when he played.

But Beerman has garnered praise from all, and if his emergence into the first team gets Wallace to up his own game, it can only be a good thing.

Rangers finally have a good selection headache in that position.


  1. Beerman didn't have two great games or two bad games…. But I would agree he is a player we have to look after and groom…. Wallace is a far superior player and I would ALWAYS play him ahead of Beerman at present…. On the other hand I thought Bates was very AVERAGE and does not install confidence when Challenging or going Forward…. Maybe that's why he hasn't had a game all Season… Could be yet another Warburton DUD…

    • I'm sure bates was already at the club on loan before warburton came. From all accounts he's been getting good reviews. But then again he's playing beside tav. Maybe be better when played alongside a real right back so he isn't doing two jobs and can focus on being s centre back

  2. Always be a top guy and player to me never let's the team down.He may not be the most flamboyant of players but as steady as a rock to me .
    He always has Rangers at heart not like the other money grabbing SCUM that left us in the lurch .

  3. Thought Beerman was a natural right back. If so I think it should be Tav who's the concerned party. Beerman equally as attack minded but seems to be more competent in defence. Time will tell.

  4. At the moment Wallace when fit and on form will always get his place before young Beerman. Wallace was not selected for the Scotland team for nothing, he is a very good full back. As much as I liked the performaces from Beerman, who will be pushing Wallace all the way now, he is not quite ready to oust him.
    Bates has not instilled any confidence in me, I was a nervous wreck every time he was on the ball but give him credit he defended well. He has to show more confidence and belief in himself but now that he has made his debut he will be over his nerves and show us why he is at the club.

  5. Listen, Wallace is up there with John Grieg, Walter smith, he chose to stay and fight unlike the cowards and greedy b……… Like naysmith, to name but one. Wallace will always be welcome at ibrox, would love to see the day that naysmith comes to watch a game or the rest o then, to a man we should all stand and say get the right to f…

  6. he just needs to be more vocal when the side r up against it, on the subject of beerman if ur good enough ur old enough,its not the epl or la liga.

  7. did you read the newspaper today story here, dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-chief-dave-king-defies-10215698

    Now can we go out and buy our club now and put it in the hands of the real people who care our fans.

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