Warburton/Rangers saga takes new twist


The Mark Warburton/Rangers board feud has taken another twist tonight with the revelation that contrary to their accusations that Rangers ignored LMA & their requests for clarification, they themselves have ignored requests too.

When Warburton left Ibrox in igniminous circumstances, a key defence the LMA put up on his behalf was the assertion Rangers were not responding to their requests for clarification:

“It is a matter of surprise to us, and to the League Managers Association (LMA), which is advising all three of us, that despite its detailed public statements, the club has not answered key questions put to it by the LMA, in writing, requesting an explanation of why it suggested that we resigned from our positions.”

However it has emerged this evening that Warburton and his agent have equally ignored a chance to put their side of the story out, pouring a level of hypocrisy over their claims Rangers have done likewise:

“Warburton left in acrimonious circumstances after his agent, Dave Lockwood, approached the Rangers board, told them that the manager and his assistants, David Weir and Frank McParland, wanted to resign and requested that the directors waive their right to compensation from the backroom team’s next employers.

Warburton claimed subsequently that he had not resigned, although neither he nor Lockwood responded to The Telegraph’s request for them to clarify the nature of the agent’s approach to the Ibrox board, or any of the board’s accusations against them.

The Daily Telegraph clearly went to both for some answers and was knocked back, making double standards of claims the trio have that their requests went similarly unheeded.

It is a messy situation and Rangers’ chairman Dave King has equally confirmed tonight that he is considering legal action against Warburton and Forest.

The row rumbles on.


  1. The fact that the 3 stoogies r @ forest tells ye all ye need 2 know.Pity it wasn't @ the start of the season.

  2. Said this from the beginning. Is warburton had been in London that wed that we were gubbed by hearts, then there must be something that the board can do. The team that night looked so unorganised, but no surprise if the manager had been away all day speaking to another club

  3. As usual its what isn't said, or how things are said that you have to digest when King rocks in to address the media who seem to hang on his every word, rather than do their job which is to ask the questions we fans are asking and get the answers, but no, they hang on his every word and don't even check the substance on any of the bones.

    Why did Rangers feel the need to publish unaudited accounts, which by their very nature mean jack shit? Well King reckons its a good time to hide the bad under the new manager and other things that distract people from the real truth. According to our illustrious leader, everything in the garden is rosy…well if you look at the lies and spin in these accounts, they clearly aint.

    Not withstanding they even show a loss of around £235k, he has actually spun £2.9m of LOANS as INCOME …haha umm pardon me but that's not in any way shape or form income…that's blatant plagiary of numbers. These loans to keep the lights on will at some point have to be repaid and that does not equate to income, so in reality we actually have a LOSS of around £2.8m for 6 months….bugger me sideways, surely big Dave wouldn't tell lies would he? You better believe he would, lets face it, with his past he would rob his grannies gas meter.

    With ST renewals due soon and still no sign of the war chest full of plunder from SA, the softening in approach to new kit for next season makes it look as if he has a say in any of it, in house my arse, Puma have the rights for making kit for another season, so any new kit will be Puma and will be SD for selling and marketing, irrespective what he says.

    King has more pressing things to try and wriggle out of and I think Pedro will find out, like W&W did that there will be NO money available for him to compete and strengthen his squad, court costs, concert party costs and any number of other legal cases in the making will make sure we have none more than the past two seasons….and until people realise there is no substance to anything he says….this is how it will be.


  4. People ask why I don't trust king or believe a word he says.

    King only a few days ago said DOF was on back burner and not imminent.

    Today on clubs website it says an appointment is imminent.

    Says one thing, while the other happens.

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