With these stats, does this Rangers star have a future at Ibrox?

 Article by: Richard Fillingham

Rangers were delighted to announce last August that 28-year-old, Preston North End striker Joe Garner had finally joined the Teddy Bears on a three-year-deal after being head-hunted as the man to score goals and help us to challenge for the league title.

The Blackburn-born 6’ 1” (1.85m) forward was thrilled to try a different phase in his career, by trying life out in Scotland with a giant club like the ‘Gers who have such a grand history to their name.

Garner was Mark Warburton’s most expensive signing for a reputed £1.8m and was so proud to be presented to a full Ibrox crowd at half-time of the 2-1 win over Motherwell.

Warburton thought he was signing a fox in the box type and a livewire who will run in behind defences, and who was exceptionally good in the air while getting stuck in. Well he does get his retaliation in first (!)

Joe told the press:

“I’m over the moon, obviously it’s taken a little while but we’ve got everything sorted now. I’ve signed and I’m just looking forward to getting out there. I think everyone knows it’s a massive, club and it’s a great challenge for myself. The pressure that comes with playing for the club, the expectation is massive, and hopefully I can deliver. I’m confident in my own ability and there are top players here. I can bring goals and I don’t mind playing up there on my own and bringing others into play. Hopefully I can create some chances and score some goals. I’ve spoken to the manager quite a few times in the last couple of weeks and I know he’s very thorough and very professional in the way he goes about the game. He knows how I play and I’ve played against a lot of his sides before in the past. He plays his own way of football and hopefully I fit into that.”

If we take a look at his past career and stats though, does the lad fit into Rangers, and do his previous achievements bode well for life in Glasgow?

Garner started his career at Ewood Park as a trainee with local side Blackburn at only 17-years-old, and was soon loaned out to Carlisle United. After a successful period playing in 17 games and one as a sub, he scored 5 goals to show he had the potential to be a decent striker. He took a gamble, left Blackburn and signed for Carlisle for £140K. He played 34 games, scoring 14 goals in the process.

A year later, Nottingham Forest offered Carlisle £1.14m, which of course they accepted and in season 2008-09, he made 30 appearances for Forest but scored only 8 goals in his first season, playing against much better defenders than he was used to. Season 2009-10 was much worse when he only managed a paltry two goals out of 21 matches.

On 21 July ’10, Joe accepted a six-month loan to Huddersfield and featured in only 10 first team and 8 sub games with not a single goal scored.

Joe signed for Scunthorpe on an end-of-the-season loan-deal, and the result was a little better, as he played in 17 games and one as sub and scored 6 goals.

In season 2011-12, he played the first 4 games of the new season for Nottingham Forest, and on 31 Aug ’11, Garner duly signed for Watford for a fee in the region of £200,000 and in his first season he managed to get 18 starts plus 6 as a sub, but he only scored a single time.

In season 2012-13, Joe started the first 3 games for Watford before being dumped back to Carlisle on a 4-month-loan deal. After playing in only 18 matches and scoring in 8 of them, low and behold Preston took Garner back to sign him on the 08 Jan ’13.

His move to Ibrox appears to have been a good bit of business for the Deepdale side, especially when Rangers paid far too much for his services. Joe played in 151 games and scored 57 goals, which is one in every three games.

Having read his goal-scoring record, IbroxNoise.co.uk wonders why did Warburton want to pay so much for Joe’s services? What do you guys think? Does he have a future under Caixinha or does his career record suggest he won’t succeed here?

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  1. Just not good enough. He is one of many who we have to get rid of in the summer (if anyone is daft enough to sign them) we have to upgrade this squad big time, assuming that there will be some funds available. Fingers crossed WATP

  2. I voted worth a chance under Pedro.He has the wrk ethic mayb if he plays up top in a 4-4-2 off another striker he can score more goals he is a consistent performer u kno wat yur going to get its Jst putting the ball in the net. The only other thing if GERS contacted his previous club n said wud u take have bck n we ll wave wat we owe you. After all he came from the team he supported so I think he wud have no problems going bck cud b another option will free up more wages.

  3. He hasn't had a full season with being crocked at the Celtic game. And that day the team def missed him since he was giving the Celtic back line such a hard time that there midfield had to drop back. In physical games like that he's needed. But under the new attacking approach we might see a compliantly different player

  4. Personally I don't think he is good enough, no. His record is lacklustre to say the least. Quite how we paid £1.8 for him I do not know.
    I also don't like how hot headed he is. I'm all for someone getting stuck in and down to the nitty gritty when required, you need someone like that in a good team. BUT not all the time. He permanently looks like he is spoiling for a boxing match. Ultimately no, I'm not a fan. I'd have him out the door and freeing up a wage for next season.

  5. I think Joe should be given a run in every game to the end of season. With Pedro's attacking style and having three or more in the box for first time crosses I think Joe could score many himself or forage for others round about him. His hattrick were all scored standing on the goal line or thereabouts. That is where he should prove himself for both Pedro and Rangers. Burton had him covering for Wallace at times. True.

  6. I voted no. He is no where near Rangers class. He has no stature nor skill, guile or killer instinct. We could have easily got the same standard of player in our own league for a fraction of the price. He will not improve under our new manager as he doesnt have the right pedigree to be sucessful within our club. Remember, we will be challenging in europe next season folks, therefore we will need strikers who have been at that level to compete against top class european defenders,,,Joe Garner does not tick that box. Way over priced and money we will never get back. I dont blame the lad, I blame Warbuton for fleecing our club to get him to Ibrox. To think Scott Allan was going for 250k, Jonathan Hay was going for a million,, two class potentials we could have bought and still got change from Garners fees!

  7. I voted no. We should free up his wages for a proven goalscorer like Cummings or Moult. I don't blame the lad, he's a grafter, unfortunately he just isn't good enough. The former manager allegedly made a lot of money out of the Garner deal, by getting his daughter involved as an advisor, so that she got a cut of the transfer fee. If that's true then it's yet another sacking offence, from the rat.

  8. I am pleased to get the chance to once gain say No, I stated a few months back that there was no point in having some cult figure if he was not doing the business, but some fans were more interested in getting that stupid song publicised than worrying about his actual playing potential. Never was the class we require, never will be and should be punted NOW !

  9. Unfortunately I simply had to vote a resounding no as I see this guy as a mediocre striker at best with an obvious intelligence issue who would (or will continue) to be a liability to the team due to his "I'm a hard man" approach to every game he has played in, The Gers have always had genuine hard men in successful teams (Greig, Forsyth,Brown,Ian Ferguson etc.) and sometimes plain scary & intimidating (Gregor Stevens, Hurlock) but these guys concentrated on what was in best interest of the team where it appears our Joe thinks its Saturday night in Sauchiehall Street every time he crosses the line onto the pitch,
    Ultimately his final report will not read "could do better" cause I dont think he actually could and the quicker he migrates to his natural footballing level (Huddersfield, Scunthorpe etc.) the better for Joe and Rangers cause it is only going to end in tears sooner or later as the boys out his depth

  10. You could argue Celtic needed a squad wide revamp after Ronny but Rodgers came in – added a couple of first teamers and the rest improved/stepped up. A player doesnt become pish overnight, but he can be under utilised or become tempered under the wrong coach. Let Ped have til EOS with him and reassess, as should be the case with everyone.

  11. Agree most comments …not good enough Boydie would done better even at his weight lolo !!! Clear out should include him

  12. I find it very strange that news of the removal, resignation, termination, call it what you will, of three directors in The Rangers Football Club Limited has gone largely unreported…astonishing.

    Club Chairman Paul Murray,is the highest profile termination, his involvement in the destabilisation of the former regime and manipulation of the share price to effect control has always been something that stuck in my craw, so no tears from me.
    John Gilligan has also gone along with Douglas Park’s son, Graeme Thomas Park. My guess is that the 'Concert Party' outcome of the Takeover Appeals Board is now biting hard and King is the next to be removed, probably working with Traynor on his exit speech as we speak….the criminal activities have finally caught up with him and if he does somehow manage to cobble together the £10+m required in the next two weeks he may well still be barred from holding office in any UK company….and worse still, what little good name we had will be dragged with him…but some of us have been saying this for years, the end is nigh, the only thing that's still unclear is the end of who and the end of what!!!

    The article below gives more in depth detail of the perilous position we are in, thanks to the support that crook gained and the dead end road he was always driving us down….grim reading indeed.



    • Haha more board mocking with out realising that they now have moved the boards around the way they are supposed to be. If u look into it the way it was set up was actually wrong. They needed the two boards to be independent, but that wasn't what I was when people were working on both boards

  13. Get rid of the shitebags that hide every time we go behind before judging garner. I can take a player not having a good game but never accept non trier's. The service from wide areas has been poor and we don't have a number ten that can create chances for our striker. Give the boy a chance under the new manager and then judge him.

  14. If you were upto date with your facts you would know their has been a dismissal from 1 board but that's because they are on both boards meaning there is conflict of interest and the 3 directors that have stepped down were evaluating their on performance as that is there main job on the top board. No one has left, the club however poor we have been on the park is starting to grow behind the scenes, we're in the best financial positon weve been in in the past 5 years.

    King may not be the golden boy we were hoping for but he has steadied the ship and got us to a position where we can start to look at the future

    All these so called business men on this site trying to say they know what's goong behind closed doors. Wait till it's fact, until then just support the man and appreciate the job he is doing. I would like to know exactly what everone thonks dave kongs getting out of pumpong money into a club withpit any return? Doesn5 seem logical tgat a man would put money in to a club and as all seen at the agm DOESNT take a wage. Like a said hes not golden but he is a rangers man at heart give him a break.

    We have a fresh manager that I think everyone is happy with, we are defo going to be in Europe next season and there's still a chance of the cup. In my book bar the gap between us and Celtic however we get into Europe by 2nd or 3rd place, if we win the cup thats a successful season for our first attempt.


  15. Well said Broxi we are in a far better place than with Ashley and Easdales scum .Let's look forward to winning the Scottish Cup and Europe and Next Season

  16. Cheers BillB and sorry for the spelling lol. Yeah defo need to look forward now, their is finally a buzz about rangers again and I can't wait to meet the tic in the cup…really feel we will do the job this time!


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