VOTE NOW: Final choice of three for Pedro’s ‘local assistant’


According to Sky Sources this morning, Rangers have now whittled down the ‘local assistant’ candidacy to three men – Barry Ferguson, Peter Lovenkrands and John Brown.

The former has now definitely held talks with new manager Pedro Caixinha despite claims by certain journalists that they had not even met yet, while reports are both Pistol Pete and Bomber already did so some days ago.

So it now does seem to be a straight choice between those three, and the last time Ibrox Noise polled the fans, Ferguson very clearly came out on top with Lovenkrands way down the pecking order. Bomber was not fully in the picture at that point.

But who would you like to see now as Pedro’s local assistant? 9IAR defensive hero Bomber, multiple title-winning captain Barry Ferguson or Eck favourite Lovenkrands whose cup final winner v ‘them’ will live long in the memory.

Readers, please vote now.

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  1. Barry Ferguson = Boozegate, Blackburn(mercenary), Player bigger than the club that led to Le Guens removal, drunk, useless manager, oh aye, great example to have as an assistant. I have never rated him as a player and was carried by the players surrounding him. He is a disruptive sort and a distraction and embarrassment our club does not wish to read about in the papers day in, day out. I dont want our players to go to the pub and get pished as Barry always has done!!.

    I voted Peter Lovenkrands, he has much more to offer our players and a fine example for our club to be proud of. Bomber Brown, he is also a winner in my eyes, but lacks the modern game demands and methods, but would be a fantastic motivator.

    Barry Ferguson is a waste of space who would bring us down. Peter is the man for me, great player, modern and passionate of our club, perfect for our new manager.

    • For sure he let himself down from time to time… but you must have been watching a different player from me… Ferguson grabbed games by the scruff of the neck and was a leader on the field whatever the standard of opposition, for me he was on the field a fantastic captain. In my opinion we could be doing with his will to win in that dressing room.

  2. An assistant needs to be an "opposite" to the head coach in order to challenge his way of thinking in a positive way to ensure no stone is left unturned in preparations. For me, Bomber is the only one different enough to provide a clear contrast to the gaffer who is young and dynamic in his approach. Remember he said he wants to change assistants every couple years to provide fresh input so this role won't be make or break…

  3. Barry Ferguson was carried by those around him? Are you for real? The rest of what you say does make some sense, but come on. Hate the guy if you want, but in the last twenty years name a better Scottish midfield player, other than possibly Fletcher.

    • Tell me one game where Fletcher had played well in a Scotland shirt?, Another who was surrounded and supported by his players!!

      Last 20 years?, Pains me to say this, but from a footballing point of view and not blue tinted glasses, The following are well in front of Ferguson,,, Scott Brown? Ian Durrant, Paul Lambert, John Collins, Gary McAllister.

      Yes, I remember Ferguson,,passing side to side and lazy not following his player when opposition was in attack, useless, I constantly shouted for him to mark his man and get back and help the defence. A bit like Halliday is now.

      Remember, Ferguson is also working for the Daily Rebel just now. Where do you think their information is coming from??!! They have been plugging him for the job every day, wonder why??? Ferguson is not what we need both on and off the pitch!

  4. Is this current "BIG ISSUE" among the Bears community not a complete waste of bleeding time and effort and turning this forum into a knitting bee, come on people, While I appreciate all the efforts these guys put in as players NONE of the 3 have any historical, credible or desirable talents in the technical or motivational footballing coaching fields and at end of day I could name 50 ex Gers players who would offer exact same unknown potential for this position and there's probably 10000 fans who could qualify for job too where your CV just needs to suggest that you are a true blue, love the Rangers, basically know a fair bit about other Scottish clubs & don't need a sat nav to get from Ibrox to Dingwall, (Pure rocket science eh,) Our attentions should be on other things at moment (funding, transfer pot, that fat Geordie git etc. etc.) cause it doesnt really matter who gets the Local TOUR GUIDE job as that is all it will ever be and even that remit must, by definition, have a limited lifespan. i Would hate to think this valuable forum is turning into that Facebook type shit the wifes into, with people constantly bumping their gums about a lot of pish, WE HAVE BIGGER FISH TO FRY

  5. ive got to agree tam, there's plenty people who would help without all this nonsense.The best man for advice would b WS as he has the mature aprroach.

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