Poll: Is a Director of Football the right path for Rangers?


With Managing Director Stewart Robertson confirming last week that Rangers were seeking the services of a Director of Football, it marks the return of an idea chairman Dave King previously wanted to implement but then dropped once he and his colleagues were elected onto the board.

King suggested the idea of a patriarch manager in the form of a Walter Smith or Dick Advocaat no longer worked, and his model was for a coach overseen by a Director of Football, but not long after the vote in 2015 King confirmed the DoF and coach idea was off the table for now, with a traditional manager being sought.

Naturally, the ultimately disastrous Mark Warburton era has forced the resurfacing of the DoF concept, and Managing Director Robertson is said to be in talks with Ross Wilson of Southampton with an appointment for the position being apparently imminent, whoever it ends up being.

But is the DoF/coach model the correct one for Rangers? What do our readers think? Would we rather have a Walter Smith all-seeing boss who deals with the lot, or split the duties between two leaving the coach to deal with the tactics, formation and training while a DoF would take on the business angle, especially transfers?

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  1. If the club is run properly from the top downwards then the right manager gets results everybodys happy simples. Just look across @ the sporting integrity arena.

  2. We don't need a DoF what we need is a very experienced manager who can start immediately to sort out the team. We have had DoF before and nothing changed behind the scenes despite all wonderful visions that Auchenhowie would become a fantastic conveyor belt of talent and no doubt this line will be trotted out again.Its the team as it stands that matters and the priority is to get a manager to turn things around quickly.

  3. I hope for some sheik to come, only outside source can save us. We can't live within our means. Next manager also will have free troubles, warbs was not to blame imo. Whether it's manager or head coach, I don't give a toss about it

  4. Normally, I'd tend to agree with you. but the Southampton uy has a top redord of bringing in good players who get sold on for a fortune. might be worth a try.

  5. We need to get the hapless Murty out of the managers job immediately. Sunday was embarrassing, no direction, no drive, they looked lost, they looked unprepared. I don't blame Murty for struggling as he has never had to manage at this level and has just been chucked into it but we cannot allow this to continue for another game let alone even entertain the ludricrious notion that he is even being considered as a potential short or long term fit. If we do not act now and appoint an interim (big Eck) till the end of the season and then sort out the DOF and HC situation then we won't finish in top 3. If we continue with Murty on Fri night we will lose the game. Sort it out Rangers!

    • Like I fcuken said if we don't get rid of Murty as interim manager we will lose on Friday night. Called it. Stop the fcuking about Rangers and just put someone experienced in place till the end of the season as this cannot go on!!!

  6. Dof- gtf, don't need,want, waste of another 2 years then it will change as it will not work. Clueless bastards, get a decent manager with some investment if not just give it to some numpty as we are not gonna make any progress

  7. A Director of Football is another £250.000 or more in wages we do not need put that money in to our youth development then it will be money well spent for the future of our team.

  8. What happens when we bring in a manager who becomes successful and leaves, taking his coaching team with him? Back to square one, with the worry the next guy brought in might be rubbish.

    A DoF provides the structure and continuity within a football club to provide a smooth transition when a coach leaves. Southampton lost three very successful managers but every replacement has managed to improve the club slowly. That's no accident, that shows the structure is vital to long term success not the manager…

  9. It won't happen quickly with Mr King in charge, he has created more problems than anyone in our history, cancel that, he could just be better than Green and Whyte. Anyway what has he helped give us since taking over, major and continuing issue with Ashley, funds aye right, prove you have invested £18M personally and show us a copy of the telegraphic tranfer for that and the next £12M, oh did he sanction Warburton, then the shambles of signings including last year, the standard is shocking, never mind a director of football, with no money will sort all the problems, will he not Mr King. J

  10. Personally I think a no nonsense highly experienced manager is the way to go. Someone who isn't afraid to get stuck in and get this appalling team sorted out as best they can. A manager who makes it plain that mediocrity is not acceptable. Losses are not acceptable. And someone who can do that in double quick time!

    • Yeah but Brenda leaves one day and they end up with another Ronny who changes the entire philosophy and style and sets them back a few steps. (Wouldn't that be nice!!!)

      DoF is designed to limit the chances of this happening…

  11. If that complete knob of a man Alan Pardew even gets a sniff of the managers job I will never set foot in Ibrox and it hurts to say that. I will also stop supporting the team! strong words but I mean it!

    sort it our board and forget DOF! get Frank in with Eck till the end of the season

  12. DOF is a good idea long term perhaps but we need change in circa 2 years to stop TIAR from the beggars . De Boer now please … and external investment once we settle with Fat Mike WATP

  13. I voted for a single manager as that has to be a priority for the team. It's bad enough as a fan seeing all the names that are going in the hat, but the players can't help but lose focus. The longer the situation goes on the more ridiculous are the names being suggested. ( Alan Irvine for example) .I'm surprised big Malky Mckay hasn't been touted. It must be unsettling to the players. I can see the pros (continuity) and cons (finance) of having a dof but maybe later down the line. It's all very well having a set up like Southampton but they can afford it with the sky TV money they get. Shit but it's hard to be patient!

    • OK then. It's a wonder Arsene Wenger hasn't been put in the frame. He's hinting about managing elsewhere next season. This is really getting ridiculous. He'll probably come in about 5/2.

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