How Mark Warburton destroyed his legacy

How Mark Warburton destroyed his legacy

It takes cajones to be manager of Rangers, and while the majority of those the Club has had have carried themselves with honour and distinction, even the Great John Greig struggled with a pretty good squad (he had Cooper and DJ, to name just two). It is an incredibly demanding, suffocating job which takes something quite special to excel at; recent examples of success in the role include Alex McLeish, Dick Advocaat and obviously Uncle Walter.

PLG and Mark Warburton simply were not up to the task, and neither of them understood the gravity of this amazing Club, and the true requirements of being the captain of one of the toughest ships in football.

And with increasingly nefarious stories emerging regarding the manner of Mark Warburton’s exit, the man has sadly completely undermined the potential legendary status he had began to cultivate after last season’s stonking ride through the Championship.

As many will know, this site pinned him as the wrong man to take Rangers through the SPL pretty early on in the season, and got dog’s abuse for doing so. The results and the displays have sadly vindicated us, but this grubby conduct which has only just emerged in the past 24 hours have truly violated the sacred nature that is being manager of Glasgow Rangers Football Club. And that is far far worse than simply not being a very good manager.

The fact Warburton is now consulting his legal team only adds him to the ignominious list including the very worst of the past five or six years, a list stained by the likes of Martin Bain (thankfully he dropped his case) and Neil Alexander (he won his). But the seedy underhandedness of how he and his friends (and that is what all this was, a horrid jobs for the boys’ club) sought employment elsewhere, endeavoured to ditch Rangers via resignation (by all accounts through an intermediary) and then changed his mind when the Forest gig fell through?

There is no defending that, if it is 100% accurate, and makes Mark Warburton every inch as bad as anyone in Rangers’ troubled recent past for spitting on our club and treating it with disdain.

Rangers deserve the class of Walter, the enthusiasm or energy of McLeish, the continental tactical nous of Frank de Boer or the ‘boy done good’ of Derek McInnes. Or someone else; someone who will give Rangers fans the kind of regime they can trust.

While Ally McCoist was ultimately out of his depth, it must not be forgotten that until Steven Naismith got injured in October 2011, McCoist’s Rangers were miles clear of Neil Lennon’s Celtic, and like Barca losing Messi or Real losing Ronaldo his loss simply derailed Rangers. It must also not be forgotten that admin was not announced till well after the gap had been overturned by the East Enders, so McCoist’s failure in his maiden season certainly had more than a few mitigating factors.

The point here? In a different time, McCoist too could have been a success but for circumstance.

Whoever comes in, it cannot be someone who is going to fail to grasp what Rangers means. It cannot be someone whose arrogance can be measured by the points he loses in insistence that he is right.

Not once did Mark Warburton ever admit to getting something wrong. Even Jose, the most arrogant manager in football, has taken responsibility for getting things wrong in the past; but that was beneath Warburton who took to blaming players like Waghorn and O’Halloran, while praising absolute failures like Kiernan.

Our hope now is to watch a very different Rangers XI face Morton on Sunday. To watch bravery from Murty and see him select the best team Rangers have, and give chances to players who deserve them.

I would go 4-4-2:

Wes Foderingham, Lee Hodson, Danny Wilson, Philippe Senderos, Lee Wallace; Jordan Rossiter (he is fit and training again), Emerson Hyndman, Barrie McKay, Michael O’Halloran; Kenny Miller, Joe Dodoo.

Do something different. Break away from the failure of Warburton. We may well lose, but Rangers fans will be more forgiving if they see attempts to try something progressive yet appropriate for Scottish football.

Let us enjoy Our Rangers again.

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  1. Never mind warburton what about weir.. he should have know better than to act like that have done. He was our captain after all but has still played a part and went along with this stab in the back.
    The other question id like to know is if rangers had paid for the 'scouting trip' to London this week when they were really down talking to another club. The club must have a claim against him there

  2. as things stand, no manager in the world will stop rodgers celtic, they are to professional, too rich, too good. another legal battle is on the cards, this time against management team. curious what davie weir, our man, will do- whether he will want the money or not.

    • wonder bet take it you have not been involved with football too long no manager in the world will stop rogers history tells a different story amazing what a couple good results does for a team who cares what weir and warburton want .ibrox will be packed tomorrow rangers are back .

  3. Quote from above "In a different time, McCoist too could have been a success but for circumstance" What planet are you on?! "Naismith"?,,then mentioned the names Messi and Ronaldo?, come on, get real, to say the loss of Naismith as an excuse to lose 17 point lead for shelic to win the league is absolute abolute tosh! Can we start thinking big for our big club?, if we dont or cant afford it, then second place will be the only position we can look forward to challenging in the coming years! We need to challenge Shelic and play in Europe, small time managers have no place in the managers chair at ibrox.

    • For the record it was a 15 point gap, but only because Celtic had played two games less. They won both games in hand which meant the gap was only really 9 points.

  4. I would go 3-3-2-2:

    Senderos – Hill – Wilson,
    Tavernier – Rossiter – -Wallace;
    Hyndman – Miller
    Dodoo – McKay

    With Miller, Hyndman, Tavernier and Wallace free to get forward regularly to help the front two and
    have the back three + Rossiter staying back at all times, except corners & free kicks.

    I am so pleased Warburton & co, resigned before being axed. It saved us money and they were crap in the SPL and at Hibs & Falkirk away in the Championship. Warburton's Rangers had the worst tactics + worst defence in the SPL, so let's see what a good manager can do for us.

  5. Agree with article – DK should petition supporters organizations to provide a short list of replacement for Warburton, then accept our choice.

  6. I know hindsight is an exact science but on reflection over the last two games Warburton looked like and sounded like a man who had other things on his mind. If the nature of his departure is confirmed then all I can say is good riddance. I was a big fan of the passing game with lots of possession and ball on the deck. Unfortunately though he kept picking players who didn't have the level of ability to carry it off. Championship standard players like Halliday, Holt, Forrester and Tavernier as examples were incapable of thinking on their feet. As for the defence, well they were obviously unaware of the fact that if you don't concede goals you can't lose games and consequently give yourself a better chance of winning. Since David Weir arrived I have constantly wondered what input one of the best defenders in the game had on our team and if he was just a Warburton fashion statement to endear himself to the Rangers support. A sorry state of affairs all round but one from which I am sure we will arise stronger and better equipped for the challenge ahead

  7. As this forums activity records over recent months would confirm I have felt compelled to put my tuppence worth in re- the on-going, unacceptable and plainly obvious incompetence of the then,(thank god,) Rangers Management team and I am only thankful, if not surprised that my telly has survived a kicking during this disastrous,arrogant and apparent race to the bottom approach fiasco,

    I also feel compelled to mention that I have nothing but huge respect for the Ibrox Noise guys and would never doubt their sincere intentions and honesty in respect of what they perceived to be in the best interests of our club over the last six months or so, NOT because I agreed 100% with the valid and just points they printed, which believe me doesn't happen to often, BUT the fact that, initially at least, they were going slightly against the grain and that takes BALLS, well done guys its probably likely that this forum did play some part, however small, in getting these chancers out and that is a welcome positive during dark days,

    I appreciate, acknowledge and totally respect the fact that not all bears will see the demise of MW as positive or the way forward but that is what fitba is all about and I can assure them that we will all be standing side by side, as we always have, giving it laldy at the Brox,and cheer the ball hitting their net for a change in the very near future

    Auld Shanks hit the nail on the head because When it comes to The Famous Glasgow Rangers in particular "IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT" & warbs and his cronies were incapable of understanding or respecting the traditions involved WATP

  8. Perhaps more disappointing is how Davie Weir has destroyed his legacy and reputation. I'm glad Warburton has gone and we should have got rid immediately after the Hearts fiasco – but now it really is a case of rip it up and start again. If the Board really have invested £18m to date then we have very little to show for it on the park plus very little resale value in the dross that Warburton brought to Ibrox. If you go through the squad there is very little at can take the club forward.
    Foderingham – adequate keep for the moment
    Hodson- must start now for rest of season to see what he can do week in week out
    Tavernier – found out at the higher level – get rid
    Kiernan- must never wear a Rangers jersey again
    Wilson – still think he will turn out a class defender with right support
    Hill – deserves a thank you at end of season but not a new contract at his age
    Senderos – well past his. best. – out
    Halliday – simply not Rangers class – squad player at best
    Crooks – not coming back
    Rossitor – one more season to see if we can get him fit – but have my doubts
    Holt – again not really effective at top level – another squad player maybe
    Windass – one more season 50/50 whether he is at the level required
    Niko – was finished when we signed him – time to settle his contract
    Forrester – poor touch and concentration – very average
    Waghorn – again doubts about his ability at top level – one more season playing as a striker perhaps
    Garner – total joke – get rid
    Dodoo – lightweight for Scottish game – get rid
    O'Halloran – let's see what he can do under a new manager
    Moiller – deserves a further year
    McKay & Wallace – the only class acts in the squad
    the loans will be going at the end of the season or sooner
    So really not a lot to build on. Can't help thinkin that some of the home grown youngsters we've off loaded would have done as good a turn as some of the banff average players we've brought in – talking about players like Andy Murdoch, Ryan Hardie

    • I agree with E-Chef that it's fair. But I would say that I don't think Windass is A) good enough and B) actually wanting to play for us. Don't think his head or heart is in it.
      Also as much as I admire Wallace and that he stuck by us I do not think he's captain material. I'd still have him in my team though.

  9. Feel really let down by Warbs and weir, I have defended them from the start as I too was looking at the bigger picture with the new brand of football being implemented, changes to the board, behind the scenes pilava and the investments I genuinely thought it was just going to take time and after 4 years in the bottom tier what was another season but……..

    Everything I have read in this post and comments is spot on. We have been used by a well spoken crook in warburton. Said all the right things but ment none of them.

    I know times are tough and we need clarity on the situation at hand but hopefully every other bear is the same as me when I say let's get behind the team today and give the boys on the park the support they need. I know the team isn't full of the quality we expect to see playing at rangers but they are there and they didn't ask to be scouted, who in their right mind would turn down the chance at the age some of these boys are to play for the mighty glasgow rangers? It's a no brainer.

    Their is quality in the squad and we have seen that we do have the ability to compete with this squad, just hasn't been consistent and obviously a full revamp of the defence is key but with the right guidance to the end of the season, someone who can win a game ugly and make changes at the right time when things are going against us on the park but most importantly someone who can install that fire in the players again so that when the chips are down the heads don't go down and they show that even though we might have lost they know what it means to wear that shirt.

    Like posted on another comment let's enjoy OUR RANGERS once again