POLL: Who would you replace Mark Warburton with?


The candidates to replace Mark Warburton are coming in thick and fast, so with tonight’s confirmation that he will no longer manage the Famous (with the latest that he is apparently consulting his legal team), who do you want to see replace him?

For now, the best of luck to Graeme Murty who will take the side for the cup on Sunday v Morton, but it is unlikely to be a permanent appointment. But if he does well, who knows? But we throw it over to you guys; who do you want as long-term manager for the next two years minimum?

The Rangers knowledge of Alex McLeish? The enigmatic Frank de Boer? The astute canny management on a modest budget of St Johnstone’s Tommy Wright? Or perhaps you want the promising Derek McInnes who has done such good work at Aberdeen.

Whoever you want it needs to be someone who understands either Rangers, or the SPL – or ideally both. After the SPL disasters of PLG and Warburton, that type of manager simply does not work here.

We need something safe. Who would you choose?



  1. someone who's not managed us before terry butcher but would be happy with frank deboer .a,t,b graeme murty .hope he plays all the guys that warburton was not picking on sunday

  2. I honestly hope it is nobody on that list.

    We need a bit of imagination here, a safe appointment is not going to drive the club forward.

  3. Graeme Souness alongside an young enthusiastic manager, ideally one that knows the Scottish game. I can't see DeBoer coming unless he is given a serious transfer archest and I don't see King providing that. The others, quite frankly, are also rans.

  4. I do wonder where Souness might have figured on that list.Take away the top two and its " WOW is that it."
    Whichever way the Board go I honestly believe if we change our tactics we'll do very, very well until the season is finished. Let's clear our lines quickly on Sunday and play with Garner and Dodoo as a penetrating spearhead with fast balls in front of them. Hopefully we will see a far more aggressive attack for goals.

  5. None of the above and nobody on a two year contract. I think Rangers have been stalling on an extended contract with Kenny Miller because they have had him lined up for a managerial role soon. Probably as an assistant manager. But that could change now.
    I'd like to see him in charge until the end of the season only. Same deal whoever gets the gig. End of the season then reassess the situation.
    By then the "Kit Case" verdict should be known one way or the other. That would allow Rangers to cut their cloth to suit. If we win the case we can be a bit more ambitious. If not we act accordingly.

  6. If only Sean Dyche at least we would get back
    To a team that knows how to defend. And a manager that has the ability to read and change a football game.

  7. For me we can't go for ordinary it has to be sumone with a good pedigree, respected in the game for me harry redknapp. If we couldn't get him I'd want souness but he's prob getting more money sitting in a chair at the wkend way sky. This is a right chance to start as the rangers we wer, go for the top candidates

  8. Our players will be out to prove they can give us the goals we so richly deserve on Sunday.

    Fans unite behind them. WATP

  9. I voted for Frank De Boer, but only if : –

    Rangers could afford his wages + a decent budget to bring in a few Dutch players who Frank knows with his knowledge of that market. Most Dutch players are proven successes at Ibrox +
    employ Barry Ferguson (or a good Scottish manager) as Frank's assistant manager.

    2nd choice would be Alex McLeish & Barry Ferguson together should be a strong management team for Rangers, as they both fully understand exactly what Rangers are about.

    Derek McInnes is signed to Aberdeen until 2019 therefore a transfer would be involved.

    • the manager picks there assistant not the club so some how i think Ronald would be his assistant if frank got the job

  10. Souness returning to Ibrox would be a dream come true. He was scathing of the fashion for tippy tappy, play out from the back tactics, when talking about Man City recently. He would have our players playing to their strengths and restore the passion at Rangers. I'm not sure if he would want the pressure at this point in his life though.

    The next best option in my view, is Stuart McCall, he steadied the ship when he was the caretaker manager and deserves the chance.

    I agree with A McC that if we change our tactics, we can be successful for the rest of the season. Hopefully we'll have two up front tomorrow and be far more aggressive, all over the park.

  11. My personal choice would be Tommy Wright. He seems to be able to get results from his limited squad and I would like to see what the man could do with a bigger budget. I also think he seems to be a commanding authority. Willing to give players a good kick up the arse when he needs to and not be all pally wally with them.

  12. None of the above, and disagree with all above selections thus far. Jurgen Klinsman would be a good choice. He has worked miracles with the US team. He would produce strong, skilful, fit and determined players who would play with urgency. Jurgen will have worldwide taps and links to many talented players that wont cost us the earth. If we cant get Jurgen, I would accept a manager who can produce the above attributes, because all of the above suggestions don't! We need a proven manager who is a winner and who is not an ex-rangers player. They have already proved failures in management! Great players, absolutely crap managers!

  13. Noone on your list. Kenny Miller, player/manager. How anyone can suggest Tommy Wright, Terry Butcher, Nigel Pearson or Murty is seriously beyond me.

    • So you would rather have someone with NO management experience over those who do have years of experience? Aye no bother!

    • miller that's the best one yet. an ex Celtic player that's a money grabbing wee dick way nae experience. that is exactly what we need. ill tell you wit we can ask Neil Lennon if he would be interested in training him up for us tae. wallop er.

    • Kenny as P/M. HAHAHAHAHAHA


      In what way has KM proven hes:

      A. A good manager
      B. Knows how to be a manager
      c. Is a person capable of managing Rangers.
      D. Oh FFS, im losing the will to live.

  14. Hold on to your hats i hope we are going be spending 4/5/6 million a new top manager and his team,and D King to back him with the 30 million he said he would put in for new players.

    • Dave king not once said he would invest 30 million in players. he said he would invest but not only players. fanny's like you need to stop listening to Chris Sutton and reading the daily record.

    • mikel,no one needs to listen to anyone it is so clear to see for everyone that DK and co need put in what they said they would your right 30 million on players and there wages now how many new players will we get?.not a fanny just the truth we want.

  15. I'd happily take Big Eck back. I don't see why people aren't happy to consider him? (although happy to listen to reasons)

    For the board, as far as im aware hes the only manager to have made a profit for the club from his transfer dealings.

    For the fans hes an experienced manager who clearly loved his time with us.

    We can't take a chance on an unknown, given we want no, demand success and this season is all but finished for us.

    Wouldn't think we could afford De Boer.

  16. I'd like to see Walter Smith having a say on who the next manager is. We need to look at someone who can get us back to the top.

  17. Derek mcinnes has got be the guy…no point in looking at your redknapps and de bours, it's only going to cost money and again neither have great knowledge of the Scottish game, times have changed since the days rangers were able to buy top quality and de Bour has no experience in shopping in a small pond which mcinnes does. He knows what it means to play for rangers, has a never say die attitude and will install that fire back into the bellies of the players but above all he can set up his team to defend which is our primary objective I feel in order to secure second. The quality has been on show going forward, we can moan and say its not good enough which it isn't but we can still create chances and will score goals but if we iron out the defence we should be good till the end of the season. Mcinnes is defo my choice if not this season defo next, have Kenny and bring in mcleish till the end of the season to steady the helm but next season with mcinnes. We want to get through this season and mcleish is a defensively astute manager to do that but going forward not the man.

  18. well john where a season and half in to kings era and hes invested 18 mil the accounts are online free if you would bother your lazy arse to look for them. then you wouldn't be looking for the truth you would know it. I'm sure the 30 mil investment was over 3 years if you do the maths that means there well on target to hit it. So aye you are a fanny cause you bumped your gums without doing any research