How Harry Forrester’s miss put Graeme Murty on his head

How Harry Forrester’s miss put Graeme Murty on his head

After yet another atrocious 90 minutes of Rangers’ appalling season, interim manager Graeme Murty was quick to hop on his head in frustration as late substitute Harry Forrester made a pig’s ear of a chance to peg the match back to 2-2.

The usual rubbish on the pitch from the Ibrox XI led to another underwhelming display, with the first half seeing Murty’s men completely outplayed in every department, but it was not till later on that Murty went hopping mad as Forrester blazed over from two yards out.

The season goes from bad to worse for Rangers, with Aberdeen now six points clear in second and Celtic out of sight, and it was all clearly too much for the temporary coach whose chances of being made permanent will have taken a dent from this messy display.

10/10 for the handstand though, Graeme. At least someone showed some skill today for the Famous.

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  1. Sick to my stomach with this shower a shite!I won't be renewing season tickets(3) until King or whoever is at least willing to match it.A total gutless shower a shite.Where do we go from here lads?

    • Fuck knows Tam. Warburton sure did a number on Rangers. We get bulldozed off the pitch in every game. A normally Happy guy like Pharrell Williams would be slashing his wrists.The new Director of Football or manager needs to be appointed today. If not I don't see 50.000 at next home game. King needs to act today.Like many others I've tried to be patient.Fuck that. Today or never Mr King.

  2. Headbanger! No good to us.
    Wilson strolled around as if we were 6-0 up.
    Tavernier WTF GTF
    Many players off the pace.
    No physical presence.
    Warburton's Wankers.
    Headless chickens.What an absolute shambles.
    John Grieg, Tam Forsyth report to dressing room immediately. Bring Terry Hurlock, Graham Roberts, Mark Hately and Muscatt with you.

  3. Can it get any worse? Unfortunately come next months trip to The piggery I think it just might. Septic are due to do some real damage, 7-8-9 goals look possible against this Rangers team. Utterly horrendous showing.

  4. Take Kenny Miller out of that team and there is no one with an ounce of fight in them, Clint Hill was ok until he got hurt, but wow…nothing has changed and nothing will change…I was reading a lot of comments about how much of Kings 'fortune' W&W have wasted…when you do a quick check… a total of £2.6m has been spent, on transfers for players…. hardly breaking any records there….not a lover of Warbs, but people need to look at the true facts rather than what's fed them on social media…all this spin and rubbish emanating from King an co is a joke… we have no money and continue to live on soft loans….will he and the rest of them 'poney up' ….well they haven't exactly been forthcoming with anything so far … wonder how many class mangers we can attract with a budget of £2.5m to spread over 3 Transfer windows…..



  5. I think that diabolical just about covers today's antics. The horror that filled me when I saw not only Kiernan was starting but Tavernier and Halliday did too. Dumb, dumber and dumbest spring to mind and not in any particular order either. Unless a new manager can work miracles we're f*cked!

    • I went apoplectic when I saw Tavernier run on the pitch. From the right back position we lost the 30th goal of the season. I have no doubt he will play next week. Difference is I won't be there.

    • Every opposing team doubles up on Tavernier and its game over. They did it today with Hodson as well. Overran. Take the hardest tackling defender from the under 20's with a right foot and slot him in.If not now what is the point of Auchenhowie. McCrorie, Bates or Houston. Get him in next week with a home crowd behind him. Many more should be given an opportunity to show what they are made off. Lets find out what we have in the under 20's because we have less than FA in our present excuse for a team.

    • He doesn't even need doubling up. He can cock it up when he's standing stock still. He's less than useless. I do agree in giving the youth a fighting chance and you're very right that we have FA at present. But let's hope we're not screaming Houston we have a problem.

  6. Just proof that Warburton was a flash in the pan. King was right to get rid of him. I will be renewing my season ticket . It's a long slog back. We have had no midfield all season. We must hope we get 3rd in league , new staff and a clear out of overpaid wasters. Loanees are not a policy we should be pursuing.

  7. This game showed the usual lack of desire whereas DUNDEE wanted every ball TAVERNIER as usual was useless I really don;t know why he gets to play–it was a shambles and i feel that there has to be a cull of about eight players as they are all still thinking on WARBURTONS style
    I do hope that the board get a good manager that will not be scared to unload most of these players as they don't have playing for Rangers at heart
    I can;t now see us getting second or third place in the league unless there there is money to buy decent players

  8. Its at the stage I'm noteven disappointed cos a don't expect anything from that lot total spineless bunch of wasters nothing more to say well a hope warbs is hiding under his diningroom table cos wat a shambles he's left us with and in. A take it warbs hasn't been to empty his draws n murty is Jst goin through his tactic folder page by page surprised he Neva made changes on 60 mins. Defence pffffffttttttttttt ma 8 month n 3 year old daughters could break them down. Pathetic!!

  9. Its a reflection of Warburton signings of which we can truly see just how bad they are.The future is a lot brighter however King is a hard headed business man who knows if he does not get things sorted within the next couple of months season ticket will bomb and both him and the three bears will have to invest more money.So I am optimistic that Rangers will be doing everything they can to rectify Warburton mess.

  10. Come on guys, today's game is as bad as it's been. Warburton has drilled a load of shite into the shite he has brought in. We have to realise that it's not going to improve until somebody comes in to steady the team and Graeme is not the man. We won't get second and our only hope of Europe is the cup game.
    Oh shite , why are we even discussing this, it's shite, shite, shite. Better day's to come I'm sure.

  11. And another thing we are as close to 5th place as to 2nd n a tell u wat wud u put money on them to beat any of the top 5 home or away. NOT A CHANCE!! We struggle against the whole league away. Only won half our games this season n 30 points behind that lot a feel like goin to sleep for a cple of years n hopefully there will b something positive coming out of rangers wen I wake up cos this is one joke of a nightmare. 1 player in that team id keep n that Miller the rest including hill who is utter gash anaw can do one. The next manager will need more than a magic hat to fix this mess.

  12. Murty "This team is built to dominate the ball" This sums up exactly what has been wrong for two years. Not a single thought went in to dominate the opposition.

  13. Warburtons still haunting us…… his three signings at the begining of his tenure, Tavernier, Keirnan and that diddy of a keeper all had a hand in Dundees goals

  14. Not one of those players today deserved to be wearing the Rangers jersey.
    They were totally outfought by a distinctly average Dundee side.
    I thought an all time low had been reached with the Hearts game, but this side has just lowered the baseline for performances. It will not matter which manager comes in the fact remains that we have too many average players who are incapable of delivering even a mediocre performance. Murty couldn't get his collar up high enough to hide his embarrassment today and if he doesn't learn quickly that players like Tavernier, Halliday, Forrester, Kiernan and Waghorn are not good enough to play in the SPL he is in for a real rough ride. Worse still we could end up out of the top six.

  15. I agree with all above comments, it was a disgraceful performance. As soon as I saw Kiernan, Tav and Halliday were in the team, I knew we'd give Dundee a two goal start! Then Wilson came on and made me feel worse. Very poor decision making for subs, Clint Hill apart due to injury. Should have took Garner off for Dodoo and Ohalloran for Halliday, however thats immaterial now.
    We MUST replace Murty immediately. I don't blame him for the defeat, but its obvious he's way out of his depth. We looked totally disjointed today and were not up for a fight for the jersey. The board needs to act now!!

  16. I feared the worst when I saw dumb,dumber and dumbest were all starting! They should be the first three on the list to clear out in the summer. We lack leaders on the park, too many of our players are soft touches. We're crying out for a Graham Roberts and a Terry Hurlock, instead we've got Kiernan and Halliday!

  17. Today really was the absolute nadir! At least Murty who seems a decent guy was visibly angry in his post match interview. When you look at this Rangers squad and lack of quality/ fight/ effort/bottle – there is really only Wallace, McKay, and Miller you'd want to keep. Massive summer clearout required. Right now we need Eck or Smith until end of the season to limit damage at Celtic Park. King needs to find the means/investment to bring in some quality. £10/£15 million required. Warburton has done much damage. Not only bringing in second rate players from England – but clearing out some of our younger players such as Murdoch, Hardie – who at least had a bit of guts about them.

  18. Dundee v Rangers told me a lot.
    An embarrassing, clueless first half performance at Dens Park handed Celtic an astonishing, annoying irritating and unsurmountable 30-point lead over our beloved boys in Royal Blue, but we’ll support them evermore. I am Rangers until I die and I implore that as many Rangers supporters that can afford to, buy a season ticket for next year, or our club could possibly go under again. This is when we can prove to everyone that we are the best supporters in the world. We are the people: is often quoted by the ‘Gers fans; well let’s prove it. We must stay through thick and thin to support this historic club.

    I said in my Saturday IbroxNoise comment, that I didn’t think nice guy Graeme Murty should be in the position of managing a Rangers first team league game. What the **** was he doing there in the first place? Common sense told me that he was never the one to see us through this difficult period in Rangers history. But he was free! NEVER a first-team manager before and totally inexperienced at this higher level – a shocking, naïve and dangerous gamble by the board, with unknown repercussions at this stage of the season.

    This was a banana skin game waiting to happen.
    The first loss in the league to Dundee since 1992 in a 4-3 loss when Billie Dodds scored against us. It’s a FIRSTY for MURTY!

    We were floored by the board, when Dundee scored and my advice about Murty was ignored (see what I did there). To say that I am furious with the lack of knowledge within the Ibrox boardroom and what’s going on at Murray Park at the moment, is an understatement.
    Too many average players in the one squad. …………?

    Thanks to Warburton, these first team players only know one way to play. How to keep the ball with tippy tappy touches which cannot create enough chances and almost no penetration? When Murty tried to change the tactics they were like a fish out of water and dreadful to watch.

    Where do I start? This is an easy question to answer; the silent board. It turns out they were totally disillusioned with Warburton’s easy to read tactics. Possibly as much as all the fans felt.

    For Dundee’s opening goal Tavernier was once again posted missing in the right back position and this put both centre halves in difficulty. Senderos is not match fit and Wilson looked slow when he came on in place of Hill who picked up an injury.

    Foderingham must take most of the blame for again being too far to his left hand side of his goal when the free kick for the second goal was drilled past him. Just like last week’s Morton goal, it is his dodgy positioning that lets him down. Two games in a row, he finally gets his hand to the ball, but cannot turn it round the post because of his wrong starting position. Our new signing, Jak Alnwick perhaps has earned a shot at starting against Inverness at Ibrox for the next match, or did we pay £250K for nothing?

    • Alnwick surely couldn't do a worse job than Foderingham lately. He did improve slightly when Gilks was snapping at his heels. Now that Gilks has left he's reverted to type again! With Kiernan shocking passes back to him it's no wonder he ends up in half the states he does. But overall he's just not good enough.

  19. Alan

    Loanee's are the only policy open to anyone when they have no cash … if it wasn't for loanees where would we be??…..the only constant in all of this is NO CASH ….W&W were expected to compete with teams that have been playing at this level for years …on a friggin shoestring budget…and people seem happy to think its possible because the SPL is a 'Micky Mouse' league….the delusion of our own grandeur is hiding the hard truth… we HAVE to have loaners …or we have nothing…and that's not a W&W failing now is it? Yes there may be some players who just can not cut the mustard …move them on and get others in, but we cant can we??

    Until there is change , this is the normal so it comes as no shock to see us defeated any given week…we are light years behind them … and we are a distance behind Aberdeen, as hard as that may be to take…that's the truth of the matter…. and like I said earlier… just who are we going to entice to manage us on a budget of less than Wayne Rooney gets paid a MONTH…..


  20. Best just writing this season off its been a disaster, forget Europe as well we are not to get through qualifiers as it stands the now.

    Need to get a manager in now to sort out the mess and plan for next season, Mcleish and Davies not for me, there is a reason these guys are unemployed they are dinosaurs, would rather take Tommy Wright. Need to move on from this thinking of wanting Rangers men in, football has changed, need a de boer, Michael laudrup or a Gary Rowett young hungry guys who know the modern game and managed and played at a high level.

    And as for the fans that aren't going back and not renew season tickets if that what yous want then don't come back when we get back to the top, glory hunters brought up in the Murray era in my opinion.

    It can't get any worse only way is up from here.

    • The realist, the fans that aren't going renew there season tickets are not glory hunters if the fans stick together then they can force change with holding back and not renewing there season tickets then change will come faster when the board see the money is not coming in,i am for fan ownership where every penny will be put back in on players and the club for the good of Rangers FC NOW WHAT IS BETTER THAN THAT.

  21. The question is what's going to happen with the season ticket money. A few dodgy characters at the helm who'd be well capable of scarpering with the loot and leaving the club high and dry.

  22. Short term I'd get John Brown into the dressing room to scare the shit out of them. He did the business a couple of seasons ago with Dundee and saved them from relegation . They'd soon know what a real Ranger is about.

  23. Warburton and Weir sacked because we could not afford compensation, will square up out of court when the season ticket money comes through. Laughing stock, embarrassing, club run by gangsters and fraudsters

  24. Sad to watch we where never in it like we could win the game maybe to many of the players are MW Die hards and have now stopped playing for Rangers get them all out of here as soon as,then let new manager bring in his own players.

  25. Well Well Well it was all that we expected unfortunately fellow Rangers . This is as big a mess as what Coisty left ! Never seen such a gutless team in a blue shirt ever like this . Murty nice chap ,,, but drowning . WE HAVE NO MONEY EVERYONE OK so not supporting or buying season books only goes one way guys . Mcleish till the end of the Season ONLY . De Boer and Director of Football (boy from Spurs) from April . Its going to be a long slog .

  26. After watching Aberdeen and Killie that should bury McInnes as a candidate Aberdeen are crap … Killie threw the game at them . Kick and Run High Ball pish . He is as good as he will ever be with that garbage ..

  27. Ok tam burns no problem know the rest what's that ?? Come on Tommy boy say your bit… A just hope it's not what a think it is !!

    If fans are going to stop buying season tickets that's it we will be finished there is no other income.

    There is just as big a mess to sort off the park with Ashley etc, than there is on it.

    Am no going to argue or stir up trouble on this site as I quite enjoy it but for people to start turning the backs and not supporting the club through this horrible time is not a real Rangers man end of !!

  28. the realist agree your not a rangers fan if your not backing team through bad times .looks like warburtons men have chucked it .drop them .tav hymnal forrester e,t,c . why pick them we can all see who is trying lets go with the men who want to play for this team

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