Vote: Murty till the end of the season?


As time goes on, with every passing day that either Rangers do not make announcements regarding a new manager or the press adds a new name to the growing list, it starts to emerge slowly that the board are very seriously considering the possibility of leaving the first team in the hands of U20s coach Graeme Murty till the end of the season.

With no one outstanding candidate emerging within Rangers’ price range, the predictable selection of contenders has yielded few truly universally accepted names, with the Alex McLeishes, Tommy Wrights, Derek McInneses and Kevin Muscats dividing Rangers fans significantly.

As such, it appears the board may indeed need a good few months to get this appointment right rather than knee jerk reacting to the still-fresh revelations of a couple of weeks ago, and in the meantime Murty may just be left to deal with first team matters for a fair while instead.

It is hardly ideal, but it has two sides; yes, it is urgent that a club of Rangers’ standing and stature is not left in a Kenny McDowall situation of having a slightly reluctant manager thrust into a role he is not suited to, and that a proper manager is found who can guide Rangers correctly. But equally will it take time to find that man?

This season could be a write off, depending on how the next couple of weeks play out, or indeed as optimistically suggested the current squad can still manage a decent second if they are set out properly, but either way a new interim coach seems such a messy affair and leaves fans wondering, as we did under Stuart McCall.

So would fans accept Murty till June before a real plan going forward emerges?

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  1. It is premature to ask the question. I'd like to see Ross Wilson take his seat at the table first and foremost. He knows the premier league and championship players and more especially managers. Let him settle himself in before we take the next step for a manager. If Graeme Murty can come away from Dundee with a good win and at Ibrox against Inverness confidence should again be seen on and of the park. There are too many decent players who had their confidence shot with Warburton's stupidity that our team could still turn it around with Graeme in charge.Next two games are crucial. Wins are imperative, lets see what happens.

  2. Leaving murty in position is the cheapest thing to do, but not the right thing to do. It's effectively saying 2nd place is no longer our aim.

    What if we have a decent run, should he then get the job even though he clearly isn't the man to turn the club round.

    For once can the club not make stupid errors and actually show a bit of thoughtful strategy.

    I like some of the names such as monk and de boar but without a stable club and investment the job is impossible.

    Clearly the likes of big eck and Davies must be not strong candidates, as if they were the club would have moved already as they are free agents.

  3. Not answering yes or no I think if we see progress, better selection,tactics n consistency over the next 4-5 games then I think he's worth a shot if he wants it. He speaks well n sounds a very fair guy that sounds familiar tho. Can only see wat Hapins.

    • bbab I always look forward to your posts …you usually shoot from the hip. On this occasion I can't agree with you, it's all over the media(so it must be true !!) that Marty is daunted by the prospect of going to breezeblockdome !! We can't have aRangers manager with that attitude…get Walter in to steady the ship meantime.

  4. Do we really want to see an inexperienced coach like Murty take Rangers to Parkhead? It could be an embarrassment from which his career might never recover. Grossly unfair and false economy. Get Eck or Walter in now until end of season to secure second place

  5. Smith, Davies No. Don't go back the way.
    Murty? Give him at least can few games before panicking. MW was a pea brain, no tactics.
    Celtic game embarrassing? Have you seen the last 2?

    • Listen there has been more bad than good this season – but truly embarrassing will be leaking 6 or 7 to Celtic. Sometimes you need to temporarily go back to go forward. Smith knows how to set his stall out not to lose at Celtic Park!

  6. It will be Murty purely because we are rooked.I see Savage is the first to pull up big Dunderheed Sutton on his pathological obsession with the Gers,left him mumblin and stutterin like the dummy he is.Savage just went up in my estimation.Shame it took him to say it when we've had Butcher sookin up his ass at games,and folk want him for manager?!Off topic I know but I hate that w**k Sutton.

  7. If the board to to quickly appoint someone and it back fires then they will be slagged for acting to quickly. But since there taking time to get the right man in people are complaining it's taking too long. I'd rather wait a month or so and get the right person rather than jump in and get another warburton.

    Anyway what about Healy as manager? He's doing good with linnfield, knows he club, works to a budget, yes the Irish league isn't the best but he still handles the expectations that he's under… could do a lot worse

    • Healy isn't the worst suggestion, but what about Jeffrey? He's just won his 32nd trophy, as a manager in Northern Ireland. I would prefer either Jeffrey or Healy to a foreign manager, but my first choice would be McCall. Your right, we could do a lot worse.

  8. If we win at Dundee today, Murty will take charge of the Inverness game and if we don't get 3 points he won't. Big Eck is far less of a gamble than Graeme who seems a very decent man and is hopefully doing a very good job of the younger players.

  9. I believe there will not be any appointments made before our visit to the enemy.

    The board may not want the bounce of the appointments burst with a heavy defeat. They want the new man to have the best possible chance, and the best possible start.

    Murty is something of a sacrificial lamb as we head for the slaughter.

  10. Shocked to see Tavernier in at right back. It is now only 20 seconds into the game, Tavernier is on his ass and Dundee should have been one up. Will we ever learn.

  11. Gutless Pathetic Bunch a no gooders!! A part from that man Kenny Miller. Hope warbs gets a job soon n takes aw his duds way him!!

  12. Just listened to the debacle against Dundee. Same tactics and players used by Warburton. Why doesn't Murty try something different? Kiernan, Tavernier, and Waghorn playing is a disaster waiting to happen. Play some young guys from his under 20 s. Couldn't do worse. Not sure what the answer is to Ranger's woes but will be lucky to finish 3rd now. Have no faith in them in Scottish Cup either. Think most in team have to go, just not good enough. Murty not the answer. Might as well give up on this season.

  13. As good as any just now no one going take the manager job for a few months we will be in top three so let it be.

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