Will Reece Oxford agree the switch to Ibrox?

 Article by Richard Fillingham

Rangers are reported to be close to signing a loan deal for the services of West Ham’s 18-year-old centre back, Reece Oxford. Boss Mark Warburton rates the youth team player extremely highly and feels that he could prove to be pivotal to Rangers’ bid to finish second in the SPL this season and help with a good cup run.

If London Stadium’s Oxford does land at Ibrox he will become the third Premier League youngster to move across the border on a temporary basis until the end of this season. Bournemouth midfielder Emerson Hyndman and Arsenal’s Jon Toral have both signed up with Warburton’s men in the hope of receiving regular first team football.

Reece, the England Under-20 internationalist centre half – who can also play as a defensive midfield player – signed a four-and-a-half-year contract on his 18th birthday last month, despite what West Ham claimed was “strong interest from Manchester United”.

Oxford became the youngest player to appear in West Ham’s first team in July 2015 when he faced Andorran side Lusitans in the Europa League at the age of 16, and he soon made a very successful Premier League debut in a 2-0 away victory over Arsenal at their home ground at Emirates Stadium.

He has recently returned from an ankle injury and has been tipped for the very top by his West Ham boss Slaven Bilic, who said last month:

“I really believe he has got everything in his game and has all the abilities to become a world-class defender” 

It is now up to him to train hard and for us to manage his undoubted talent properly for Reece to fulfil his full potential.

Hyndman and Toral made their Rangers winning debuts in a thrilling last 10-minute win over Motherwell, in the 2 – 1 Scottish Cup 4th round game at Ibrox last Saturday. Thanks to two late wonderful goals from the ever young 37-year-old Kenny Miller who is proving to be a priceless asset to Rangers this season.

Is it possible that all three new signings would all feature in the Ladbrokes Premiership trip to Fir Park this Saturday?

Toral stated:

“It was great to get my first game at Ibrox. It was a very tough cup tie but it was great to go through. It was different to playing in Spain where everything over there has a slower tempo, the games in Britain are a lot quicker. So I am getting used to that again and getting myself match-fit as quickly as possible because I haven’t played in a lot of games this season.”

It could be a very different Rangers team this weekend.


  1. Sad that all the players coming in are loanees. One or two supplemented y a couple of permanent deals is fine, but clearly the club is smashed, and this, as well as the delay sorting Miller, is the public 'admission' of that fact. Short term strategy as no one seems to know where the club is headed

    • I agree KM should be sorted before any more loan deals some thing is very wrong,we need fan ownership where we the fans take no money from our club and buy the best players we can no more millions going out on board members our fan board can work for the team we take nothing most if not all the money is for playing staff let us do this it is the way forward.we can sort this come on.

  2. Why did we bring young master Bates in if this is true?An admission from W that Keirnan is not an EPL centre half after all it would appear.Try and offload Keirnan and Senderos and get Berra in from Ipswich.Someone who knows how to defend first and foremost.

  3. Great work by warbs and the team if they get the young lad in. Defo has the attributes of a good defender.
    Granted were working with loan signings but the goal was always the Europe league and a Scottish cup run this season then the real work starts next season. I think the boys we've brought in are good enough for that challenge to get us there. And just quickly another shout out to king kenny…Always been a fan of his but this season he's really outdone himself,get him tied down for a year and get him into coaching, the youth players will feed of his experience.
    The here nd now may look bleak but the futures bright the futures blue, rangers then rangers now rangers forever

  4. He may be good player but short term Loans will never move the team forward in the long term.

    The lack of long term planing is alarming. Why aren't we sorting out New deals for Miller and McKay instead of helping other clubs develop their talent. Where is the plan here? Why aren't we searching the lower divisions across Europe for talent. Oh I forgot we only sign Brentford rejects.

  5. Totally agree with all the above. Lets not forget, however, the position we were in 2 and 3 seasons ago. We were broke and nearly joining the dinosaurs, whatever people say. Im afraid i agree with the loan policy at this point. The Club cant go down that road to ruin again. As a result, we have players who pull on the blue jersey who are not Rangers players if you see what i mean,but who WILL respond to the crowd. And we'll have to be happy with that for now.

  6. Getting fed up with this, why can't we use our own younger players and stop helping other teams. If they don't come from the English leagues warb doesn't seem to want to play them… will be in big trouble in the summer when the loanes all leave. The only loan move that ever worked for rangers was Davis

  7. surely a club with 40,000 season ticket holders deserve better than this loanees young boys players that are over 36 years of age come on mr warburton time to go

  8. Am I on a different planet from everyone else !!
    A don't care how good he is a just turned 18 yo on a six month loan and there is fans happy about this, Wtf is gone here play one of our own kids ffs this is ridiculous !!
    What a laughing stock Warburton is turning us in to, were are we going as a club from were am standing nowhere on and off the park, I fear the worst !!

    God help us…

    • the realist I'm on your planet everyone shouting we've no money look were we were 3 years ago truth be told warburton has had more than enough support from the board all we hear is he's chasing this player that player .all because he is signed one load of rubbish old kenny miller is keeping his 3 top strikers out wags, dodoo ,garner .thats just a start all over the park .would you risk giving him any money to spend dave king is waiting for the end of the season to see where we finish .we need to hold on to any funds we have for new management team

  9. long term- ridiculous, but to edge aberdeen and enter europe and have a nice SC run till we lose to celtic- good.

  10. Stevie 1!You need to aim your disappointment more at dave king than warburton mate!Why do you think warbs is doing his business this way?Its because king at the moment hasn't brought in any investment to the club!He hasn't been transparent with us the supporters,that he promised when he swept to power almost 2 years ago now!Tell us how bad it is instead of telling us nowt while bunkered up in south Africa!Warbs has to scrape around like this because we've not got 2 rubles to rub together!Why CAN'T our supporters get that into their head!We've NO dough guys!

  11. robert so we have to watch celtic win every trophy because they have more money we can't compete with celtic financially for the next 5 years at least so we will need to find a way of beating them thats warburtons job i don't think he will do it .if he wins scottish cup that will do for me

  12. The money that MW got (not a lot, I know) has been wasted on the likes of Barton's wages, Kranjcar's or on Senderos's wages. I like Joe Garner but the money should have been spent on central defence and defensive midfield.
    Until we can turn out a decent CB pairing and TWO decent DMs every week we will not improve as a team. We might get the odd good attacking performance to "paper over the cracks" but we'll struggle against any teams that have a right go at us.

    It is becoming clear that there will be no more money at this time. Probably nothing of any significance will happen until the contracts issue is settled in court or until it runs its course in another 6 years or so.
    Either way, I think MW should be told that he has to move on now. His signings, selections and tactics are not working. Unfortunate, I know. We all wanted him to go further, but that looks very unlikely now.

  13. Its Dave King thats keeping the lights on !! how can he over invest the now while fat Mike has us over a barrel with the retail side of the business thats alot of lost revenue especailly at a club our size, its going to cost King a few quid with court cases pending etc..

    King let Warburton sign 11 players in the summer some on good money, is that not backing ?

    We have a far superiour budget than Aberdeen and they are going to give us a fight for second. Celtic have a superiour budget to us!! but they should never be 22 points ahead of any Rangers team half way through a season.

    So whos fault is that ? Dave king think not….

    I would never want to see any Rangers manager fail i would be over the moon if he turned it round, but i can only call it as i see it.

  14. Just as read Warburton latest comments that loans are his plan for growing a team.

    Seriously who reading this thinks you can grow a team that way!?

    He must go.

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