A new hero at Ibrox


It would be safe to say the last young creative American midfielder to enjoy a loan spell at Ibrox has found his career rather falling away since he departed these shores back to London. Indeed, Gedion Zelalem’s subsequent passage through the game has ended up with the German-born anchor being ferried out to a country whose national game has faded akin to Italy’s Serie A; the Netherlands.

To add insult to injury, the Arsenal playmaker’s new club is not even in Holland’s top flight, but rather the Eerste Divisie, or second division.

Rangers’ latest American loan recruit from the youth ranks of England’s top flight was not greeted with a huge amount of fervour or excitement, with most fans being relatively in the dark on what Dean Court’s Emerson Hyndman could bring to Mark Warburton’s side, other than the knowledge he was a deep-lying playmaker and arguably not a position Rangers needed much new blood in.

A couple of weeks later, three impressive displays under his belt including today’s domination at Fir Park and it finally looks like Warbs has nailed it with a signing for the first time in too long.

Sure, Rangers had a poor first half, and the team’s fortunes were hardly assisted by the early loss of the slightly unlucky (but rightfully dismissed) Michael O’Halloran, but once Warbs’ men got to half time clean sheet intact, the second half was probably the best fare they have produced since that excellent show against Cathro’s Hearts. And it was all inspired by the creativity of Hyndman in the heart of midfield.

The stark difference between Hyndman and his predecessor Zelalem is speed – he is quicker on the ball, sharper in the mind, and sees the right pass much earlier – as well as the uncanny ability to execute acute passages of play and reverse balls. He has the kind of vision and endeavour Rangers have been absolutely craving for a very long time, the kind Niko Kranjcar could deliver but worryingly inconsistently and without resilience.

Instead Rangers now have a fully fit playmaker who has the best of both Zelalem and Kranjcar but stronger, quicker, fitter and with the priceless ability to make assists and score goals.

Warburton has got much wrong this season, and this site has been only too quick to point out what, but in Hyndman he has unearthed a real gem going by the trio of performances we have seen so far from the Bournemouth man. He was the only standout in Germany (other than McKay), he did decently last week in the first of the McGhee double header, and today at the Steelmen’s patch he dominated entirely from the middle.

Tougher tests than Motherwell will come for Hyndman, but in two competitive matches for Rangers (and one friendly) he has done more this season than Jason Holt has since August and Zelalem did in his entire spell north of the border.

It is of course early days – we raved about Josh Windass once upon a time too and the ex-Stanley man has faded quite dramatically from Rangers’ microscope, but in Hyndman Rangers not only have a senior American international, but at age 20 he possesses English Championship and English League Cup experience and so far his displays suggest he is more than just a flash in the pan.

Eddie Howe’s Bournemouth are in a strong position in the Barclay’s Premier League, with a very respectable 12th to boast of – it was pretty clear Hyndman would find chances limited and while Rangers have better teams to face than Motherwell, if the young American can continue this form against the spectrum of sides in the SPL, Rangers will be all the better for it.


  1. Emerson Hyndman reminds me of Bobby Russell, he makes the game look easy and his weight of pass is excellent.

  2. finally somebody in midfield who can pass and create, halliday is garbage, gives the ball away too often and holt is ineffective, a centre half to replace keirnen, a ball winning midfielder and a physical centre forward and we would look a hundred times better, a know i'm not asking for much! ha

  3. Pleased at finally seeing a positive article on Warburton on Ibrox noise. Wtf is he signing more midfielders for seemed to be the thoughts on here but anyone can see that cm is our weakest position, so well done ibrox noise long overdue!

  4. Hyndman Looks very much the part look forward to seeing more of him. Kenny Miller Mr reliable again today feared the worst after manky mob mcds tackle but he never ceases to amaze. Cos we've got Kenny Miller we ve got Kenny Miller, sum1 who deserves a song made up for him ,genuine honest hard working footballer.

  5. I did post on here when we signed emerson hyndman,that he had to be in our starting 11,with the ability he has.I said then also that i don't care which one gets dropped between halliday & holt to accommodate hyndman,as long as someone is dropped for this terrific young midfielder!!He's done more already in our midfield area than halliday,holt & windass have done all season.Hyndman has everything.For someone so young as he never hides,demands the ball,he always seems to find space,has that killer pass,never gives the ball away cheaply.No wonder in america they call him the american pirlo!Obviously not as good but hyndman is a similar styled,playmaking midfielder,to pirlo!I truly hope we can keep him on loan for 18 months instead of 6 months!!He'll make the big difference for us in midfield,which will get us 2nd in the league!!

  6. agree entirely with andy c get a mccall type midfielder and let the young american lad to do the creating in midfield and we will be in a much better place but dont discount toral once he is fit

  7. Emerson hyndman imo is not unlike our legendary former captain,barry ferguson!He's got much the same traits as baz had,the way he can always find space,the way he can start moves from deep lying areas and of course the true ability a central midfielder must have,he can pass the football superbly well,long or short,with the killer pass in his armoury!Well done to warbs for bringing this young playmaking midfielder to glasgow rangers,even though its only on loan!!

    • robert 10 out of 10 for you with your comments most of us have been on warbs back but today rangers have been arisen we were magnificent drive passion e,t,c i now look forward to next games we aint going to lose this passion we have even if we get beat against celtic this guy warburton deserves our support

  8. If Hyndmans next game is poor, it'll be "whats Warburton doing? He cant build a team with loan players. Blsh blah blah"

  9. And I thought Toral would be the stand out…

    Hyndman for 90mins was 3 steps ahead of everyone on the pitch. There was no complacency in his game. Players who make the game look easy are the ones we need. Well done Warbs on this one.

    • Agree, even though it is only Motherwell who could be going down when and only when I see him do it to selltic then am with you all the way we could be a good second every year with loan players just as we could be with our own players it is no feather in your cap when playing Motherwell,sorry if I am not as happy about the 6 month loan players as you are I hope we can win the last cup up for grabs then we will know just how good he is or not.

  10. In reply to bluebells.he said manky mobs macdonald? So he played for the tims but the guy won us the league when he beat the tims single handedly.

  11. Maybe so but he nearly broke millers ankle. He also doesn't like us. For a supposed GERS supporter why jump to the defence of the indefensible rather than condemn his tackle against our most consistent performer this season. Very strange!!!

  12. It's funny Marty you had ZERO!! to say on the game, but wat I said bout a former septic player was all u could comment on cos obviously u don't watch our games on t.v. Or go to ibrox as I do so I can make valid comments on wat I've saw you obviously need to see the highlights at 6:15pm the following night.

  13. All i'm saying Blue is that Helicopter Sunday is one of the highlights of my time watching the bears and MacDonald caused that.Btw I saw Billy Simpson who died last week playing for the gers so that tells you how old i am.So do what your mammy tells you and dont argue with your elders.

  14. The current squad is no good and will never be number one my fear is if KM can not play then what are we going do?.

  15. Still nothing to talk about in the game Marty maybe yur that old can't remember it it was 2-1 to my team the GERS. I enjoyed helicopter Sunday more than most but I defo won't b making out McDonald's ma hero n defo will condemn him wen he nearly breaks a GERS leg But again you obv don't remember so al not hold against u auld yin

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