Should Rangers sell Barrie McKay?


Alas, it was inevitable. After his scorching display in Germany, and stellar breakthrough season last campaign, Barrie McKay has finally attracted the interest of the vultures. Following a number of weeks ago confirming on this site that Stilyan Petrov’s Aston Villa were interested, our German energy drink chums have stolen a march with the reported £6M sum that Bundesliga high-flyers RB Leipzig are ready to put on the table for McKay’s services.

Let us not beat about the bush, it is a lot of cash, and given Rangers’ financially barren spell as things stand at the moment it is finance Dave King and friends will find very hard to reject, but from a football point of view it is terrible news – McKay is clearly Mark Warburton’s big success. He gave him a chance when McKay’s last three Ibrox managers would not, and he managed his form dip earlier this season impeccably. This site has run out of patience with the Hat and been extremely harsh on him, but credit where it is due – Barrie McKay is Warbs’ major success story.

It is also a very plausible transfer – Barrie was Rangers’ clear stand out on a night where Warbs’ men were truly embarrassed, and given his displays over the past 18 months it really was only a matter of time before a concrete transfer story emerged over him. But would Rangers sell if the bid materialises?

It is cash the board cannot reject. Simple as that. A youth-reared club standout who would have cost minimal outlay (especially given he was out on loan half the time) But do not expect it to go back into the team – serious questions are now being asked at board level of Warburton’s ability to use money wisely – while a national publication may have recently made some major assumptions without too much evidence, it is fact that Warburton’s success in the transfer market has been beyond shocking, with barely a few successes of last calendar year’s 15 new recruits. And that included well over £3M spent.

From a football view, it is a sale the board cannot accept. McKay is an instrumental figure in Rangers’ setup and while the lad could work on his set piece delivery and final ball, his pace, skill, linkup and confidence are beyond reproach.

So, I will hand it over to you guys. Sell him for big money or keep him and build the team around him?

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    • Stop being so gullible, its paper talk spurned on by the spin doctors in your blue room praying some other club comes in with a bid , Barry makay is worth 2 million at most and if someone does offer anything near that your man king will break ther wrist grabbing the cheque, no player that has not proved they can play in Europe will sell for more than 3 million from Scotland simple as that , Barry makay is a good player in my eyes but too someone buying he is the best of a bad lot

    • would improve his contract keep him for next two or three years i think the lad would stay this lad is desperate for success at gers he's been our one shinning light .who knows what he will be worth in a few years he's got genuine pace and the skill to go with it . why is he not tied up on a longer deal if warburton is that shrewd

  1. If it's £6million then yes as much as it pains me we have got to sell him and al tell you what I would do with the money……. give it all straight to a NEW manager that comes in and tell him to buy a centre half and a striker £3 million each…… WATP

    • Sorry but it wouldn't be available for either the current or any possible future manager.

      The money would be lost to loan repayment, running costs or other costs such as stadium maintenance.

      Just like the money from the last talented player we gave away, Lewis McLeod.

  2. It's early days. There will be others monitoring the situation. £6 million is a lot and it will be a test on the Board and the direction the Club is heading.

  3. We cannot sell him. Simple as.

    The money would get lost straight away on running costs, so there would be no new cash for Warburton or anyone else.

    The fact we haven't tied McKay down on a long-term deal makes me suspect the club are only too happy to sell. Given our poor record of making Longview strategic decisions it hardly surprises me.

    We desperately need to stand up as a club and strengthen, not sell our best players at first opportunity. How can we possibly catch Celtic if we do that? We can't.

    I reiterate that the money would disappear either into running costs, loan repayment or Dave kings pocket.

    Even if 2-3 million was retained, who honestly believes it would be spent well or that we would end up with a better replacement? Stop the drink or drugs if you do.

    Honestly, what the hell is the club playing at- get the player signed up on a five year deal and stop this nonsense!

  4. 6 million is nothing for a player with big potential,if he is wanted by the germans he's worth a lot more,look at the prices getting quoted at septic city.

    • Difference is they are shrewd, have a long term plan and they stuck to it.

      We seem only too willing to sell our best assets on the cheap (we literally gave Lewis McLeod baway for peanuts). They will only sell for top dollar and insert clever sell on clauses.

      How far behind we are depresses me, the fact we seem to lack the intelligence to catch them is beyond depressing.

  5. These are fantasy prices invented by bored journalists. Until a firm offer in put in place it's all just speculation.
    We don’t need to sell Barry right now so forget it & focus on the Motherwell match – we need to win it!

    • Wullie Wulson.Finally someone with a bit of sense.This is winter break/slow tranfer window,bullshit. E-chef.Getting rid of Lewis Mcleod looks like good business to me,he was going to break down no matter where he was so at least we got something.

  6. Tell Dave King to put the 6 million in and buy a couple of decent players and keep Barrie until we get a replacement for him

  7. If this does indeed have some truth to it then 6mil might just be a starting a figure. Rangers need to be smart about this. We do need to sell players , Barry cost us nothing from Kilmarnock.We should play hardball and wait for an improved offer or let him improve with us until the summer. Even a buy loan back deal would be a result. Stick in 15% sell on fee , take the money and run. Is he good,yes. Would we miss him all that much ? MOH could have his chance, forester could get a good run going. We need money and as a few of you have mentioned , this will not be spent on players but on keeping us afloat. That is the only goal for us now, pay the bills , get Ashley tae fu*k and try and make some money from Europe. No one is bigger than the club and this transfer could in fact save our club cause i dont see were the money is coming from elsewhere. WATP

  8. With 18 months left on his contract, we simply cannot risk him not signing an extension, and losing him for nothing. Quite simple.

  9. I think McKay plans to leave. Either in the summer, giving Rangers a transfer fee, or when his contract expires. I think that Rangers know that. So at some stage he will be sold.
    The wee man has done well so far this season and has put himself in the shop window. He has a good relationship with the support and he won't want to damage that. So rather than ask for a transfer he will be prepared to wait until his contract expires or someone comes in for him.
    If he hasn't been offered a new contract by the summer, or hasn't accepted one, then we'll know he's for the off. If the move doesn't take place in the summer, Rangers will get peanuts or nothing for him. They'll know that and be keen to move him on.
    In the unlikely event that McKay refuses a new deal in the summer, but still rejects any move away, the relationship will sour. It would indicate that McKay will see out his contract and seek better individual terms from his new club since there will be no transfer fee involved.
    If that happened then Rangers will bench McKay from the start of next season and look to force him out. McKay would know that sitting on the bench or playing youth football for an entire season would be bad for him, in every respect. So he'd probably go.
    So no new contract signed before the new season starts, will mean that wee Barrie's days in a Rangers shirt will be over.
    Like I say, I think he's going, one way or the other. So if a good offer comes in, I think Rangers should take it, and that they will take it.

  10. With all the best intentions in the world – this guy should not be sold even if the figure was 6 thousand – why ? Because the money would not be used in a proper manner, however I suspect that the bid may be slightly out, and again any team in Europe or England for that matter will say that Barry has only played for one season at a high level, so sorry guys I can't believe the figure is correct and if it is then he should still not made available for transfer unless the money gets allocated to the team.

  11. This is fake news story i tell you i thought it was right and no i would never have sold him, but Mr King would more than likely sell him we are seen as the rest going rate for a player playing in Scottish top div is around 1 million only selltic make the money from players here your players have got to be playing the best before they are worth anything worth talking about,sad news that was RB Leipzig Confirm They’ve No Interest in Barrie McKay

  12. I wouldn't sell him his value is he only going to rise n for me if the manky mob value Kieran tearney £10m + then I think we should b looking for that for Barry simple as, name the price stick to it if we get it now fine if it's the summer so b it hope the board don't cave in at the first offer.

  13. Rangers have TWO footballers on their books… McKay and Wallace…. The rest unfortunately are not good enough to help us catch Celtic… We need to give Barrie and Lee NEW and IMPROVED contracts and start offloading some of the ridiculous below average players Warburton and Weir brought in, thinking they were of Rangers Standard. We also have to GAMBLE and SPEND BIG if we are to have ANY CHANCE of STOPPING Celtic. I don't think Dave King trusts Warburton and Weir enough to spend his /our money.

    • Tells us a lot when the only two players in our squad that are Rangers standard, were both signed for the club before administration. Since then all we have seen is bad and average players, who jumped at the chance to grab the money even they wouldn't have believed was being offered.

  14. He only has eighteen months left to go on his contract and his final ball is inconsistent, so if we get offered over five million I think we should sell him.

  15. Any money we have (or receive) needs to be put into scouting. Warbs signings have been poor because he is only looking at the dregs in England and doesn't have a scouting network capable of looking to other countries.

    Across the river, they regularly buy Dutch, Danish or African players for 2m or less and most of them have dominated in our top league before they move on for 4-5 times that amount in a year or two.

    We can't generate good money in Europe without winning the league (Europa League money is poor) and we won't win the league without spending good money. Therefore the only way I can see us generating good money is "Scout, buy, sell-on, repeat…" but unfortunately I see no evidence of the board putting anything in place for this…

    • I think there was a wrong assumption made by the board that this is what Warburton would bring to the table.

      After all this type of development was supposed to be his strength.

      The board themselves might have the best intentions but they lack both the ideas and financial power to move us forward.

  16. Can't believe the number of replies that are still saying spend, spend big to catch CFC… You need to build solid foundations & get the club to the stage where it supports itself without loans every year, if you do not do that soon ( & that means cutting back even more for 2-3 years) your pain has only just began. I know its not easy because when you were winning during Fergus era it was painful to watch crap players at CFC but we are now on solid ground & its paying of.
    Your club has a real danger of having more financial problems if you do not live within your means soon…! your options are running out, build for the future & forget about other clubs until your club is secure for future generations.

    • Most fans don't want reckless spending- they want us to do better with the resources we have, which is achievable.

      In my opinion the current manager has not made the most of what resources are available. Yet another two players brought in without making any real difference to the building of a team.

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