Why Rangers fans want Warburton to go


After yesterday’s truly abysmal performance in the Scottish Highlands, it seems that the short-lived praise for the performance against Kilmarnock was exactly that – short-lived.

Reading this you may think I am referring to this site calling for his head, then giving him a stay of execution following said result against Lee Clark’s side before castigating heavily yesterday’s atrocious abomination, but for once, I am actually referring to yourselves and most Rangers fans.

This link from HITC gives a bunch of beleaguered fans’ views from social networking site Twitter, and sees, for once, the majority of opinions accepting that Mark Warburton not only is not up to the challenge of managing Rangers long-term, but that he might indeed be gone by the time January comes around.

Here are a couple of the opinions fans are espousing, so readers to the site know it is not just us alone who feel this way:

Ibroxnoise has been heavily critical of Warbs ever since last season’s abject loss of form following the Old Firm semi, but the inability to recover that form ever since has been truly indicting of Warburton’s limitations.

It is not ‘non-support’ to be critical of Warburton and his system – I would argue failure to criticise when things go wrong is blind and misguided, and the only way to constructively improve is to point out when they go wrong.

Football support is a complicated thing; fans get incredibly divided over the dichotomy of support and criticism. How can you be a supporter if you criticise? Is ‘support’ not to gee someone up when they are down? But then how do you support if you do not advise? If you just blindly accept how poor the team is and offer no rebuttal about it?

I guess the point I am making is support, to me, is being willing to be honest. A metaphor, if you will indulge me; if your best friend keeps dating the wrong type of suitor, do you sit back and simply give them a shoulder to cry on after the 18th break up in a row? Or do you tell them what they are doing wrong and hope they listen?

Which one is true friendship/support? A combination of both, perhaps?

However, this is all a bit off track. The end result is Rangers fans are now speaking out about Warburton – deep into November and one good performance at home against Killie is the only celebration since beating Celtic.

On no level is that good enough even for half of what Rangers fans might have hoped for.


  1. Genuinely struggling to disagree with this now and no Warburton spin about "dominating the ball" or the fact we didn't take our chances can hide the fact our form has spiraled downwards since that semi-final win. We're a support who've been kicked where it hurts for the guts of what, seven years now? Enough's enough. No more of these excuses, the basic fact is you'd honestly struggle to recognise which one of yesterdays teams where at the foot of the table. Dreadful defending, opened up continually on the break, toothless up top, dreadful signings and players so badly out of form it looks like they actually downed tools… deary me. WTF has happened to Rossiter, when will Crooks ever be fit? And as for Waghorn and McKay, the mind boggles… many of these players need reminded what is expected at this club and reminded they wont be around much longer unless they quickly meet this standard.

  2. I agree entirely withe the above—the manager won't change tactics and will carry on playing his way.
    The short passing game is OK but we are not Barcelona who buy their players in Harrods while we go to the pound store–we don't have the skill to be playing short passes in the eighteen yard box–it is dangerous
    I would think that the manager would see that the other teams play high up the pitch and cause havoc with our defence by playing long balls
    The manager refuses to alter the tactics and will not change
    I only hope that in January we do something to bolster our defence

  3. Your article is spot on its now time for an experienced manager who understands that goals not possession is what counts .Warburton looks lost and I think he knows the job is too big for him.Your site has had a lot of criticism for telling it as it is however you need to have the blinkers on not to see we are going backwards and if I was King I would be thinking of next seasons ticket sales

  4. After the first Killie game where we were held to a draw Warburtons response to the press, media and ultimately the fans was that he did not know what else he could do, sorry this for me is the last thing that a manager should be saying, after your plan A fails you have just openly stated that you are lost and have no other options or tactics to try!!!
    If you draw or get beat after trying everything, changing the system and the tactics to make the other team think about what you are doing next then fine you have tried, but to try nothing other the 60 minute subs and keep the tactics the same and then say you are lost says all we need to know about a 1 dimensional manager,

  5. Personally, I don't want change with the management…Just change on the pitch.
    Realistically, this year was a bedding in period and we were never going to win anything…The Championship wasn't a walk in the park after all!
    We're averaging just over a goal a game so guess what? Lot's of draws and 2 points dropped every time. Goal difference is +3 after a third of the season so will that be +9 at the end? OMG.
    Warbs chopped the team up before the Killie game and it worked a treat, but he should never have played the same team with the same tactics at the weekend.
    He needs to wield the axe as there is no fire and no passion in this team right now.
    Last season, there was passion for the win i.e Billy King goal in the last minute. This year too (early on in the season), fire and passion when Miller got a last minute winner too. I don't see that now. It's one dimensional football where nobody seems to care… Meanwhile Joey Barton is thrown out the club for his passionate views! If I was manager I would get him back in immediately to fire up this fn sorry,toothless,spineless team on a fn FINAL warning. Get him back in the fn team immediately to fire up this fn sorry shower of overpaid professional losers.
    Change NOW (on the pitch)

    • tell you what zippy you got a great point about the passion we need that fire in the belly and joey has that a personally think barton told a few home truths that wasnt widely appreciated and now he is paying the price but his passion and fire is badly needed WE PAY HIM SO PLAY HIM

  6. always enjoy reading your posts and agree totally with them regarding the manager#s inept running of our team on the park. MW is struggling and if he was to be relieved of his post tomorrow I dont think he would complain as he looks like he wants to be elsewhere. The job is to big for him and Davie Weir, and the support will probably now begin to vet their anger on them and the next few months will become rather distasteful towards them as their tactics, team selections and substitutions are questionable at least and also the signings that they have made are also open to criticism. Yesterdays subs were a disgrace, really take off a front three and replace them with punters way off form or who have not yet proved themselves?? this action alone shows me he is rank!. Out of team that started yesterday. a new manager would probably bin 60% of the team with only retaining Wallace, Windass, Halliday Holt and O'Halleron from yesterdays starting line up, the rest with the exception of Kenny Millar who will probably finish shortly being binned. Yes Iam fed up with the team, am 65 and last time i felt like this was in early 80s before Souness arrived. Need someone tough to bolt the back door and build from there……please go Mr Warburton cause you are drowning.

  7. What nonsense , he needs proper backing and people are doing this to cover up the failings and lack of action from a board who promised £30 million . When your biggest buy is £1.8 million that is not a budget !

    • Alan after the summer signings fiasco I don't think I would risk giving him anymore money plus we have the second highest budget for players and frankly he has wasted it.

    • What money ! look how much we were promised and our biggest spend is under £2 million ?

      What do you expect when he was given a budget that forces us to shop at Tesco and that lot are shopping in Harrods !

      I have no doubt he has done some things wrong but I doubt he wanted all the signings , the board has likely picked them for him !

      Many are scapegoating the gaffer for the boards failings !

  8. I defended MW last week, but have now grown tired of convincing myself that we are progressing. I just hope that the board are working behind the scenes to bring in a suitable replacement in advance of January.

    • Remember the 3 Year plan when MW was appointed manager we are just under half way into that plan give it time, year 1 was promotion (got that), year 2 European place (looking at the moment good for that) Year 3 going for premiership, let's see what position we are in at end of this season.

  9. Some of you are completely deluded. We will finish second comfortably. I agree MW has his limitations but we have lost twice this seaon away to the two hardest grounds. One of these we were embarrased and the other we should have taken something from the game. Of all the draws this season i think most of these should have been wins. OK we gift a goal a game but so what, we should be able to score more than 1 against everyone in this league. Yesterdays draw was definately an exception and amongst the worst i have seen in a long time. I suspect partially related to the previous weeks great performance and against the bottom of the league team. How many times do you see the bottom of the league teams cause a small upset against the teams up top? MW has brought in what is available to him for very little money. Any new manager is going to have to wheel and deal in the same market, will he fair any better. Yes we could bring someone in and play the same negative football as hearts and aberdeen but do you want to watch us playing that kind of football?Lets get behind the team, we have aberdeen and hearts coming up and with a good support i think we can easily beat them both.

    • If you think we will finish second comfortably then you are the one who is deluded. Without a change in tactics we are likely to finish below both Hearts and Aberdeen this season. What you call negative football, I call effective football. The team has a soft centre and I'm dreading us playing Hearts, who are a physical team, it could be humiliating. Paterson and Cowie are much better than Tavernier and Holt, who is too small. We are going to struggle to qualify for Europe if we don't change the manager, before the transfer window. We could do a lot worse than appoint Robbie Neilson as our new manager, because we would weaken our main rival for European qualification while strengthening ourselves.

    • At last some f**king common sense . It is completely mind blowing to read some of the shit on this board . People above should think back a mere 2 years ago and remember the shit we were watching from Ally's "team" now look where MW and DW have taken us in such a short space of time . Will we win the league this season ….NO . Anyone who seriously expected us to is a halfwit anyway . I want a solid second place this season and a challenge next season . Some of you guys above including the writer of this shit should sort yourself out

    • I never expected us to win the league this season but I expected us to finish second with at least six points more than third place, and make a very strong challenge for the league next season. We are nowhere near achieving that because the defence is a shambles! After the shambolic defending of corners at last seasons Scottish cup final it was obvious we needed at least one dominant centre half and it should have been the top signing priority last summer. Instead MW neglected this area and we are still conceding goals from set pieces regularly, as a result. How bad do things need to get before you'll want a change of manager? If we fail to get second place this season, will you want a change then?

  10. Agree with Brian who mentioned retaining Wallace, Windass, Holt, Halliday, and Ohalloran. Note that Windass only English player in there. Rangers need to toughen up physically and most of all mentally. Get rid of a whiner like McKay who only seems interested in tattoos and t-shirts. Warburton too often seems to play his favourites – McKay, Kiernan, Waghorn, Tavernier way too much. What about Forrester and Ohalloran? Barton might be a loose cannon but he at least had opinions about what went terribly wrong with the 5-1 defeat against the tic. If brought back he couldn't be any worse than anyone in yesterday's deplorable bunch. Get a spine, Rangers. Manager and team not tough enough. Warburton again its been said many times needs to change his set in stone plan which is obviously not working. Players who seem to excell in training do not appear to perform at all in an actual game? Too many with high salaries, fancy haircuts, and stupid tattoos. They act like pampered, spoiled male models. Dont care if they grow beards, look scruffy and get booked for foul play. From the manager all the way down, major changes in mindset and performance are well overdue. Unless that happens Warburton will be gone soon.

    • thanks for agree/support….ridiculous as it may seem!? what about Barton as manager…and before u all choke on your drink! he would certainly bring a steelnest back to defence…just a passing thought?

  11. He's an academy coach and has us looking like an academy team who don't tackle,no aggression,no clue at corners(attacking or defending) all academy team traits where the emphasis is pass pass pass but we're not doing that either.I'll go bazerk if I hear him say again we shat well,rested well,fuckin slept well.I want to see us PLAY well Mark!Either the players are ignoring his instructions or just can't play the system,I know its been said a million times.Feel sorry for the guys that made the trek up there to be rewarded with that gumph.I see him morphing into a Delia/McCoist hybrid on the touchline more and more every week.No doubt a lovely chap but not Glasgow Rangers manager stuff for me.

  12. We must give him, and board, till end of season. If we finish 2nd it's job well done. We try to play football. Scottish football is still in dark ages where kicking opponents off park and booting ball up the park is still how it is done. The board still have their hands tied with courts and Ashley. Anyway what really experienced manager or for that matter, top player , would come to us? Patience. Europe next season will be next step.

  13. Don't know what haircuts/tattoos have got to do with it! perhaps that is something else you personally need to deal with! but, the one thing that is missing from this Rangers team is "simplicity" wether that is down to Warburton's style of play, or the fact that each and every player doesn't know what a simple ball is, truth be told' Sundays game at Dingwall was nothing short of shambolic/abysmal and embarrasing to say the least, each and every player along with Warburton deserves the roasting they are receiving at the moment,it's the nature of the beast, and I say "at the moment" for one reason, If we go on to beat Dundee/Thistle/Hearts/Aberdeen etc in our up and coming fixtures, what do we do then! HAIL Warburton a hero! somehow I don't think so, such are the fickle minds of football fans that we will still be hearing the cries for Warburton's head and echoes of "get de boer in" who' as far as I know, can't create miracles! de boer' or anybody else for that matter, would have the same resources to work from as Warburton has, which is virtually nil, ok, he might change tactics, he might have a plan B along with C,D,E,F,G etc but it would take more than what we have left of the season to implement them, I think that stands to reason. Warburton (as some other fans have mentioned)has a three year plan and it it is still in process, that plan is the "re-building" of a team capable of competing and challenging in the SPFL on a regular basis, and as much as we are all sick of hearing "It Doesn't Happen Overnight" that is the stark reality of it, and for those who say "we are not progressing – we are going backwards, well that can only add up to one thing..a mental block..no memory as to the wilderness we have just come from!..myself' I am only too happy that we are back in the SPFL with thanks to Warburton for ending our plight in the lower league (no complaints there..was there!)We still have the rest of the season to go, and in my opinion (we are "all" entitled to one) Warburton, for me..in fairness, has earned the right to be at the helm at least untill the end of the season..so for me' and as a Gers fan, my frustrations are as big as anyone's but, my judgement is out til then.. Onwards and Upwards

    • We were taken apart by Ross County FFS. They should have scored five,"if we go on and beat Dundee/Thistle/Hearts/Aberdeen" What are you smokin'?

    • actually AMcC.. I usually pride myself in a good smoke not the shit that you obviously partake in as it has obviously affected your eyesight..I said "If"..as a metaphor..and by the way..I was at the game unlike some who come on these pages, so no need to tell me about County..so away and play your playstation or whatever it is you do..better still, away and give De Boer a call..

    • Nothin' wrong with my eyesight. If's, but's and maybe's are metaphors for relegation. Hope you enjoy your trip to Alloa next season cos that's where Rangers are goin' playing like the shite served up in Dingwall. Next game you go to take your head oot yer arse and watch the fuckin' game.

    • What you gettin all riled up for AMcC! is it purely because, not everyone thinks the same way as you! or uses the same expletive language as to express themself!..I take it you don't even remember the chants of "through thick and thin" when the excrement hit our fan! or is it you just choose to ignore that one..seems to me, if everything is not to "your liking" or "going your way" you are one of the first to jump ship, dare I say..an armchair supporter! at least I backed the manager and the team when we were in the lower divisions, and I will continue to do so of my own accord, I don't follow the Herd mentality like so many do! and just to put the record straight AMcC, I am just as frustrated as the rest of the following, but like I say, I am not going to jump ship just because of the likes of yourself and a few others throwing your rattles out of the pram, I can only assertain that you are one of the deluded, who' in their wisdom, thought that we, Rangers that is, were going to run away with everything this season, but reality seems to have dealt you a cruel blow AMcC, hence your attitude! and if we are talking "head oot yer arse" then may I suggest, we have a long way to go before we can mount any "realistic" chance of challenging Celtic at the top on a regular basis..so' if we are talking heads/arses, go smell your own "shite" before lambasting someone for having an opinion..different to yours..have a pleasant day.

  14. from "this link from HITC" ..just so we know that not every teddy bear thinks the same, as some would have you believe…

    And so'..The Rangers Faithful have spoken!.."Get Rid of Warbs".. and do what exactly!! ..if the Rangers Faithful think getting shot of Warburton this season and bringing in someone anew is going to change anything overnight then they seriously need to take up golf. Don't get me wrong, watching that performance (which can only be termed..abysmal) at Dingwall was one of the most frustrating games I have watched in a long time, and I am sorry to say, there isn't one player I can attribute to stepping up to the mark, Foderingham was a complete liabilty in goal..Garner' absolutely no service to warrent him game time, and the rest, other than Windass, who at times tried to make things happen were missing in action, not nice to watch but, I'm not going to jump up and down pulling my hair out screaming "Warburton Must Go"..shit happens' and it happened at Dingwall, but to the Rangers faithful I say this..Warbs (in his debut season) took us from the Championship back into the SPFL, and if not for him, we may well have found ourselves still dwindling in the Championship, lets not forget that, although some of you have! I believe in any person getting a fare crack o' the whip, and for me Warburton has earned his, we still have the rest of the season to go, lets see where we finish at the end of the season and then we can "all" judge him..fairly!

  15. I agree with most of the above comments and equally frustrated, however, I have always believed that it wouldn't be until the January window for Warbuton to really know what calibre of player he really needs to win this league. We are currently at a very low budget (as opposed to usual Rangers budgets). We have a reasonable calibre of player (not world beaters). I would give Warbuton and Weir the rest of the season to get second place (where I personally said I would be happy with in our first season back). We need two centre halves and two lethal strikers who can bury the ball at the back of the net with his eyes shut(is there such a bloke?) So yes,,I could have kicked every Rangers players arses on Sunday for such a deplorable and disgraceful display, but we are still in the running for europe, therefore, lets give Warbuton that time at the very most! We are still new to this league whether we like it or not. We are playing against teams who have been together for seasons, our team is still knitting together. If it wasnt for defensive mistakes and utter poor finishing, we would be challenging sceptic, but those are places we need to change in January. Lets see what the January window brings guys,,and give Warbs till the end of the season at the most!

  16. Need a Scot running the show, Derek Maciness would smash it for us. He's Ger and hopefully he would come and sort things out.

  17. Totally agree, Warburton is praising a team that is going backwards and failing miserably in the hope his words will instill confidence. It seems joe barton although struggling for form did voice his concerns at what is happening it seems hes the only 1 willing to say what needs to be said. hes been made a scapegoat and hung out to dry by the totally pathetic saga going on.

    We need more men and less gentleman. Fed up watching teams take turns of kicking rangers players to prevent counter attacks while warburtons nice tactics allow teams to counter at us usually with a sucker punch. A tougher manager might be what is required. I fought his corner but his refusal to defend or change the formation means he probably doesnt know what hes doing. Tired of hearing the same things come out his mouth week in week out. Nice guys finish last!

  18. i dont know what Warbs is doing. He is utterly clueless as to tactics and influence on the game during it. Why McKay is on the pitch? Fans were frustarted when he was on the ball it was clear there on the stands. I dont think Warbs will be in the dugout in January. We need someone more flexible on the helm. Maybe Derek McInness. He is a Rangers man and knows the reality. And he is working magic with Aberdeen, 2 league cup finals and one won with a chance for another and 70+ points in each of last 2 seasons

  19. Delusional is certainly the word. People saying that we are going to finish below hearts and Aberdeen ? Are they not looking at their results too… ? Ffs rangers fans need to get a back bone we are 1 point off second place and will finish second by at least 6 points…there will be issues along the way and it's a shame that this website will no doubt pitch to the lowest common denominator to get hits. Hold the course finishing second and in Europe is what this year was about…next year is the litmus test.

    • I hope your right but I fear the worst, while it's true that Hearts and Aberdeen are also dropping points and a dodgy decision in the last minute saw Maddison score against us and that's the reason they're 1 point ahead, our bombscare defending makes us vulnerable to dropping more points than them this season. Warburton teams are nice to watch middle to front but are dodgy defensively and I don't believe we'll ever win the league without a reliable defensive unit. It's vital we prevent them winning 9IAR, so we can't afford to give MW more time in my opinion.

  20. Wat a bunch of dreamers , give the manager some time, Warburtan is great manager ,down south he is very highly thought of and we are lucky to have him as manager, the guy who writes this stuff for ibrox noise is constantly contradicting himself and needs to start being more positive , joey was a risk we all knew but who wouldn't of signed him after the season he had at burnley and nico was just unlucky he was beginning to open defenses and that's wat we needed . Have some patience the problem we all grew up watching rangers dominate Scottish football and that's wat we still expect and hopefully we get back to that stage but for the moment we are building give it some time

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