Ragged Rangers absolutely dismal at Dingwall


This site gets it thick for being fickle. For being woefully knee-jerk in reaction to various results and failing to remain balanced.

So I will put it to the readers; how many of you were balanced after the rampant display against Killie and completely kept your heads after today’s atrocity in Dingwall?

I count zero.

So if anyone is about to ‘tell me off’ again for being changeable, spare me it because I do not care for your opinion; football is 99% emotion and 1% rationale, and if any of you were not too bothered by today’s result or were not overly thrilled with last weekend’s, that is a kind of supporting alien to me and I cannot identify with it.

Because I for one am sick to the back teeth of this Rangers regime toying with supporters’ emotions and threatening occasionally to be half decent only to immediately then crush our hopes with what today could only be described as a clear winner for the ‘worst display of the season’ award.

To call Rangers’ efforts up north ‘painful’ is generous. After last weekend’s fantastic pummelling of Kilmarnock where even yours truly bought into what Warburton appeared to be trying with Rangers, it all crashed back to earth with today’s humiliation against a brilliantly-organised and even quite dangerous Ross County side who languish at the foot of the table on merit.

And yet despite the fact they still looked weak and lacking any significant quality against Rangers, they still managed to work hard, attack with purpose, and probably deserved more than a point.

Rangers did not show up – and frankly they have only shown up once in the past seven months; last weekend. I was willing to really give Warburton time following that sumptuous display, given there appeared a tactical switch, newly-found energy and players showing real form.

All three were absent presumed missing today; from the first 30 seconds it was our non-illustrious hosts who nearly snatched an early lead, and the first quarter of an hour was ugly dross from a Rangers team who were disjointed, disinterested, and had absolutely no gameplan at all.

Even when Clint Hill’s soaring header flew into the back of the net during this period, I will admit I barely celebrated. It was against the run of play, and I had a horrible feeling I would be smiling on the other side of my face soon enough.

And following Robbie Kiernan’s outstanding defending of Hill leaving Andrew Davies laughably free to nod one home roughly 20 minutes later, my fears came true; that familiar sickening feeling filled my belly and we were then treated to 60 minutes of, well, absolute cr*p frankly.

We have had some poor performances under Warburton these past seven months, but this was the lowest. On form O’Halloran was absolutely desperate – County shut him out with ease and he got one decent run in during the whole match; while midfield was so lethargic and feeble Holt resorted to a dive in the box to try to get something.

Attack? What attack! Miller was completely ineffectual and even threw a petty strop at being substituted, while Joe Garner did another ‘whine whine throw to the floor whine’ display – sorry folks, I just cannot take to him and consider him a poor signing. His style just does not appeal to me, and I do not think I am alone.

And as for that defence – we have seen some bad Rangers defending over these past four years; McCoist’s backline was tragic, McDowall’s not much better, and McCall’s flirted with slight improvement until Motherwell tore it a new one; but Warburton’s back five today was a new level of hopeless. I am not going to hold too much against Foderingham such has been his otherwise impressive performances this season, but he had an absolute shocker and it was every inch the Championship Wes at his worst. Kiernan reverted back to traditional Kiernan, typical following the praise I gave him recently, while Hill’s goal was all the good I can say for him.

The tactics? Where was all the pressing? Where was all the high-energy? Where were the fantastic off-ball runs so prevalent last weekend? I counted one single half decent run which nearly saw Wallace get some joy beyond the County backline, but it was shut out with ease.

This was an all-round failure. Whatever Warbs instructed, either his players were not listening or the manager completely misjudged how County would play. And it is not like he did not get a half time to make it right; no, instead the side came back out and was probably even worse in the second half.

If Mark Warburton cannot go to Dingwall and get a win, if he cannot put a run together of a few good wins, it undoes every good result and performance he can indeed occasionally get.

He got serious slack last week, and I gave significant praise. But he is back to the easily handled tactics which just do not work, and despite at least keeping the same XI, he evidently was not equipped to handle a thoroughly rotten County side.

Hamilton. County. Killie away. St Johnstone at home. The embarrassing displays and results are seriously starting to rack up. 12 games, five wins, five draws and two losses. It is absolutely miles off being good enough for this club, even under these still slightly unconventional times in our history.

Am I going to call for his head again? Nah, cannot be bothered. I will let the readers judge.


  1. His time is up his tactics have failed time and time again. The players look as though they have lost any respect for him and his team selection is bizarre when you look at Garner its obvious he needs perhaps a target man to work beside him to get the best out of him.Warburton after the game looked lost he has run out of excuses time to say thanks for getting us promoted and we wish him well.

  2. I have to agree, last week was a false dawn! I had been losing patience with inability to be creative and break down defences, all while nearly having a nervous breakdown every time a cross ball came in or we were caught out of position. After thinking, no hoping we were turning a corner, it all came horribly crashing back to the familiar mediocrity which any team at this level can easily take care of. Lucky not to concede at the end when Wes let the ball bounce off him ! I will tell you this is Mr King does not do anything soon he is going to have a big hole in season ticket take up next season

  3. Ur right. Warburton tactics is fuckin crap. Putting the ball back to Fotheringham is fuckin useless his kicking out doesn't even find a Rangers man unless he is only 5 yards away. The tactics r fuckin useless when is Warbutorton & Davie Weir gonna learn

  4. The 95% you misguidedly quoted as following you and your system Mr Warburton must have abandoned you today as most decent Rangers supporters must have surely realised today that the system and tactics deployed by this management team are clearly not working and are a figment of one delusional mans imagination. In short, fuck off Warburton and learn your trade somewhere else before it's to late for R F C.

  5. Yep it's all pretty dire stuff I don't want to post negative comments but if truth be told we are crap. Summer signings Windass apart are abysmal Garner 1.8 million ? Unbelievable, he obviously must have been able to score goals somewhere but not with this system, the rest well god knows they are either injured,useless or well we all know the Joey story. Not good enough folks, Warbs is looking out of his depth or he can't inspire the players either way he has had his chance and it's not working. We haven't played a decent game since the semi final apart from Killie last week but that's looking evermore like an exception rather than the rule. Sorry gotta say it like I see it and Warbs time is up.

  6. spot on it was blatantly obvious that the midfield was non existent what does he do bring on three players two strikers and the inefective mckay not one player today came anyway near the standard we need in skill and fitness to play for Rangers absolute disgrace Warburton is not the manager who will enable us to progress he has no idea how to counteract the oppositions game plan his close season signings have been disastarous The best we are looking at on this form is top six not good enough this was absolutely the worst performance of the season so far

  7. FLAT! That all I can say so many games we Jst don't look like scoring.so many games getting bullied in middle of park, don't create enough chances,out of ideas, subs like for like therefore other team Jst continues as setup n surprises to readjust there tactics. Warburton cud do training all week n Jst sit in the house on a sat with weir n leave instructions way the kit man wat subs on the 60 mins are going on cos nufin changes. But can't b bothered getting into talking about sacking cos it won't happen cos the whole club is getting built with his philosophy n King must b sitting with everything crossed form changes because it ain't looking good n we can't pay off Barton wat chance got of paying off a whole manager, assistant n a whole back room , NOT A CHANCE!!!

  8. spot on the manager has absolutely no idea of tactics it was patently obvious that the midfield was dire so he brings on two strikers and the ineffective mckay there was no commitment and desire from the players and a lack of fitness Ross County finished as the stronger team this was the worst display of the season I dont think that Warburton is the manager to take us forward he is too set in his ways as far as team formations as concerned unable to counteract the oppositions game plan

  9. " We gave away too many sloppy passes and it just isn't us." But it most definitely is Mr Warburton. We were back to the tippy tappy triangular shite with the inevitable final pass going to a Ross County player in open play facing Foderingham's goal. Hodson should have been on at halftime. Take your pick. Wallace was being ran dizzy and Tavernier doing his best impression yet of the invisible man. How the Ross County left winger didn't get 4 friggin' goals in this game is a huge mystery but not funny. If Rangers need to depend on donkeys missing such numerous and glaring opportunities to finish games against us I fear all the razzmatazz around this team is guff and I for one have had enough of it.No player today knew why they were there or what they were supposed to be doing.And why so much interchanging of positions? Pardon my English, but it is fuckin' madness, pure fuckin' madness. Huffin' and puffin' our way to oblivion. Why,why the persistence in everyone running in on goal with the ball at their feet into a crowded defence. I thought we had dropped that notion last week? I guess we have all been in the desert for so long that it must have been a mirage.Get real Mr Warburton. It was another no show and now it is time for a new girlfriend.

  10. Well we are crap ! Sorry to be negative but a blind sense of stiff upper lip, ignoring the obvious facts can no longer be sustained.

    Our defence is well defenceless.

    Our summer signings Windass apart are either injury prone….or useless I mean nearly 2 million for Joe Garner come on ! And we all know the Joey story.

    Sorry but Warbs is out of his depth he either can't inspire the team or devolve the required tactics but either way it's not working.

    We have played two decent games since the semi final and unfortunately that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

    Sorry Warbs you have had your chance but with the money you have had and the wages we are paying we deserve far better than the dross your team is serving up. P45 time.

  11. Today was crap…agreed; but if we lose, you whine..if we win, you celebrate. Football is emotional but when writing in an online publication I would expect less of an ephemeral reaction than I get from my wife once a month.For me it isn't just game to game, it's long term that counts and we are the second best team in the league and will finish second. Try supporting for a change.

  12. The win against Killy changed nothing In my opinion. I have seen more than enough to know that We need to change manager and staff. I truly believe that. This loss done nothing to confirm it! Sorry guys but I'm just being plain honest.

  13. I can remember the good old days when near the end of a game if we needed a goal we would take off a defender and put on an attacker to try and seal the win. What we do now is like for like, its as if the shape of the team is more important than the result. My daughter summed up today's game by saying " I never thought it was possible to feel so infuriated and bored at the same time"and all we get from players/management after a result like today's is the same old rhetoric.

  14. Aye we are crap this team is pure piss manger and his staff got to go half the team can go to same old story everyweek or sorry or sorry getting fed up with it need to play wags up front been up front for two games this season score 5 goals yet sits on bench while skinny sebo runs about the pitch when i mean sebo i mean miller at what it looks like skinny sebo no more if keeps up then nobody will be ibrox and still be they but its pure crap sort it out rangers now king get money out or you cam go too

  15. Absolutely horrendous performance. Thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel after the Killie game…Unfortunately a train was coming in the other direction…
    No matter the result, I've always watched the highlights later on. This time…no fn way!
    Our worst performance since 2012. Shocking.
    Not one player even near being on form…What the f is happening on the training ground?
    What a disaster.Time to axe a few players for sure. It's highly concerning that the players don't seem motivated to
    play for this great club.

  16. Said it before. Rangers are weak physically and mentally. Ross Co players fouling all over the place but making sure done by different players. Rangers need to do the same to teams to establish some kind of superiority. Still think most do not play with enough passion for the team. Maybe too many English players in team. Not sure but maybe the same players need to play longer together. Think McKay, Fotheringham, Garner, and Kiernan should not be first choice for a while. Rangers need to improve or support will dwindle. Fed up hearing that was not us excuses from manager and players. Get your act together now before its too late. You have a terrific support who pay hard earned money to follow you. Make the effort for them.

  17. DIABOLICAL! We have got to sack Warburton before he does anymore damage! His tippy tappy principles and shape of the team seem to be more important to him than results! We're not good enough to imitate Barcelona, so we should concentrate on winning ugly for the time being and winning matches. How much longer are we going to have to put up with Warbs shite?

  18. Thankfully fellow bears are all now starting to agree that warbs time is well and truly up. I've been saying it a while and took some criticism over my opinion but I backed it up with facts on why I felt the way I did / currently do. Get him out now before it's too late. I'm not expecting us to challenge the scum now but we should be well ahead of the rest. It's not as if any of the rest are even consistent this season so that's more of a reason for us to be clear of them, we might have a third of the wages the scum are paying but shelling out £10m pa and your nearest competitors only paying a quarter of that there really is no excuses. Sick of the tippy tappy "respectiful" comments, the delusion, the arrogance, the lack of fight after a poor first half and the fact that the players aren't motivated for him, they look like they couldn't care less and are believing that this level of performance is acceptable given the circumstances…..wonder where they're getting that notion. Taxi for Warburton, I will pay the fare!!!

  19. Enough is enough. Tactics predictabe. Signigs i.e Garner not good enough & with no money to sign better quality & a manager too stuborn to change i think now is the time to look at bringin in a manager who can adapt his tactics & knows our club. My choice would be Derek Mcinnes to take us forward. If money was forthcoming id look at frank de boer

  20. I've just read McKay moaning that Ross County were fouling and that someone could get seriously injured! What a cry baby waste of space! He doesn't have the character to play for Rangers if that's his attitude! If opponents kick you, kick them back McKay instead of being soft! You have to earn the right to play after winning the physical battle on the park. Teams aren't going to stand back and let us play because they know they will lose if they don't rough us up! Rangers teams of the past stood up for themselves and won the physical battle, they didn't cry baby to the media! I suspect the reason Warburton never made the grade at Leicester as a young player, is because he was soft. Jock Wallace didn't tolerate soft players with a poor character and that will be the reason Warburton was kicked out by him. The team will always have a soft centre with that prick in charge, he's got to go now!

  21. Warburton must go! He seems completely incapable of changing anything during a match when things are not going well. Today his only answer was to take off the front three and replace with like and to continue to play exactly the same system. It was crying out to switch to 442 – to try something different.

  22. It's not simply a case of the tactics being wrong. It's the fact that the players aren't skilful enough to perform the way they are being asked too. It was OK against painters and plumbers but not against full-time professionals.

    The manager is inept and I suspect dissent between him and Weir!

  23. Keep ohalloran yur kidding he has pace n nothing else plays like a 12 year old rather than a professional, no ball control, no positional awareness,very irrational on the ball, poor distribution cos he had one decent game people jump on band wagon n forget other games he's played should b called ohall-overan cos that aw he does hit the ball past people n overrun it out the park final product very very poor.

    • I agree that his end product is poor, but I think he might be capable of being a decent wing back. Might be a decent squad player if he was played in his best position. Not skilful enough for a winger, but if he has the engine to run up and down the park non stop for 90 minutes, could be useful to come off the bench to switch to a 3-5-2 formation.

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