Why it’s Jordan Rossiter’s time

Why it’s Jordan Rossiter’s time

Mark Warburton was quoted as saying “a week to 10 days away” for Jordan Rossiter at his last press conference on the 29th, essentially presumably leading to the young defensive anchor’s return by the time Rangers travel north to Caley.

Rangers have been patchy in his absence, with a dreadful loss at Celtic Park preceding a slight glimpse of some form, and in Andy Halliday’s defence he has done a pretty solid job filling in there with Matt Crooks apparently not truly deemed as fully ready to hold down that slot, and Joey Barton’s ban eliminating him from selection.

This leaves Rossiter as having a real opportunity to regain fitness (he has been on the treadmill) and assert himself in that deep midfield role, a position he has done nothing but impress in wherever he played.

While his time at Anfield was decimated by injury, his impressive displays drew comparisons with Steven Gerrard, and he has equally impressed for his national side at youth level, not only doing the business on the field but earning the captaincy too.

And at Ibrox his performances, all-too-brief though they have been, have earned comparisons with one of Rangers’ favourite sons in Barry Ferguson, blessed with the same kind of raking passing, balance on the ball, willing to roll his sleeves up, and sheer passion the Clyde manager had in his playing days.

With uncertainty surrounding Barton’s future, Halliday playing out of position and the lack of assurances that Matt Crooks will be establishing himself in the midfield any time soon, there really is a window of opportunity for young Jordan.

There is a vacancy for defensive midfield – by signing Barton, Crooks and Rossiter Rangers fans truly believed that position would be the least of our problems this season, having been a major Achilles heel last, but the issues bizarrely persist.

Hence if the Liverpool lad can nail fitness, and assert himself in the team like he is more than capable of doing, Rangers’ tribulations in that position would surely come to an end.

His injury issues are a concern, no denying it. His career has been hamstrung by the inability to remain, as the American sporting pundits would say, ‘healthy’ for any serious length of time.

But his ability is unquestionable and Rangers have a real gem on their hands if they can just keep him in one piece.

As for Halliday, he is proving himself a vital cog in Rangers’ engine room – whether at DM, CM, or AM, he is a useful soldier to have who will put himself where it hurts for his club – hence I am not advocating ditching him. But he is not the best option for DM, and that has to be accounted for.

Rossiter, of the tangible options available (I cannot count Crooks as yet such is his failure to break into the first team at present) is the best one.

Let us see if he proves himself capable long term where he is needed at Ibrox.

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  1. The question about Rossiter is what the hell is wrong with him?

    He's hardly kicked a ball since he arrived, have his Liverpool problems not gone away?

    4 year contract at £10k per week. Barton at £30k per week, Crooks and Windass hardly kicked a ball either.

    Senderos is hopeless, Hill is 38 ffs, Garner and Dodoo won't cut the mustard……..Giles and Hodgson fringe players.

    So much for the summer recruitment drive, it's been a shambles.

    We don't have a single saleable asset in the squad that will, bring in more than a couple of hundred thousand pounds.

    Celtic will sell Dembele and Tierney for £50m minimum between them……ffs Stones went for £52m and he's no great shakes.

    The chase is over for this year and for the forseeable future if the stories about the finances are half true.

    2 seasons st Hampden whilst the Ibrox stand are mentioned will be the last straw…….oh and where is the money coming from to fund the work required?

    Over to you Dave……….. Dave, Dave, Dave

    • The one I'd like to know is this : exactly WHY do you trust King so much ?
      He's been described in court as a liar who's word should only be taken if backed by independent documentary evidence.
      He scammed out a pension fund in SA (Umgeni water, I think it was)
      He's conducted share scams and money laundering.
      He's got 41 tax convictions.
      He promised a NOMAD 'within weeks' … 18 months ago.
      He promised to invest £30m … then it was £20m … then £15m … has he actually invested anything at all as yet ? Because if he had, you can guarantee he'd have had Traynor shouting about it from the rooftops.
      He promised transparency … yeah, that's working so well.
      He's in dispute with suppliers and sponsors. "Breach of contract" are the words that come to mind.

      And yet every thread on here has a post or 2 (probably by the same person), going "In King we trust".
      He's a conman, for goodness sake. Trusting him with a single penny is like trusting a rabid wolf to not tear your throat out.

      But criticise him in any way, and some moron accuses you of being a 'timmy', and not 'getting behind the team'.

      These are legitimate concerns. He is a liar, a thief, and a con artist. But because he wraps a blue scarf around his neck for a press picture every few months, people think of him as some sort of god.

    • Go on then tell me just WHY you trust King so utterly ? What has he really done to earn that trust ? What makes King so special in your eyes ?

      Just telling me that I talk shite doesn't answer any of the questions or points I made. It just makes you look like you don't want to face any of the real questions about King's intentions or honesty.

      King is a con artist. He cons people. That's what he does. 'Trusting' in such a person is the act of an idiot.

    • if it was not for mr king and co we would not have a club as the fat rat was trying to run us into the ground, get your act together and support the club. WATP.

    • So any Rangers fan should be trusted, according to that logic. Even if they are a thief, scammer, criminal, money launderer, it's OK, they're a 'Real Rangers Man', and therefore they'll be absolutely fine with the bank accounts, season ticket money, tea fund, etc, etc.

      Just remember this, the last time we went into admin, King was a director.

      That worked out well for us, didn't it.

    • King is a convicted fraudster and the only man in history to fail the SFA fit and proper test.

      He also voted against the CVA in 2012.

      We have the most gullible fans in the world.

      Craig Houston elected to the Club 1872 board……just about sums up the state that the club is in!

  2. Im one if the rare optimist Rangers fans just now but got to admit tht his injurys since arrived is a bit worrying 10 grand a week going don the drain, we always seem to mke ths mistake with injured players going bk to the Prodan days if yous rem ?

    My pal tht goes to the liv games dwn ther says he sees him more as a danny murphy to gerard type.

    Whtever one he is jst get the boy fit as i want to see him play in tht midfld.

  3. I have to agree with much of what anon at 15:29 writes. The signings have been a shambles and totally against what King said a few month's back around getting the best young talent and buying low, selling high, getting good resale value. It has been a shambles in that respect.

    I think a couple of the signings will come good and will present value to us but projecting to the start of next season we will need to finance the purchase of half a team again.

    Not sure about comments on work on the stands, I wouldn't have thought we would have a safety certificate if there were any issues.

  4. Why are you writing off Halliday as best choice for defensive midfilder? The consensus is he (and Holt) has sparked the midfield since Barton's suspension. It would be crazy to change that right now.
    That basically leaves Rossiter and Barton without a position. Crooks was, I think, in the League 2 team of the year last season, so we know he can play a bit. Windass too needs to play… as does MOH!

  5. the poor lad has a muscle wasting problem,hence why liverpool never fought rangers off,,,sad but true,,a hope the young lad beats the problem,,this story was going around internet 6mths ago,,

    • It's common knowledge that a muscle wasting issue cut short his time at Liverpool…..check some of the Liverpool blogs before accusing people……….wanting something to be true, or untrue, doesn't make it right.

  6. we have had only two of the summer signings starting in each of the last two games we signed windass and crooks who were carrying injuries and rossiter who has been plagued with injuries throughout his career and warburton says his team need time to gel at this rate it will be gelling in the bottom six

  7. The extension of Barton's suspension is all about money.

    The club is desperate to get him off the wage bill……why? We can't afford him plain and simple.

    The Chelsea supporter masquerading as a RRM has hit a financial brick wall, the unpaid bills are mounting and the directors are wondering what King's plans are.

    Bear in mind that King is not a director of the football club, has no money, lies continually, is a convicted criminal, and has used ST monies to pay off the SD loan to stop Ashley calling in administrators.

    The financial position is now worse than anything Whyte or Green left us with.

    If Murray appears on Edmiston Drive next week reading a prepared admin statement should anyone be surprised……….apart from those who follow the Level 5 crap, who by the way are also amongst the unpaid creditors.

    What comes around, goes around.

  8. King spends more time watching Chelsea than he does Rangers.

    He will be off the minute the cash runs out……which will be soon given the financial crisis.

    Anyone who we can get a fee for will be sold in the next window.

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