Did Scotland fans boo Lee Wallace?


Claims last night were made that Rangers’ captain Lee Wallace’s name was roundly booed at Hampden when it was read out as part of the subs’ bench for Scotland leading up to their world cup qualifier against Lithuania.

As yet this cannot be completely substantiated, such is the lack of evidence other than testimonials, but given he was singled out by travelling fans during his subs’ appearance against Macedonia in 2013 along with Ian Black’s infamous experience against Australia at Easter Road in 2012, it seems a pretty valid bet to suggest the same occurred last night in Mount Florida.

Indeed, given the ‘Lee Wallace is a grass’ nonsense, where the mild-mannered Rangers captain seems to have become a bizarre figure for utter hate among rival fans, the chances in fact of him not being heckled by SPFL fans are probably lower than him being heckled.

If this is true, and frankly Scotland’s national team is of no real interest to yours truly any more for a litany of reasons I will not bore you with, it really begs so many questions of the game in this country and Rangers’ relationship with it.

We know the bond between Scotland and Rangers has effectively been severed beyond repair but does this really mean Rangers fans are happy for their players to no longer serve their national side?

The impression from so many is a total disdain for Scotland, and a sense everything they stand for is hated by the national side these days, and a consequent infinite loop which feeds itself.

The more Rangers hate Scotland, the more Scotland hates Rangers, and around and around we go.

It really is a shame – back in 2007 Rangers played a huge role in Scotland’s national team – Walter Smith’s outstanding regime was followed by Alex McLeish’s, regimes where Rangers players like Alan Hutton, David Weir, Lee McCulloch, Allan McGregor, Barry Ferguson, Steven Naismith, Ross McCormack, and Charlie Adam to name just a few were integral cogs in a brilliant national team that was one Gianluca Zambrotta dive away from making it to Euro 2008.

Back in those days the whole of Scottish football contributed to a strong national team, with Celtic’s Gary Caldwell, Scott Brown and Paul Hartley major components as well – but there is no denying Rangers’ strength was a massive fillip to the national team.

But since then, since the various incidents that have dogged Rangers’ relationship with the NT it has become beyond strained and now has festered into what we see today – a team that cannot even launch a credible qualifying campaign, far less actually make it.

And the ultimate symbol of the fractured lines between Ibrox and Hampden are seeing one of our own booed – whether last night Wallace’s name was booed or not barely matters, it has been before, along with Black’s.

And there is little reason to suggest Rangers will ever be welcomed again into the national side with fervour of yesteryear.

Their call, I guess.


  1. No real surprise here, the bigots from the east end and the northern filth who only show up at their "stadium" when rangers visit are whats wrong with scottish football. Football seems to be a distant second to these rats in favour of mud slinging and disgusting graffiti, all while convieniently forgetting their rancid past.

  2. Who cares about the national team it's all about the Rangers and if Lee Wallace was booed then it just confirms the hatred that the Rangers family has to put up with from Scottish football but as they say no one likes us be don't care

  3. Wallace would have been bood by the Hibs support, not only for the final, but for being an ex-hearts player too, as was Black. There is still a lot of bad feeling between clubs at this moment in time, as we all know. Once we have settled back into the league, and start building relationships again, those boos will filter away eventually. Most scottish players dream of playing for their country, Rangers players included. And lets face it, Our fans bood our own players when we either get beat or draw with another team!!, So pot, kettle and black comes to mind there, harsh, but true!!. The best way to stop the boos, is to play well and influence a positive outcome in the game, simple as that. As for the Scotland fans that bood Wallace last night,, You can go and take a good fuck to yourselves and craw beneath the very stone you were born!!, just saying,,

  4. Fuck scotland hope they never qualify for another tournament again, so they tartan army arseholes that lets face it the club's they support are an absolute embarrassment to scotland every time they play in europe can't get any more trips abroad, anyway the boy that scored for Lithuania last night cerynch looked a decent player quick & direct plays for some polish team maybe Frank mcpartland could get his arse over there for wee scouting job

  5. I agree with you re: Cerynch, & TBH I dont give a sh*te about Scotland
    I have lived in England i 81 & the majority of people just regards us as a wee joke nation especially when it comes to National football, & i tend to agree,
    However over our past troubles the amount of people here who are stunned by the hate & the way have been treated is amazing.

  6. Personal opinion is that all gers players pull out of Scotland squad then none of this would happen Scotland's real shame are the numptys who boo some of the most outstanding players imo in the Scottish league let's face it they didn't want any of our players when we were in lower leagues but cause we're in premier they get called up c'mon get a grip from now on I'm supporting anyone who play against mini smeltic

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