What on earth has happened to Harry Forrester?

What on earth has happened to Harry Forrester?

Other than Wes Foderingham (easily Rangers’ best player this season overall, itself not a good thing) Rangers’ most impressive performer this fledgling campaign has been Harry Forrester.

To say the former Doncaster man stood out was an understatement – he changed games, won games, and was by some distance Rangers’ most potent attacking threat.

And yet, inexplicably, after impressing in every match he played, be it as a game-changing sub or a justified starter, found himself ditched for the Old Firm clash, a situation which would easily have killed him inside given his sparkling form. Rangers’ lack of zest in said game could easily have been attributed in part to his absence.

And yet, with the team lacking that energy, Forrester still remained on the bench for yesterday’s frustrating draw with Ross County, while currently diabolically out of form Barrie McKay continues to struggle on the left wing.

You really have to ask why.

Why on earth has Harry Forrester, after being the most productive and impressive outfield player for Rangers this season simply been dropped?

Has something happened behind the scenes to lose him favour with his manager? Or is it a further example of how Warburton is seriously struggling to handle managing Rangers in the SPL?

Whatever the cause, despite his early season goals and assists (without which Rangers would have been at the bottom end of the table after the trip to Dens Park) he is now apparently out of favour, with McKay holding onto the left wing position by default regardless of form and no vacancies in midfield.

Indeed, Forrester will be been crushed to see Windass start the Old Firm where he would have expected to play, and even more crushed to see Holt or Windass in either slot where he would have hoped to start against County.

Given the importance of his contribution so far, it beggars belief to see him simply dropped without any airs or graces. The only reason he got any game time against Celtic was Kiernan’s injury which saw an atrocious substitution of himself coming on to replace the stopper which left Rangers paralysed at the back even further rather than bringing on Hill to help stem the bleeding.

One wonders, truly, what Mark Warburton really is doing.  Why he is persisting with players who are out of form (Wallace (captain, will not be dropped), Kiernan (only injury has forced him out), McKay etc) and simply will not give players who really deserve a run (O’Halloran (did a lot of damage when he came on), Forrester (enough said) and Hodson (must wonder now why he has joined Rangers)).

It is hard to even commend him for the five changes he made yesterday, given two of them were forced on him through injury and suspension, one of them should never have been ditched for the Old Firm in the first place (Halliday), one of them is an ‘untouchable’ who will always start if fit (Waghorn) and one of them was not even match fit to last beyond the 60 (Holt).

I hate to be so critical about Warburton, but the truth is I am truly starting to wonder if he really knows what he is doing. Harry Forrester’s current plight is evidence of it. There does not appear to be a coherent plan any more, and he has certainly dropped that ‘pathways to the first team’ rhetoric which he never even practised.

Another bad result next weekend against Aberdeen and Rangers fans really will have to truly wonder if Mark Warburton is the man to take Rangers forward; if they are not already doubting that he is.

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  1. While I agree with you about Harry Forrester – I would play him every day of the week before Barrie McKay – I honestly can't see the your logic in Michael O'Halloran,in my opinion I haven't seen anything from him to warrant him getting a start.

  2. It's strange u saying that I was thinking that aswell,I was wondering if mark warburton knew what he was doing,tbh if we keep playing like that we will be fighting relegation ,the team is utter pish ,they will probarly win on Tuesday as it is queen of the south but next Sunday is Aberdeen, they will beat us as we r not good enough

  3. Your article is spot on, Warburton has no idea and the evidence is glaring. It's not about who we have bought, who should and shouldn't play it's quite simply deeper than that – the coach believes possession football will win you games regardless – and unfortunately he obviously knows nothing else.

    • Possession football always works for Barcelona….It is EXACTLY about who you buy and don't buy, who you play and don't play. You either buy the players then put the system around them that works, or you have a system and buy players to fit it. You don't keep changing week to week and during games. This Plan B stuff is pure nonsense. Leicester City had a plan last year and stuck to it. Other teams tried to change systems all the time and came unstuck.

    • Aye, but that's Barcelona and in case you haven't noticed, we're not that good, they take their chances because they have world class players and another point is mate it doesn't always work for Barcelona. I think the point the other guy is making is that we have a reasonable group of players for the small amount of cash we can afford to use. That group of players could be far more effective if the coaching wasn't all about 'keep ball'.

  4. Prime example of possession not winning games…. yesterday in EPL West Ham away at WBA had 73% possession in the first half and went in 3:0 down at HT …having the ball is good but end product is all that counts …we have no end product


  5. O.Halloran should play as should Forrester but how anyone can have a go at Mckay baffles me .The kid may has shaded a bit ? ( who hasnt ) but he is still a country mile ahead of anyone else as an attacking thrreat for Rangers .

  6. Oh … and West Ham just happen to have the worst defence in the EPL also….starting to see a pattern here …..


  7. True fan's support the manager/team when things are not going well, we get enough criticism from plenty of other sources without our own fans joining in. Support the team and manager, leave the negativy to others.

    • Boll*cks, there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, just because you're a supporter does not mean you suffer in silence, when there is things that can be done. I want Rangers to be better and they can be, and I, along with thousands of others at Ibrox are not happy, if you were there you would have heard the boo's at half and full time.

  8. Forrester is becoming a bit overrated. Despite him being ine of the mire creative in the team, he gives the ball away a lot. That being said something does McKay though for me he should start ahead of the latter. Who know what's going on behind the scenes.

  9. Let's not start rubbishing the manager already. We have only lost one game, albeit badly, and we should have put Ross County away yesterday apart from some bad luck in front of goal.

    Yes it is strange that Forrester didn't even get on yesterday, and where is Rossiter?, but maybe that will come out.

    McKay is woefully out of form and needs to be dropped to take the pressure off for a while. We have been depending on him too much at times. O'Halloran hasn't shown anything much to me but maybe hasn't had a regular start. I don't think Wallace looks fit, neither was Holt match fit, nor Waghorn which probably partly accounts for his shocker yesterday. Kranjcar is a luxury this team can't afford unless he starts at home to the lesser teams. No way can we afford to play him away or against teams who don't sit back.

    Sorry to risk annoying some, but I want Barton put straight on his conduct but also straight back in the team. I want Rossiter and Forrester in too. Up front we must persist with Waghorn and Garner. At the back Wallace and Tavernier. And Foderingham has earned his place, albeit there is a disaster waiting to happen so long as he keeps thinking he is Franz Beckenbauer. That's 8 who should start. Beyond that I don't care who plays. Perm any two from Senderos, Kiernan, Wilson, Hill – it doesn't matter because they won't be good enough. And although I'd like Windass in the team I'd be as happy with Holt, Halliday, Miller or O'Halloran. And if we're four up at home (some chance!) then give Kranjcar a run out.

  10. The consistent problem with this site is that it lavishes praise on a player who has a couple of good games, and condemns to the waste bin any player who's form dips. Truth is Forrester has had some great games for Rangers where he has truly influenced matches – in others he has been mediocre at best. His biggest problem is ball control and is usually our worst offender in losing possession. this season in particular his shooting has also been woeful. McKay however has excellent ball control and while needs to improve his end product – rarely gives the ball away. He also put in a sterling shift at left back in the latter stages against Celtic and showed a real tenacity in the tackle and winning the ball.
    Rangers problems this season has stemmed from a truly disasterous recruitment policy. Not just Barton etc – but generally Warburton keeps recruiting the same type of player. Did we really need another wide player like Dodoo when we have O'Halloran cooling his heels on the bench and growing ever lower in confidence. As we all know his recruitment should have started at the back and he should have demanded £4 million from King to go out and buy a center half to play with Wilson. I fear Warburton's inexperience is beginning to tell, and his intransience will cost him his job!

  11. I have to agree with a lot of the comments here. Warbs talks a lot about using the squad, but what he really means to say is: "I'll give Hodson and Gilks a run out against Linfield and QofS, always start Barrie and Joey no matter what, give O'H 30 minutes now and again etc". Where he is unpredictable is the HUGE squad he now has. There are too many permutations, so not only do we fans have no idea what his best starting 11 is, neither does he. Too many players to bed into the team. I even read something about Rangers being interested in signing ANOTHER midfielder from English lower leagues! Are you kidding me?!

  12. It wasn't so long ago teams like Ross County would have come to Ibrox and take all the points. There is progress albeit no were near as fast as many would like. What do people want? Teams are not willing to come at us so it is park the bus time for most teams. Games against the better teams( Celtic game apart) will hopefully show what we are capable of however I think we will draw lots of games. The philosophy is sound we just need a bit of time,

  13. Was at the game yest could believe forrester n rossiter wer not ther mckay need to b dropped not performing n u have forrester n ohalloran sitin on the bench. playin with 2 attacking wing bcks n 2 wingers n we cant get balls into box garner had no supply wat so ever been watchin this since start of the season,at about 65 mins warbs puts on miller for garner n ohalloran for waggy who had a very poor game n wat hapined was miller dropped deep was out left out right ohallorans out wide n mckay out wide so we actually end up without a striker n that hapins all the time as well fink he needs to change it too a 4-4-2 n till the strikers get in that box n stay ther so the wingers hava better chance to pick sum1 out. Then the last sub energy off in holt n put on snail paced kranjcar wen yur lookin for a goal wen you cud have took off mckay n put on forrester fresh hungry legs n left holt on strange to me.

    • BB are B, I know you mean well, and you make some good points, but your posts are totally unreadable. Is there an adult in your house who could perhaps spell-check for you before you post? ie "..pick sum1 out", we know what you mean, but it's painful reading for us.

  14. Tavenier, Miller, McKay, Kiernan (should never wear a Rangers jersey again) should all be dropped,, they are very poor at the moment,,, I also feel we need to look at Frank McPartlands scouting nous,,or lack of it,, the beggars bought Dembele for £500,000,,we bought Garner for 1.5 million,, fucking outrageous business,, there are talented players out there,,and we are not getting them,,, we are buying cheap and we are getting cheap,, we are lacking pace and fight,, get Barton back in,,he is the only one showing some sort of fight, Forrester, Holt, Ohalloran and Rossiter all to start,, get that enery and industry in the middle and up front,,, Warbuton doesnt know what his first team is,, he wont last at Rangers at this rate,,and we all know it!!

  15. Sorry mr perfection, I write in short txts bt u won't kno wat they r cos yur prob an 80 odd year old retired English teacher .im no teacher nor a am I writing for a paper or book so no need to b a smart arse cos it's nt my profession.OK!

  16. Reading this I think to many think they could pick the team and win the games yeah right we all talk a good game but that's it why don't you ask mccoist back he thinks he could do better also going by press he is what we deserve a wander like him in charge I hate saying that but it's a fact he ripped us off and took us nowhere great player but crap manager I do agree we could have done better in transfer market but we all were quite exited at getting Barton and niko k but it's turned sour 6 games in don't forget the likes of tori Andre flow and other bad signings under great managers

  17. Rossiter arrived with an injury stricken career history……….we have signed him on a 4 year deal at £10k per week.
    Don't expect him to be starting every week……….if he was the prospect that some of our fans think he is Liverpool would never have released him.

    If we lose at Aberdeen next week we will drop to 6th in the league at best………the financial issues are starting to creep through the cracks………..perhaps Level 5 ' s grip is not what it was because the money required to guarantee good news flowing through the media has run out.

    If Kennedy/Ashley make a move King and his bunch of impostors will be shown the door.

    The Sons Of Struth will no longer be calling the shots and Club 1872 will be having an immediate forensic financial investigation……….and not before time!

  18. some on here need to shut the fuk up and support the club, not run it down at every chance WATP And remember that…every day..

  19. ally is a legend not a wanker, its cunts like you rangers dont need remember our past and you sure will find ally time after time,,,

  20. every team knows our formation before we play them its constant four three three so they set out their game plan to suit and we cant break them down we have garner a goalscorer who played with a partner up front now he his being starved of ammunition playing on his own how many efforts at goal did he have yesterday Warburton is so single minded he said yesterday was the best performance of the season and if this is the standard he accepts we are in deep trouble

  21. change formation reward players with starting line up when the play well and get a result, this formation we use week in week out and sticking by under performing players is turn the season sour and we are free falling down the table at an alarming rate. hodson and forrester all deserve a starting slot hodson was solid at the back on Tuesday night, wallace looks short on pace and a bit spent at the moment wee barry needs to sharpen up his form as well, tav should be dropped hes done nothing for months poor slack passing and lack luster approach and no imagination just now, waggy up front with garner the goals would come am sure.

    Joey can go he has given nothing and he offers nothing we did not already have in halliday holt etc again warbs going midfield daft while the defence was a shambles remind you of anyone ! he use to work at a shithole near the barrars and we know happened to him

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