Rangers’ best player this season?


My colleague Richard Fillingham was one of the most outspoken critics of Wes Foderingham last season, and did not believe in a month of Sundays the former Swindon Town goalie could hack it in Scotland’s top flight, such was his admittedly unconvincing displays in goal for Rangers in the country’s second-best tier.

I think it is safe to say Wes has proven Richard, myself, and many other doubters very wrong by producing easily his career best and has been one of the few squad members truly able to hold their heads high going by their contributions this campaign thus far.

While Wes probably will never be of the standard of Klos or even McGregor at their best, the firmly-established number one has been one of the minority of Rangers players to adapt well to the step up to the SPL, and has looked assured, confident, strong, composed, and has even been at ease with the ball at his feet.

His save yesterday point blank with a sharp low dive to his left was a massive factor in his side not dropping all three points to County, and was probably the best save he has made since joining Ibrox last year. The fact it was a hard-driven grass cutter which Rangers’ #1 would have seen extremely late such was the traffic in front of him was only compounded by not only saving it, but holding it rather than spilling.

It was exceptional, and summed him up this season.

I am not going to go overboard and say he is a future legend in making, or do the classic ‘future Rangers captain’ when anyone under the age of 26 looks half decent in Rangers’ shirt, but credit where it is absolutely due – Wes Foderingham has delivered in the SPL, and is only one of Rangers’ few players to do so.

But as I say, not only has he produced, but he has arguably (Forrester, Tavernier, and maybe Rossiter & Windass have cases too) been Rangers’ best player this early campaign, period.

Quite a turnaround for a stopper many were completely dubious had what it took to step up to the SPL.

Turns out he is one of the only who has.


  1. For me forrester n rossiter have played really well bt I've been impressed by tav a Jst wish warbs wud try him further up cos a think he wud b unstoppable and wud make defence stronger with hodson in ther. Foderingham has pulled off a lot of gd saves but he's conceded a lot a don't kno how much is down to the defence or him making miss judgements bt if we managed to get a solid defence we'd soon clear that one up.wats the chances!!

  2. I think we have to look at Frank McPartlands scouting nous,, the shelic bought Dembele for £500,000,, We bought Garner for 1.5 million?!!! I think we all know who the better player is there! We have players who dont have a fight in them,, and as soon as Barton shows that fight thats needed, he is banished. Warbuton doesnt get Rangers, he thinks that result is acceptable,,, we if we dont score,, we wont win,,, possession if fuck all without scoring goals and the front line is shite,,, absolutely shite,, miller? come on,,, McKay has lost it,, No urgency or fight in the team,, Fucked by the shelic and drawing twice at home with lower league teams ,, we will be lucky to make the top 6,, and if warbaton thinks thats acceptable,, he will soon see the door quicker than he thought!!!

  3. Foderingham was even coming out for crosses yesterday and his save was magnificent. Gilks has pushed him on to another level, well done Wes.

  4. Totally agree with the players you have highlighted as positives this season. Can anyone tell me where is Jordan Rossiter?

  5. Will say it again. Please back the manager and ALL the players, boys. If we stay disunited as a club, it will end up costing the club financially, big time. Warburton is a good manager. We are laying down the foundations right now. We've been back in the top flight for a month or so. Hill, Kiernan, Senderos et al are obviously not Warbs' long-term choices. He needed to get players for all positions, and it was harder to find central defenders than he expected. But calling for the manager's head is a recipe for disaster. If the board are put under pressure to get rid of him, you need to pay off Warbs and his whole backroom team. And the next manager that comes in will want to have his own players in, which means more money for transfers. There is no guarantee that the next manager will want the players that we actually like…e.g. Windass, Holt, MacKay et al. So you risk losing them too. If you want us to go under again, keep going. We were all singing Warburton's praises a few months ago…let's not be like fans of other clubs. If we can transmit confidence to the players instead of negativity, the only way is up. Without confidence, even 50 million pound players can look like amateurs. That massive booing at the end of the game yesterday…you think the players are going to want to show off their individual skills at the next home game? Most will not, so we're creating a vicious circle. We are anxious because we all felt "right, ya bastards, we're back" when we returned to the Prem. We don't want any more humiliation, we've had years of it. But we need to show some patience. Let Them laugh now….our time will come if we stick together.

    • hear hear my friend, saddens me to hear bears fans resorting to type after all their tremendous support last year. if we had been a well established team in the spl i could maybe get it , but we are the new boys and people need to accept we have no divine right to win every game. we went through absolute hell in the 80's and we're not that bad yet. we need time, possibly 3 or 4 years i think before we can challenge for the title again. no matter what my DNA has Rangers ingrained in it and always will have.

  6. they all need to get there act together fast, im behind the team and club all the way and we are still in rebuild but we sure need to start playing better,, WATP.

  7. kenny miller, hands down, what he brings each week is invaluable to the team, he's up there with the all time Legends.
    time to unite behind the manager and get the board to fuck. 9 points not good enough for our club. Timmy must be having a right good laugh at our expense. The rot stop's now.

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