Was Murray Park renamed?


Eagle-eyed Bears will have noticed this oddity on Rangers’ official website prior to the trip to Pittodrie, and the lack of attention on it remains curious.

Rangers’ photographer Kirk O’Rourke as usual capturing the squad in action, but the title of the location at which they trained was neither Auchenhowie OR Murray Park, but rather ‘The Rangers Football Centre’.

It is entirely possible Warburton took his men to one of Rangers’ many schools around the country, hence the title here, but equally why do such a thing when you have a state of the art facility on your doorstep?

Ergo, have Rangers renamed Murray Park to a more club-relevant title without any sense of fanfare at all?

Or is this just a bizarre clerical error on the part of the digital media team and no change has been made anywhere?

An official response as to the formal name of Rangers’ training centre would certainly not be unwelcome.


  1. I work for rangers. I can confirm it has indeed changed to the rangers football centre. I don't know exactly why, but we were informed on circular regarding clerical changes to be rolled out, Google map tagging etc.

  2. I hope they have let the name Murray park slip. The man was a fucking charlatan who saw Rangers as a potential cash cow. He wasn't even a gers supporter who for whatever reason bought into us and brought us endless titles, trophies etc. and when the shit hit the fan, hobbled rather than bolted and put us in the hands of bigger crooks than him. I think a poll of true blues is needed to re-name it. Cooper park, Greig Park there's a couple of starters. Let's name it after legends, not someone who has the money to buy the name.

    • I know exactly what I would rename the training academy but cant print it here as I would end up in the jail for obscene publication, can anyone tell me that this investment has been anything that could remotely be described as a success, many years down the line and he-haw re-bringing through any decent yougnsters and the daily pandering to every need of the first team squad in a 5 star facility only lends itself to the current, mediocre at best, squad thinking they are something speacial, which unfortunately they aint, give me working class boys training down the park, the way it used to be cause they working class boys had a habit of turning into working class men instead of the modern spoiled nancy boys, I am sure the late and certainly great Jock Wallce would agree that we have a team with a couple of characters in it but very few, if any, WITH THE CHARACTER required to play for The Rangers, anyway I cant help thinking that blethering on about the name of this waste of space at this particular moment is a wee bit like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, get a grip guys! WATP

  3. I vote for either 'The Rangers 5 Star Acadamy' or even better yet,
    'Blue Fields'.
    Both have Rangers written all over them.
    Disapointed with some of our fans, do they not know when they destroy the toilets at parkhead or rip up seats at pittodrie that its US that pays for it? And I mean US, its OUR money funding the club right now.
    Unbeleivable sometimes.
    On a lighter note, Mon The Gers. WATP

  4. Halliday and Holt for Scotland..! Warbs is loosing it, they wouldn't get into the majority of first teams in the league.

    • Must agree. They are decent, but nothing special. Andy has heart, I'll give him that. However, so did John Greig, who played hard in every game he wore the blue shirt, and also had a fair amount of skill to go with it.

    • Foderingham for England………Warbs has totally lost it, though not as much as DJ with his Warbs for England comments.

  5. If we can turn possession into goals,, we would be there or there abouts for the title,, I've been to every home game and have watched every away game,, we have been let down by stupid individual defensive errors and poor finishing, but as a whole I dont think we are far away,,we are just not getting the breaks at the moment. I've always said, Warbs wont know what kind of player he will need until he is halfway through the season,, he will be assessing his players against the SPL and he will realise some just wont cut it,, so come the winter window, I think you will see a few additions that would really improve the quality of our team. It is very much a long road,, but we will get there,, I just dont think we are all that bad than some people think,,I've see our team get beat 6-2 by the beggars whereby we had the far superior players,,but we went on to pump them thereafter,, so have a little faith my fellow bears,, we will get there, we always do,,

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