Reasons to be positive?


This site has been especially negative recently, albeit quite understandably.

The team nor management have given us fans much to cheer about recently, with both rather letting the club down with poor performances on the pitch and off it, so it is with determination that this entry is about the positives.

True, the results have been patchy, and the displays even more so, but what has stood out as something to build on over this season?

Let us explore…

Wes Foderingham:

Many doubted this guy was good enough for Rangers, and while his performances last season gave a little support to that notion, it has been a whole new Foderingham this campaign. Already we see him dominating the box, using the ball with his feet, and making some impressive saves. Sure, we are not quite in the realm of his predecessors like McGregor and Klos, but for where the club is right now, Foderingham can hold his head high at how effectively he has raised his game for the leap up in standard.

James Tavernier:

Alan Hutton (for Rangers, anyway) he is not, but while his defending last season was far from impressive, it has certainly seen a substantial upgrade this time. Sure, he still gets caught here and there, and was undeniably exposed by Celtic as the match wore on, but compared with the haphazard way he played last season (albeit flourishing at the front) he has improved and is looking more robust at the back.

Jordan Rossiter:

Calm, assured, composed, gritty, strong, and clearly willing to be at One with the People (see photo), Rossiter has substantially impressed when he has started, and will be frustrated at his lack of overall game time. Every inch pinning his game on Gerrard, and resembling Ferguson too, the young Scouser plays years beyond his age with a maturity akin to what we got from Bazza in the late 90s. Deserves to cement his place permanently.

Harry Forrester:

He was good last season – attacking-wise he has arguably been Rangers’ best this campaign already. Will have been gutted to get dropped for the Old Firm, but can rest with an easy conscience knowing he could not have given more or played better leading up to it. Harry is another who deserves a starting place.

Josh Windass:

Has done nothing but impress in every appearance, be it in the bowels of the new-format League Cup or the cauldron of Parkhead. He is the complete number 10 and his dad is right; Warburton should build around him.

Michael O’Halloran:

Thought long and hard about including him but the hard fact is while he had a troubled time last season, this time around he has looked much more enthused. Constantly making runs, getting to the byline and cutting back, plus has managed to force two own goals with his endeavours – O’Halloran deserves a chance and cost Rangers a lot of money, so really should get one. His pace is a weapon and could expose many defences. Mind you, needs the right tactic too…

Honourable mentions:

Kenny Miller:

Not been as impressive on the ball as he was, but has contributed with big assists and goals, not to mention defending.

Andy Halliday:

Produced more composed football as an advanced midfielder, and has already been more solid away from the DM role he was forced into last time around.

Lee Hodson:

We have hardly seen this lad, but on the rare occasions he donned the Light Blue he looked completely at ease and surely earned a shot at a regular starting berth.

We know there are miles to go before things are the way they were, and the season really has not impressed anyone, but there are small nuggets of positivity and hopefully they will grow.


  1. You are in cloud cuckoo land.

    Windass is the only bright spark on the horizon.

    Nico, Joey, Phillipe and Clint are a complete waste of money, we will rue the day they were signed.

    McKay has regressed to the stage where he should be dropped. So much for the £10m price tag some fans were putting on his head. If Dembele continues to improve he will end up in the EPL for £20m plus.

    We don't have a saleable asset, though some of them will have to go in January for any sort of fee to get money in and reduce the wage bill which has gone through the roof.

    Where is King, where the feck is the promised investment.

    The club is now in more danger than at any time time since SDM duped Whyte for his pound coin.

    ST monies will soon be gone…..after that there is only Club 1872 contributions, perhaps someone should ask Mr Blair how much is in the bank and what will the money be used for…..if there is any left?

    How many over 30 ' s players will have to be replaced next season?

    • People like this should go support another club. From where we were, to where we are now and they still are not happy. Make me despair and about time they got behind the club or go away.

    • Anonymous troll – but guess you being on the broo you have lots of time to play on your council provided computer and internet whilst sponging from the great British public – we are back and building for the future. BTW agree with most of the above one game one or lost is not a season – very pleased with the way Rangers are moving forward on the youth front…….

    • Like most of our fans any questions around signing policy, finances, investment and transparency are kicked into touch ASAP.

      Waken up…….with the current board we are forever going to be in Celtic ' s shadow. Rodgers has the money to deliver 6 and 7 in IAR at a canter yet most of our support are getting their knickers in a twist picking Warbs strongest team.

      There is feck all transparency, don't you get it?

      If SD and Puma get serious then we are in big, big trouble.

      The Board is completely anonymous……….King is like an absent landlord.

      No one at the club has a clue as to how to run a football organisation.

      Mark my words when the ST monies run out at Xmas, if they last that long, the shit will hit the fan.

      There will be player sales in the January window to try and raise some funds but we have no saleable assets which will bring in big money.
      Those pinning their hopes on Barry McKay will be sorely let down at his performances this season.

      The Board have never come up with a short/medium/long term financial plan.

      If Celtic pull in £20m for Dembele, qualify again for CL proper next season and add in this season's £30m then that puts us £80m behind the Tims before we count ST, merchandising and sponsorship, all of which they are miles ahead of us.
      The situation is dire but as long as the media was full of Level 5 pish the fans were happy.

      Saturday's performance with overpaid and over the hill duds has exposed King/Warburton ' s recruitment policy as a sham. The wage bill is through the roof with not enough new ST monies to cover the deficit.

    • £20m for Dembele are U all on drugs??? The fannie cant even score from 12 yards wheres I could score against our defense.
      £20M my arse, If he was that good he certainly would not be playing in the SPL!!!

  2. Take Kranjcar, Barton, Hill and Kiernan out of the Rangers first team and you are left with a decent squad to challenge in the Premier League. I'm prepared to give Sendros another chance to show what he can do,

  3. I don't blame King or any of the other guys on the board.They have provided Warburton with the second highest player budget in Scotland and we can argue if his signings have been good or bad.When I go on Saturday and we play attacking football at a high tempo and are prepared to lose possession to risk getting back to front quickly optimism will slowly return however if is the same players as last week with possession being the holy grail then it's time for him to go by Xmas if we are not second in the league

    • If you are getting pissed off with the negatives on this site don't read this site roly poly down a big fuckin hill, our team has won two league matches since we won the championship we have a manager who brought in two players in kranjcar & Barton who are not suited to the formation he plays, our centre of defence glaringly needed strengthening he brings in a guy 37 years old, brings senderos last day of transfer window, he brought in a player In o'hallaron who the vast majority of fans want to get a run in the team but is getting skelfs on his arse every week & what happened to he was only going to bring in players that were going to be better than what we had, windass seems to be only one so far maybe garner given time, on kranjcar & Barton I don't blame them they are playing in a system that is totally alien to them,our manager needs to get his finger oot his arse pronto or we will be struggling to make top six, do you think other teams managers won't have been watching that & seeing our deficiencies, listen I go to Ibrox every game at the Motherwell game I could hear the groans from all the fans who fucked off & are back again, if we struggle this Saturday Mr Warburton will know for sure what negativity is hope you enjoyed this happy positive post roly 1690

  4. Unbelievable….the only passmark in any shape or form was Windass.
    FODERINGHAM positioning very poor and fails to command his box or his defenders, but by no means our worst offender
    TAVERNIER lacks the proper full back mentality, more of a traditional old fashioned right half. Again, not our worst offender.
    HALLIDAY so left footed yet gets played on the right…head seems to be down and no wonder when Joey gets picked automatically in front of him.
    BARTON looks like a lost sheep…do not know the position he is meant to be playing.
    KRANJCAR can see the guy has been a quality player….unfortunately it appears 'has been' is all to appropriate a saying.
    McKAY not consistent enough.
    ROSSITER looks a quality addition bust must be given his chance ahead of others. Looks the future of our club along with Windass.
    FORRESTER has the ability clearly, but really lacks any sort of pace.
    NUMBER 29 …… M. O'H – i can't even bring myself to say his name. We bought him so must use him for the reason we bought him!! He must play through the middle to utilise his pace (he MUST play before MILLERbeit in the same position. Kenny is finished as a player for us.
    MILLER is simply not good enough. His 1st touch is diabolical, as is his distribution.
    WALLACE i'm afraid to say, is not a good defender, certainly not good enough for Glasgow Rangers
    KIERNAN will never be good enough for Glasgow Rangers
    CLINT HILL…..why??
    Which brings me to my main concern…
    WARBURTON & WEIR. … Both have watched and analysed the games just as we have (except they're getting paid a fortune to do so). WARBS must be held accountable for many of his signings. His my-way or 'the highway attitude is very very concerning. His single minded way of playing is not the answer we need. Teams know exactly how we are going to play and any manager worth his salt could predict our play and nullify our threat very easily. The main concern for me regatfing Warburton is his knowing – just as we all do – that the defence is a shambles and is the reason we lost the Scottish Cup last season and despite the entire dummer window, we have failed to address this (and i take into account our panic purchases ) which brings me onto WEIR. I like DW as a person and a player for us – albeit at the end of his career. He is meant to be our assistant manager and defensive coach…WTF does he do all week, given the shambles we have to watch???
    As for comments about our board, i believe KING n CO will get it right. Where he lets himself down, is his lack of communication with us, the teams loyal fanbase. His £30M cash input, in my oinion, is being introduced to the CLUB (repairs and maintenance etc to Ibrox and Auchenhowie for example) as well as management and playing staff. He should be clear and transparent to all of us as to where monies are being spent and then maybe some fans will cut them a bit of slack.
    We deserve better in the dugout and on the field but we will get there.
    We are Glasgow Rangers

    • I found your comments mostly interesting and fairly accurate – but what is it with "I cant bring myself to saying his name" – Please don't tell me its something to do with his background….

  5. As long-time rangers supporter..i believe we have right to say what we think..
    i like the style that Warburton tries to play..BUT we need to change tactics at times DURING games..this should be done by our Captain…when under pressure we have to be gritty and close players down who are playing exceptionally well.This i think, has been a major problem for this team…your defence has to set the example..then hopefully, the mid-field can close down their opponents..after that the forwards must score…thats why their in that position…

  6. Just ask yourself a simple question… why have we, an institution and a global brand, not attracted one single crumb of investment? Not one brass penny from anyone outside…. and still people think we are in good shape….why was Sarver chased away, a man with real money and willing to invest….and why has there been no one willing to take a punt since King rocked up? Rocket scientist I am not, but I do look at things sensibly and if I thought King was up to the job I would be first to say so, but he clearly isn't and doesn't have the cold hard currency required, remember he took us out of AIM… we didn't need it he said….well sorry but we did, we do, and until we can get some outward investment and fresh money coming in ….this is how it will be, its not being negative …its highlighting what the real problem here is….they are galloping ahead of us and we are living and trying to survive on crumbs….which breeds the negativity, people are beginning to see and realise….I just wish it was happening quicker before its too late.


    • Owing over £10m soft loans already with a promise of long term equity, where is the attraction. Looking for donations like the fans club or investment. If the latter what is left to offer? A Blazer and tie, do we not have enough of them?

      Without a proper take over there will be no big investment as King has really let us down on the millions he promised.

      What would it cost to gain 51% of the club now? Start with at least £10m soft loans then work on what it would take to purchase enough of the existing shares to get that 51% and actually if you get that legally you need to offer to buy all shares. Let's start at £10m to do that, we know of some repairs and we know we are not making profit and many litigation efforts that will cost, limited retail and a squad that could not bring more than a couple of £m in. Back to the question, what would be the investment attraction? A blazer and tie? King would get that for you for £200k.

  7. OK just to add my own views and they are only my observations…Please Mr Warburton as we were overrun in the middle of the park on saturday, why not play a four (4 4 2) of Holt, Windass, Halliday and Forrester with pace up front from O'Halleron and either Miller or Garner supporting, the defense can be sorted by Manager with hopefully Crooks being given a shot there. The four I've quoted in the middle all have the legs and might just be an answer just now for a few games in order to get results and breed confidence back into team….just a thought!

    • Brian like your way of thinking have been saying that for months but Tavie for Halliday RM and Hodgson RB
      2 from Dodoo,Ganer, M OH for me and Rossiter starts every game hes fit!!

  8. There is so much went wrong its hard to know where to start bt for me it starts with loss of formation and fluidity of play from team last year to this year ,one of the obvious reasons is Barry McKay not performing as expected ,others are tranfers Barton ,kranjkar ,hill,a d senderos being total flops ,Barton and kranjkar should be benched and played into the system as I believe their immediate inclusion has ruined the formation and flow of the team ,Warburton has to realise surely that in the course of a game tactics and formation must adapt to the game,only a man city or barca can expect to play with those kind of principles ,to have those principles at our level and stick to them at all costs is naive in the extreme and a touch pompous

  9. The positive is not long ago we were at the bottom and now we are near the top.. That's progress. Although Warburton has worried me since he came in and is continuing to do so. If he doesn't buck up his ideas the pressure will be really on him! For me personally having 3 transfer windows, signing 20 odd players and failing to build anything even close to a complete team(yes Im talking about the defence)is unforgivable and I don't he can be trusted to sort a defence out(if he knew how he would have done it at the start like he should have!). Drops McGregor without trying him and replacing him with a much worse defender in Kiernan who he seems to show blind loyalty too. 3 windows, 20 odd players and still no defence! knowing we needed a placey defender after the Cup final embarassment and thinking a 37 year old dud who didn't have a team was that man! telling us he likes things done early and likes ot be organised but was scrambling about near the back end of the transfer window trying to sign between Lescott and Senderos who are both by their best and are both very injury prone. Sorry bt for me, that is NOT the man I want running my team. WATP

    • I agree with every word you have said, Warburton has got to go now before it's too late to salvage this season. Stuart McCall should be given another chance to be Rangers manager, I thought he was a very good caretaker manager and should have been given the managers job full time instead of that arsehole Warburton, in the first place.

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