Video – where it all went wrong for Rangers


With Rangers’ dreadful loss at the hands of bitter rivals Celtic still hurting two days afterwards, this brilliant video from Twitter user Dougie Wright goes further than most in explaining what Rangers got wrong.

If Mark Warburton was in any doubt as to where his team failed, his tactics crumpled and his defensive unit broke up, this exceptional piece of analysis by Dougie is set to dispel it.

As you will see from the clip, the defending especially for Dembélé’s opener went something below shambolic and explains exactly what the failings were which allowed the Celtic man to begin the rout.

Rangers have a great deal of work to do to fix this, but if a fan-made video knows what went wrong, you would ‘hope’ the manager does too.

Unfortunately Warburton’s lack of defensive nous has been a major issue for some time, and hopefully this damning video is part of the wake up call needed to rectify the problem.


  1. You just showed the goals. Tavernier was totally absent on at least four more occasions when the Celtic winger should have buried them from the corner of the six yard box and made it 9-1. Tavernier at full back is Rangers biggest problem and has been for months. He should never play again with a NO.2 shirt on his back. Kiernan draws the eye of critics, well swivel one over and clock what our number two is getting away with.

    • Hear hear. Tavernier singled out for praise from Warburton for his cross for the goal in PM interview.. Doesn't really matter when his negligent behaviour as a full back costs us a few goals… We need defenders that can defend magic hat… Sort it!

    • Agree boys. Hodson has to be playing against Ross County, and big changes needed throughout the team. Warbs is often parroting the same statements…"It's about the squad. It has to be that way." Well, if it is, fucking play these boys. Does the boss have the balls to bench Miller and Barton?
      HODSON, ROSSITER, HOLT, MOH and DODOO into the starting line-up, pronto.

  2. Problems all over the park, Warbs has a lot of work to do to find a formula that works as a team. I hope he has that ability but he may find that by January a decision needs made depending on results to then. Could Weir do any better?

  3. Saturday will soon let us know if he's learned anything and if we lose more soft ( diabolical) goals then it's safe to say he hasn't got a clue. ( the truth hurts unfortunately lads and the result on Saturday will take a while to forget about)

  4. Seen Garner twice now, first time he took a clear dive, second time he got on top of a Celtic defender and then suggested the defender stamped on him. Not great response from a new expensive player when we need a genuine talent to work his socks off for the cause. I thought he was lazy v celtic, especially in the second half and was maybe caught up in the occasion

    • "Joe Garner – The Best Goal EVER Scored" – Youtube. 340,000 hits.
      He scores great goals, is a fantastic header of the ball, gives absolutely everything in every match. He's going to be a great player for Rangers.

  5. Surely the polis saw the hanging dolls and the HUNS banners. I saw some footage of the bog trashing and the polis were in the video. What are these guys getting paid for. Outside the ground I heard they were unorganised and it could have lead to confrontation. 1 arrest.

  6. The whole debacle started before a ball was kicked.

    1) The centre back problem (no pace, poor distribution, bad marking, get brushed off easily and hopeless in the air) is the root of the problem. Has been since last season.
    The sending off apart, I don't blame Senderos for anything. Kiernan was the culprit yet again. You need TWO CB's who are good in the air. Otherwise teams just put balls into the "weak area" at the back or front. That takes the "strong in the air" player out of the game. Imagine that.

    2) MW picked two slow CB's (no other options there). He picked a slow midfield holding player in Barton. He picked a slow central midfielder in Kranjcar. He played a slow striker out on the right hand side.
    As a consequence, the team lacked pace. Imagine that.
    3) Prior to this game, MW had been playing two midfielders deep to protect his hopeless CB's. One quick player who can tackle, Rossiter, and one slow player who can't tackle, Barton.
    He did this rather than tell the full backs to stay at home and go with one defensive midfielder. As a consequence Rangers were short handed in midfield and the CB's were exposed on the flanks. Imagine that.

    4) In the Celtic game MW went with ONE defensive midfielder in front of the slow CB's. He selected the slow defensive midfielder in Barton. He also allowed the full backs to charge forward.
    This meant that the CB's were exposed through the middle and on the flanks. Imagine that.

    5) The panic spread through the team and they filed back in desperate disorganised defence. Celtic left a lot of gaps that could have been exposed but Kranjcar and Miller were too slow to do that. Windass showed it could be done but nobody had the pace to keep up with him in support. McKay had the pace but he was well marked throughout, so the surges from Windass came to nothing. Imagine that.

    6) MW failed to fix the CB problem in the close season. He picked the wrong players. He picked too many slow players. He substituted a slow attacking player, Kranjcar, at a time when we needed a goal. He brought on a slow "defensive player" (who can't pass, can't run and can't tackle) Andy Halliday, in Kranjcar's place. Imagine doing that.

    As I said, the game was lost before it began. MW took the praise when it was due. Now he must carry the can for now.
    Going forward all is not lost just yet. Careful selection, change of shape and better tactics can keep us in it up until the next transfer window gives us an opportunity to fix the CB problem that is affecting the whole team.

    This is the best that we have, in a 4-4-2 set up.

    Tavernier, Senderos, Crooks, Wallace;
    O'Halloran, Windass, Rossiter, Forrester;
    Garner, McKay:

    Goal – Gilks.
    Back – Hodson, Wilson, Hill.
    Midfield – Holt, Kranjcar, Barton.
    Forward – Waghorn, Miller.

    The front door? Kiernan and Halliday. Sorry for Andy. He's a true blue, but this is business.

    That should get us through till the next window opens. I think, with a bit of playing time together, that line up could even take care of Celtic. but we need serious strengthening whatever pans out over the next couple of months.

  7. warburton needs his eyes checked cause the defence has been a shambles for months even well through the transfer window and he still never sorted it, trav has been off the boil for months yet starts every game he was idol against the great unwashed both him and big rob need to be dropped asap hodson should get a run in there, put the team in there correct positions left fit left wing right fit right wing instead of cutting inside all the time. we where embarrassing clueless and heartless on saturday miller and windass where the only 2 who tried to get a grip of the game the rest where clueless weak and lazy its got to improve 100%, every game so far has been bog standard or pish we have struggled right from the first whistle this season and doesn't look like improving anytime soon the longer he persists with a few of theses players who take there place in the side for granted f**cking sort it the f**k oooooutttttttt warbs for f**k sake

  8. Perhaps Dougie should take over from Warbs…………….I'm afraid the manager is quickly being shown up as a one trick pony.
    We don't have a pot to piss in, so wholesale changes in personnel won't be happening any time soon.
    Rodgers will strengthen over the next 2 transfer windows in preparation for next season's CL qualifiers.
    He already has Warbs measure perhaps a visit to Lennoxtown might result in some new ideas for the manager to introduce to training and tactics.
    Seriously if Easdale is claiming that King owes him £6m we can forget about any money from South Africa…….what the feck is going on.
    Thanks to the In King We Trust pish peddled by Level 5 there is absolutely no transparency…..for instance does anyone know what's happening to Club1872 monies?

    Does anyone want to know?

    Saturday's shambles will result in a slump in DD payments. How can Blair be on the Club 1872 board and the football club board……..conflict of interest anyone?
    When you wake up one morning to discover that Club 1872 bank account is empty blame yourself for trusting a convicted criminal and serial liar with your cash.

  9. mcbaw bag sorry mccoist you shud crawl back under the rock you has been hiding under for the pass year
    you were the worst manager to set foot on the marble staircase no one gives a toss what you have to say go and spend the money you stole from my club. knew it wouldn't be long before you stuck your head out the swamp after the dust had settled from your period in charge you should have been sacked after the petrofac cup disaster ! you cant judge or make comment on anything to do with football management you where worse than f**cking useless

    • Best comment. We are in all this mess with which player this what player that because mcsciaf didn't build a proper team to begin with, it was jobs (and cakes) for the boys. Guy does my fucking head in. Legend status isn't untouchable in my book. Even at that he should have scored more goals than her did with the supply players he had playing with him over a long spell at the club. And don't get me started with his wallet-waving at his testimonial.

  10. hodson, Senderos, Crooks, Wallace;
    waghorn, Windass, Rossiter, Forrester;
    Garner, McKay:

    how could you leave waggy out hes scored more goals than the full team put together wee holt gives 100% and should get a run out, barton needs to get his finger out his arse it over for big rob need to say been a liability time and time again all day long am afraid better team selection and formation am sure we would have taken something fae the piggery

  11. Stop messing about with your team selections, it's a complete waste of time.

    It's pretty obvious that the manager has no idea what he's doing. He and McParland have brought in a dozen players, only Windass looks a prospect to me.
    Warbs has said on a number of occasions that the Board have backed him all the way so the responsibility for recruitment stops with him.
    His statements are becoming more and more bizarre, he's way out of his depth.
    He says one thing then a couple of weeks later completely contradicts himself.

    He did it with his comments about not understanding why Hearts broke up their Championship winning team, and what has he just done…..signed 12 new players ffs!!!!

    He can't be trusted in any future recruitment, as it is we have a bunch of somethings , half of whom will have to be replaced next season.

    In the meantime Celtic disappear over the horizon heading towards 10 IAR whilst we will be scraping round after Xmas looking for more loans to keep the lights on.

    That previous poster made good points about Blair ' s conflicted position.

    Does anyone know what the Club 1872 cash position is….Do those contributing monthly know where there money is going….,,first class flights and accomodation for our infrequent South African visitor?

  12. As someone contributing regularly to club 1872 I am concerned with the lack of transparency over the financial position. However I want to stick up for McCoist, as he would have done a far better job than the defensively inept Warburton if he had the same resources at his disposal Warburton has had. For all Mohsni's faults he was a centre half of vastly superior quality in comparison with Keirnan, and Coisty saved our league titles when that bastard Charles Green was prepared to give them up. Ally McCoist is one of the greatest servants in Rangers 144 year history and that should never be forgotten.

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