Give us something to smile about, Rangers…


This site is currently under a touch of siege right now for ‘overly negative’ reporting. That we have been far too harsh on the team, management and regime and do nothing but moan, complain and whine.

That we are not ‘supporting’ the club during a tough time in our long and glorious history, and the negative slant taken is tiring some of you. We certainly respect that view, of course, but the truth is infinitely more complicated and certainly not the black and white some would have you believe.

The fact is any fan who blindly supports their team, manager and regime regardless of what is happening is entitled to do that, but they equally do not claim a monopoly over the definition of ‘supporter’. No one does, including us, but it is our contention that the truest form of support is caring when things go wrong enough to want to object and change it.

That if results and performances are not good enough, we have the right to call it for what it is. Indeed, when we are positive about events at Ibrox we get ‘Level 5 Poodles’ accusations thrown our way, and when we take a more grim angle on them we are the ‘worst kind of supporter’ and ‘too negative’.

Those who complain we are too negative probably were not around last season when we did little but praise Warburton and the players, and maybe even went a little overboard in our lyricisms of the new signings this summer.

But is that not what a Rangers and indeed football supporter does? Praises and experiences joy when things are great, and gripes and moans when they are not?

Support does not, in our opinion, have to mean keeping quiet when you believe things could be better; indeed a logical conclusion could be drawn that according to some fans reading this site, supporters at Ibrox (or any football ground) should never groan, sigh in exasperation, boo, or essentially express any negative emotion as that is ‘not supporting the team’.

All of this, of course, is just our take on it, and it is because we as a site love Rangers so much, own season tickets, invest cash in other ways and follow every match home and away be it in person, on TV, or through Rangers’ own TV service that we want Mark Warburton and the players to turn this dreadful slump around and prove they have what it takes to ply their trade at the famous Glasgow Rangers.

Facts are facts, since April 17th and that glorious Old Firm victory at Hampden, Rangers have won two league matches. Two league matches of a possible 11. That, statistically, might just be the worst run in Rangers’ 143 year history – to get the exact numbers a look at Chic Sharp’s spreadsheet might do the trick, but two league wins in approaching half a year is an almost impalpable slide.

Even before the league was actually won, Rangers’ form was dreadfully on the wean, with a miserable loss at Easter Road, being held by Alloa on the afternoon of the title party before bottom-feeding Livi rather comfortably won at Almondvale.

And despite all the summer influx of 12 new players including the likes of Joey Barton, Jordan Rossiter, Josh Windass and Philippe Senderos, players supposedly a significant upgrade to the existing squad, that trend has simply continued with a truly awful start to life back in the SPL.

And it is our right to express genuine concern over this pattern.

For all we know, Saturday will kick start the season at last with a sterling display v Partick, and a solid run will hike seventh-placed Rangers up to the top four and build for the rest of the season. Nothing would make us happier.

But we reserve an entitlement to express criticism over current form, even if other sites, groups, and individuals would rather remain far more positive about it.

That is completely up to them, and we respect all views (apart from slurs and insults, of course) which contradict ours.

But all we want is to be proven wrong. Our worries unfounded.

We want Mark Warburton to prove to us he has what it takes to be a Rangers manager in the SPL.

We want the players to prove they are good enough to represent us as a club on the pitch.

Is that so unfair?


  1. I've supported Rangers for the past 70 years, through the good times , and the bad time's. When the team is playing poorly they need our support more, not negativy, (although I respect your opinions )they are plenty out there who can't wait to verbally attack us.Lord Gilby once said Gentlemen we hang together or not at all.

  2. Totally agree.Facts are there for all to see.Can't keep blaming exterior factors ie opposition support, media negativity,referees.

  3. Other factor is we are not confident in a board or whether we can add to the squad with some quality in January as money does not seem to be there. I hope garner comes good but as every game goes by he looks like a panic buy and out of his depth. Warbs we need a plan.

  4. A very honest article and I feel exactly the same. The evidence for me is glaring and it's not about who has the majority backing or which side shouts the loudest, in terms of supporting our club. But let's not re-ignite the issue and again look forward with hope that the manager can get a run of victories, solidify our shaky defence, create an incisive attack and thereby establish a level of confidence both on and off the park. If he does we'll all be happy, if he doesn't the support for him will diminish further.

  5. Those who are positive about the manager and team – are not "blind". Most have used their brain, to assess the situation and conclude that this is a massive rebuilding job that is not going to happen overnight. During this period, the team would benefit from our support. The atmosphere at the last home league game, was vile. Fans abusing players and arguing with each other etc. The players are trying their best. Get off their backs and grow up.

    • Agree totally. If there was a lack of effort or commitment then we have every right to demand change. The guys are working hard and you have to support that. Results are poor but performances are improving, slowly

  6. This site provides a good open forum to allow fans express whatever there views might be.Football is about opinions and we all have views about what is best for Rangers and at the moment we all hope that Warburton can turn things around but that does not mean he gets a free pass when things go wrong.We are all united in one thing seeing Rangers competing for the league whatever our opinion on how we get there.

  7. Listen, this is my team, this is our team, this is Rangers, Rangers a name that use to command a fear factor in other football clubs, but this reputation has now gone for the present. SO as a fan it hurts when things are bad and as a fan who pays money to watch their team is entitled to voice an opinion. Now if your team is increasingly playing a game that is non productive in getting results, you have the right to ask questions and identify (in your eyes)the causes. So it is not unfair to expect a manager or players who represent our team to perform with the same passion as me or you who care for the Rangers. Negativity does not come into it realism does.

  8. Feck me yet another negative piece from yourselfs. Says it all when u say we could get a win on saturday and kick on with a run of wins, thats all we ask be a bit more patient and asess at new year exactly were we are, and also your bit about giving nothing but praise last year well for me you dont just turn into a bad manager overnight. Shame on you all

  9. As you say in the article, 2 wins from 11 is an alarming stat. One thing is for sure, Saturday's game is a MUST win! If we were to draw or lose then I feel time will almost be up for our manager.

  10. "Impalpable"? Extremely palpable i would have thought.
    Two different set of issues being mixed up here;
    April 17th to Cup final – post Celtic semi, the (very small) squad was dead on their feet. Holt and Forrester out injured, no energy in midfield.
    Start of this season – Barton and Kranjcar have not worked and have been a distraction. Dropping them both has resulted in better midfield performances, let down by rubbish defence and poor finishing.
    Prognosis –
    Attack; Waghorn and Millar will get goals if midfield is working – Garner has not yet proved himself.

    Midfield; Perm any three from Holt, Windass, Forrester, M O'H, McKay to play in front of Halliday (DM)

    Defence; Make the best of a bad bunch of CB's. Play Wilson with Hill/Senderos/Crooks (i know Crooks is a Midfielder, but worth a go). Buy a quick CB in the January window and get rid of Kiernan.

    A permutation of the above was what we had on Sunday and it produced an ok performance but a poor result. Until the CB situation is fixed, i don't think much is going to change.

  11. i am not "blind" to see that there have been improvements in performance in recent weeks. granted we need to work on our finishing but it will come. there has to be some realism. we have returned after playing in the lower leagues for the past 4 years. i said after the aberdeen game, i thought we were the better side, especially in the 1st half. this is the aberdeen side that has been THEIR main challengers in our absence and we controlled the game in large parts at the sheep pen. this young team of ours is still gelling and it will click. all the negativity after only 8 games of so will only slow the process down with all the pressure piled on them with each point dropped. they need our support, not critisism. if we are honest, even challenging them was going to be a hard ask. these players are starting to realise they are now up against well drilled well organised sides week in week out. not like previous years. with that realisation, performances are improving.

    • You might think performances are improving but the stats don't lie. The buck stops with the management team and if Warburton does not change his obsession about possession and starts concentrating play in the penalty area instead of the wings he his going to fail end of

  12. You can only say it how it is, not good enough, we are a chapionship club just promoted, some realism is required however even with said realism, this is truly and honestly not good enough from Manager or team, they are the first to admit it so what's the problem…
    Agree 100% with this article.

  13. As the RANGERS support….we have to be positive for our players to get the BEST out of them…SUPPORT is the crucial word here…its up to the players to give 110% now,show that they care how the game is going…Warburton as manager HAS to change tactics for EVERY game we play especially during games if we are struggling.
    He cant just let defeats or bad results happen…and have a feeble re-action.
    iknow he is smart man..but some smart men have little common sense,time for him to change that..yes, work on it.!!

  14. If truth be known there are multiple problems at the club.Firstly who did not get asatisfactory pre-season.Barton-did not bother to travel to USA,Crooks Injury,Windass injury,CB not at the Club.Second If,according to Einstein,you tackle a problem the same way and fail this is way of insanity.The Club must prioritise our needs and act upon it.CB has been essential before pre-seasom.DM was essential -none available.I mean by that AH is still in a role he is clearly unsuited for.28 goal striker on the wing.Another striker aged 36 yrs old AND getting 90minutes.THESE ARE THE PROBLEMS.

  15. We all have our preferences. I think Hodson and MOH should be ever presents. To criticise a player is to miss the point completely. The issue is team tactics, specifically not using the wings to full advantage and the stupid overcrowding of our striking positions by our own players. Warburton refuses to see this fact and it will end in his demise.

  16. These are the most sensible and realistic replies I have seen on this forum in a long time. Our team has been to hell and back and as we are finding out we're not back yet. We have a better team than we had four years ago, but it's not good enough to win this league this season, hopefully we can think like that next year. So let's stop ripping the team, the manager and the owners apart. What little money we could lay our hands on is not going to change matters much, so let's start getting behind the players and the club. But we can still have a moan. WATP

  17. Crooks is the new Prodan.Knee injury setback after ankle op.He and Windass both have a stinkin history of injuries.They have talent yes but no coincidence that they were playing at the level the were. (Stanley)

  18. Lots of good points, both for and against the rights of free speech, I like to think people are allowed to air their views amongst fellow fans without fear of ridicule and name calling.

    None of us are brain dead and none of us are blind, we are football fans who support a former giant of the game. Many of us, and I include myself in that, still think we are a big club with a big stature and a place at the top table, well, sadly we are not and the sooner we realise that and look at tackling the issues head on, the better it will get and the road back will be a less rocky affair.

    Any club, never mind one with our history, can not say winning two league games in 5 months is progress, you can dress it up any way you want and make as many excuses as you like, but that is an appalling statistic and one that should make each and every one of us grimace.

    We are laying in a lowly 7th in the league with a goal difference of horrendous proportions and it isn't wrong for any fan, supporter or payee of the club to say so. There seems to be a culture that has followed over from the Indy Ref where people who shout the loudest and are the most aggressive seem to be the ones calling the shots, in political circles that is Republicanism, but in football terms it is a mob rule and thug streak that looks to cry down and slander those with a different opinion….and that seems to run through, SNP, Remain and a very large part of our support….which ties in with the political slant in Scotland now….Republicanism is alive and well it appears.

    We actually need to question things even more, not stop because the big boy says its wrong, there is something very very very wrong with our club….we are dying on our feet and there is no new life being injected into us….we can not survive in our current guise, the sticking plasters approach adopted by our office bearers is nothing short of a scandal, we are creaking at the seams and still 3 mths until xmas.

    People are right to be unhappy, upset and mystified…at the lack of quality on show, the lack of tactical awareness and the complete lack of investment in the club, does no one wonder why that is….does no one question why we are still a basket case and why we can not attract one single penny of investment….to me these things are equally as worrying as what is happening with our signing policy, our management capabilities and just exactly where we are heading.

    Do not try and stifle anyone with a point worth reading or commenting on, there is only one way to get through a crisis like this and that is to be open, frank, transparent and honest about things….we the fans need to be all of these but those running the club need to be even more so, or we will die the death of a thousand cuts…


    • If u dont mind me saying – you sound a bit paranoid and over-dramatic. I think that, what is going on at Rangers, is a massive rebuilding project – on and off the park. This clearly is going to take some time, due to the size of this project. The majority of fans are disgruntled because they possess zero patience. Its as simple as that. Nothing to do with politics. Some fans need to stop behaving like spoiled kids, and get behind the players – who are clearly trying their best.

    • Believe me on I am no spoiled kid…and unless you have been away with the fairies for a few years … we are still a basket case, not a rebuilding in progress… we have no funding to rebuild and we are living on scraps, that is the truth and again I will say it, there is something seriously fuckd up with our club…that's the challenge, that's what needs fixing first


  19. We'll never compete with an ever improving Celtic this season. They can go toe to toe with the UK's best team, assembled for £420m. Not looking forward to the LC game. King we need quality in January.

  20. Toe to toe ma baws!I've had a lifetime a they jammy b*****s getting the rub of the green in these games.OGs,deflections, offsides.Its neverending was Rod Stewart there bubblin last nite?Gie you the boak!

  21. Away and don't talk shite, Tam! Celtic deserved their draw against the most inform team in Britain, like it or not.

  22. not heard much about the fight with sports direct recently but it aint helpin our club off or on the pitch. hopin performances keep improving kum on rangers always and forever

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