Celtic ‘fans’ mock suicide – press not interested


While the press is filled with the poor conduct of a number of Rangers fans who disgraced themselves and the club by destroying the toilets at Parkhead, less prominent is the morally debasing sight of what home fans were up to ‘in the spirit of football’ yesterday.

As you will see from the photos, the banter went a little beyond the normal bounds of acceptability and into the realm of genuine bad taste.

One step shy of mocking the Ibrox Disaster, the self-proclaimed Greatest Fans in the World thought a good laugh would be effigies mocking suicide, draped in blue.

Suicide and death are never laughing matters, but while the media is filled up with negatives about Rangers fans and this toilet incident, few dare to discuss what those jovial fans in Glasgow’s East End did.

In fact, this site is probably one of the few quite prepared to point out how beyond the pale this was. Rangers fans can handle the zombies nonsense, the ‘you’re not Rangers any more’ jibes, but when you start to mock suicide in some sort of borderline BDSM context in order to have a jab at your rivals, that goes too far.


  1. Just proves what sub-human filth they really are.Low-life scumbags,they would do well to hang some soap on a rope but then again that's like garlic to a vampire.

    • You can just see the mad monk drippin from one the dolls tae.Some poor cnut below is just realising that wasn't bird shit that landed on his skull.Scum doesn't come near as an description of these people.I know some decent tims who would have told the filth to get it to f**k,sadly they're VERY few and far between. Pure filth.

    • You are an absolute disgrace to humanity. Why be on here after that disgusting behaviour of your people? I hope you don't know what it was about? If you do your a cunt. If not your just sad. I've always hated Celtic fans for their ira anti British views but now it's gone to a new level of filth. The gloves are off. How many young tims must have killed themselves after being abused by your holier than thou father twats??? Get tae fuck the lot of you

    • The actions of an individual or a small group of individuals. How he/she/they thought this was a good idea is beyond me. I hope Celtic root out and ban the culprit(s). This fixtures gets enough bad press without idiots handing them ammunition on a plate.

  2. They are IRA loving scum. As for the toilet incident, They have trashed our stadium for years and we've just got on with it. The toilets looked in need of updating. (I might put a price in)

    • Funny how the toilet wasn't reported to the police by stewards as it allegedly happend, probably the Celtic press machine getting story out to beat the effigies and Hun scum banner. Though the distinct lack of press on this is shocking, other way around we would have been persecuted.

  3. Coming from the subhuman lot. Who take sheer joy from child abuse. Honestly a rangers fan on live television messaged into a live tv broadcast where Alan brazil was part of under the name jim torbett

    • Joy from child abuse ! No,anger that a failure to disclose the abuse to protect the name of Celtic. Club directors and Priests pressurising parents not to complain that their child had been sexually assualted. The perpetrators of abuse welcomed back after being kicked out and then club officials acting for defence. Not Joy, the word is Revulsion.

  4. Think back to January and McLaughlin of the BBC Scotland sports correspondent not at the Arbroath game but watching Man City on sky , this after his nitpicking and highlighting apparent poor song choices from Rangers fan's at our 6 – 2 demolition of Hibernian .

    Now think back to the Scottish cup final and despite Hibernian fans assaulting Rangers players and causing severe damage to Hampden , the stadium and assault were soon not the story it was the big bad Rangers song book ! The Hibs fans were apparently just exuberant ?

    McLaughlin was at yesterdays game but not apparently watching events or listening to the crowd , as we had sectarian singing , sectarian banners and pro terrorist banners all on view from the home team support , worse of all on national suicide day and days after the tragedy the befell a former Ranger , we had dummy's hanging by the neck on national suicide day of all days ! We could go back even further with the BBC and we had mad men montage of our former manager !

    If Rangers fans and groups have not learnt the hypocritical nature of Scotland's media and it's government by now then we are lost , not one Rangers man from the club or support should be speaking to any media group that is biased against the club or it's support and we know who they are the Record , The Sun , the BBC etc . All we ask is parity as we surely don't live in a country were one mans exuberance is another mans wilful destruction or one mans song book is political and the others is sectarian !

    Oh wait maybe we do live in that type of country !

    • Yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day. Theres a guy called Wayne Dixon walking round the coast of Britain just now raising funds for MIND the mental health charity, He is in the Kintyre area at the moment, hope some of these idiots never need the help of this amazing charity. Please support Wayne on his epic journey bears. Wayne Dixon on FB.

    • Remember Kenneth Watson a former ger who got done for child abuse or Kincora house were loyalist scum including former MP's and Mr Paisley rapping vulnerable children and young adults? As a Celtic fan those dolls hanging from parkhead stand from so called fans sickened me, RIP to Kris Boyds brother. Paedophilia has no religion, it's due to sick people with sick thought's.

  5. Would nt be lectured to by rangers fans , your record is shameful, but agree the hanging dolls is not funny and is in bad taste.

  6. They may be a better team right now but they have no class or respect….Disgusting excuse for humanbeings ….best fans in the world ma ass……lowlife and should be punished severely…..The press have ignored their nonsense for 20 years or more…focus on the rangers and ignore the real scum and butter cfc……

    • Manchester ,Hampden bigots , owing money to over 200 local business ,joining sectarian bands in Ireland fans jailed for attacking x Celtic manager , BOTH ARE AS BAD AS EACH OTHER ANNON, SO GET OF YOUR HIGH HORSE

    • Your a cunt. Anyone think it's funny to mock an x players brother killing themselves ? Gloves are off your a cunt. Your like are cunts and your nazi party are cunts.

    • were is there any reference to the poor boy who took his life , its people like you that are the biggest problem we have here in Scotland, full of hate ,thoughts and prayers to the Boyd family on the tragic loss

  7. These dolls are very poor taste those responsible should be ashamed. People from all walks of life are touched by suicide. This mocking behaviour shows no class.
    (Celtic fan)

    • Poor taste? Fuckn disgusting. Your club prides itself on being offended so will you be telling them how offensive this is ? No. In light of recent events even your mob have stooped to a new low. Your maybe one of the few decent ones but it's disgusting. I never thought I could hate you lot any more than I did but fuck me your scum!

  8. Back to the football. Warbs and team are caught short as Celtic will only get better and stronger and we quite frankly have no options. Warbs wouldn't swap any of our players for Celtic's. The man is clearly deluded.

    • Deluded? I think you are deluded pal! No options? We could swap almost the entire team that started yesterday. Gilks, Hodson, Crooks, Wilson, Hill, Holt, Forrester, Rossiter, Halliday, Waghorn, Dodoo. I agree he got the midfield selection wrong and I hope he is brave enough to drop Barton and Niko despite their high wages.

  9. A lot of Celtic supporters wan't R.F.C not to exist after yesterday's result guys this will never happen we will be back.Ibrox RFC will alway's be there. We will avenge this defeat.

  10. im english and m.u.f.c.but my girl is rangers through and through.hope nobody minds me putting stuff on here.i found that disgusting coz we get bad press too coz we are united.maybe the press need to report on these serious matters instead of reporting on what our fans do.its an absolute disgrace,not just what they did,but the press silence.respect and thanx for reading

    • These are the wankers that are offended by the words in a song. I'm English too and can't believe what you have to put up with from this shower

  11. I honestly couldn't give a shit what they do. He said this – she said that – they done this – but they done that!

    It's a lot of clap trap! Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Admit it's in poor taste but the more offended we get by stuff like this, and the more we are seen to be annoyed by it, the more we encourage them.

    • Dont think anyones laughing at child abuse but seems some are coffended bye facts now run along and grow up your self

    • Child abuse is no laughing matter. it is something which shoukd be reported to the Police to bring the perpretrators to justice and prevent further abuse. Celtic did not report known abuse, allowed abuse to continue and pressurised parents to be quiet. That is shameful. Equally shameful is the minutes of directors meetings at the time went missing. Penn State paid millions to the victims. Celtic fail to acknowledge any part and their political friends prevent any investigation into the events. If your child had been sexually abused by Celtic employees and you found out that the club had known that the offender had already committed acts in USA whilst on a Celtic Boys Club trip, I am sure you would find it undefensable.
      Sex abuse is no laughing matter, covering it up is a criminal event. The silence that prevented abuse being stopped is the same guilt of the abuser themself.

  13. Next old firm game maybe we should hang sex dolls of the pope and Gerry Adams and see what goes to the media…Betting that we'd be lambasted and hauled through the coals in the press for doing it. UK newspaper media…Not worth the paper it's printed on.

  14. These people are of a very low intelligence and it shows by what they have done.How can they say this was a joke. What kind of people are they.

  15. If the blow-up dolls were suspended from the Ibrox stand wearing Celtic scarves, would all of these holier-than-thou posters continue to adopt their high moral tone and find the dolls just as offensive, or would they classify it as "just a bit of banter"? I suspect the latter.

    And for the author of the above article to compare hanging dolls to the REAL tragedy of the Ibrox Disaster (where Celtic staff assisted the injured) is both clutching at straws and taking chutzpah to the nth degree. Talk about comparing apples and oranges? One incident has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the other, and the claim was obviously made in an cheap attempt at scoring brownie points by adopting the role of a martyr.

    Both clubs fans have been involved in questionable incidents over the years, and this won't change until the narrow-minded sectarian bigots who are always the first to take offence at the other side, move into the modern era and stop making a game into a religion. They have to accept that modern football is now strictly a business where the fans are regarded as cash cows, and promotion of those fans insecurities generates the cash.

    • Ok. Have you ever been ill? Your an imbecile defending these idiots. If this was Rangers taking the piss out of an x Tim you would be all over it you prick. Get fucked people like you make me sick. Have a look at yourself

    • celtic need to act now and clear out the scum,,,or are they still blind to what there own fans are doing to there club, and the police need to act now as well as they just stand there not doing a thing,,

  16. Woe is me…..wrong doers on both sides and done by a minority who tarnish it for the decent fans. No doubt you will have the backing of the SFA as you have in the past whenever you went crying to them…..you have a cheek to slag off anyone when the majority of you lot still promote bigotry and sectarianism when having your wee schoolboy parades and singing songs of religious hate….these days are long gone but you keep it going. Have a close look at your own house before commenting on anyone else. Onto matters of football…your team were very poor on Saturday, in fact the team embarrassed your fans however 5-1 could easily have been 8 or 9. You got off lightly and still got a real pumping. One last question….have you located Barton yet ??? Hail Hail.

    • The statement from the board was knee jerk at best, personally I think it is to deflect from other mattetrs a sympton of which was the mauling on the park.

      You are right that a lot of what has been written was the work of small numbers of supporters relative to how many were in attendance. I am not going to comment on anything in particular because we are talking about a bunch of halfwits who are probably still revelling in their accomplishments from Saturday.

      But everyone with a brain will not be twisting any of this into something else to reinforce their own hatred and stir up that of others. To do this would put you in the same bracket as the perpetrator's of anything ugly on Saturday.

  17. I am a Celtic fan. I find most of the articles written here well-balanced – more so than on a few Celtic fansites I frequent.

    I was appalled by the 'hanging dolls'. It was offensive, end of…

    There was also a banner in the home end about 'Know your place…' This was also very disappointing. We have always been rightly critical of a strain of chauvinism among the Rangers tradition – you know what I am talking about – that is deeply unsettling to people in Scotland from an Irish background. So to use that kind of language is bewildering…

    We all need to find a healthier way to live out a rivalry that's not going to go away.

  18. I'm simply quite shocked to see Brendan's wife at celtic park wearing her Rangers scarf. I just hope for his sake she's not too deflated after being caught on camera.

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