Report: Lescott says ‘yes’.


Unofficial reports have claimed in the last half an hour that former Aston Villa, Man City and Everton defender Joleon Lescott has agreed a two year deal and will join Rangers in time for the weekend.

The 34 year old stopper has been the subject of intense speculation over the past few days, and one national publication has now claimed it is a done deal that he will don the red white and blue of Rangers and may even debut against Mark McGhee’s Motherwell.

The signing of a genuinely top-quality centre-back will come as a huge relief for Mark Warburton given the inherent weakness of his backline, and with Lescott’s experience in the game, he is the first marquee signing in defence for Warbs following similar in midfield with Barton and Kranjcar.

Philippe Senderos arrived at Murray Park today but it is unclear if he is no longer required or if Rangers intend to snap up both.

Update 19/08/16: This deal has fallen through after Lescott reportedly failed a medical.


    • he was piss poor at Villa last term, that's why they are paying his £25k for a season to get him out. Question is, if this is a 2 yr deal do we have to cover that £45k (35+10) for him next season?

      If we do I hear Joey has a clause in his contract that matches his sal with the top earner at the club… £90k a week for 2 players with a combined age of 70..!! £4.5m a season.

    • He has a year left on his Villa contract, they will pick up half his £45k per week wages for a season, Rangers will pay the other half.
      It's not clear what his salary will be in the 2nd year of his contract when Gers will pick up the full tab.
      He is a direct replacement for Clint Hill who is already being seen as a huge mistake……….fortunately he only has a one year playing contract.

    • Celtic looked immense going forward last night against a team with a great defensive record and who shut out Olympiacos in the previous round.
      I don't see Tav, Kiernan, Wilson, Hill or Lescott having the legs to stop Griffiths, Dembele, Sinclair, Forrest and Roberts, all of whom are very quick.

    • £4.5m people season for two players!!!

      That's almost 25% of our last reported annual turnover ffs.

      It's like the Titanic heading for an iceberg.

      Everyone can see it coming but there is no one steering the ship to safety.

    • Are you seriously gullible enough to believe the hearsay of an anonymous poster who claims to know all the confidential clauses of a players contract?

      There is no chance we'd be paying 4.5m for Barton and Lescott…

  1. Brill signing I remember how good Wilson was when he had David Weir next to him earning him a move to Liverpool hopefully will be the same this time

  2. Will be a great signing, should bring much needed presence to our defence and lead the line! Clint is there for back up and will be good in a coaching sense too. Not so sure about Sender's though, not played enough recently and is he better than what we've got?

    What about Garner? Has he arrived at Auchenhowie yet??

    If we nail down these two, the team is shaping up nicely for an assault on the premiership title for the 55th time!! #goingfor55

    • Lescott is 34 and we are giving him a two year contract. He's hated at Villa and West Bromwich, regarded as a money grabber who hung up his playing books two years ago.
      The Tims will rag doll him and he will be consigned to the bench alongside Clint Hill, another waste of money that we can ill afford.

  3. Lescott is another dumpling to go with Hill and Keirnan. Warburton and Weir haven't a clue when it comes to defenders. Bye bye any chance however, slim Rangers have of winning the SPL.

  4. I see Villa are paying most of his £40k per week wages.

    He's derided at Villa and West Bromwich by the fans as they see him as nothing more than a money grabber who has caused unrest in both dressing rooms.

    Joey will be delighted to see him….will mean a £15m per week lift in his wages.

    It would appear that Clint Hill is to be an expensive 4th choice centre back. ……..why was he bought in the first place.

    The wage bill is heading out of sight…..we already need between £7 and £10m in soft loans to see out the season.

    King's worst nightmare will come to pass next week when the Tims qualify for CL proper and the £25m guaranteed with it……..they can strengthen at will to ensure 6 IAR.

    Perhaps Dave will open the war chest and spend some real money to bring in quality rather than every over 30 free transfer and Bosman from England.

  5. Lescott, another walopper to go straight into the rangers Legends side that warbs is building. I thought he was crap at 24 !
    Now that we see what Warbs has assembled for the SPL, its avoiding relegation we should be thinking of, not celtic.

  6. Am I the only one that thinks that assembling a team of 30 something has beens will mean a whole new team has to be recruited for next season?

  7. Def the better option to that Goat Senderos. Has lost his way lately and while he is 34, unlike Barton he plays in a position where that is not so much of a problem. Will sort the defence out and can dominate the air. Feel a bit sorry for Senderos as he made the effort to come and train but no room for sentiment in this business and the fact Warburton went and got Lescott shows how little faith he has in Senderos. Top marks.

  8. LeScott was always gonna have English options, why move his family up here for £10k on top of his Villa subsidy when Sunderland will pay him £30k to sit in the reserves.

    Rumour has it he was looking for £20k more and a house up here and for us to cover his full wages next season.

    Sanderos though is a plank of wood surely there is a young CB around.

  9. You must be the only one. This team can play two seasons with only one or two tweaks. Besides, when we win the league and these players play European competition we will attract serious money for players which means there will always be a recycling of players.

    • That's some serious blue sky thinking bro. Maybe next time you drop a comment on a fansite you could use your brain too?

  10. On Joleon Lescott’s potential move to Rangers…

    He didn’t agree personal teams with Rangers so it’s fallen through and he’s back with us now.

  11. aston villa offer to pay percentage of wage to get him off board n dodgy dave still canny find his key for warchest so they then come up with family reasons/failed medical,,,is this the way you want to do your buisness,,,,try and sign someone and when you cant meet wage demands try and blight his carachter by saying he failed medical????,,you better hope celtic dont get through champions league next week,,,25/30 million in bank ,,envious or what?

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