Garner to have medical on Friday


Sky Sports’ Jim White has confirmed tonight that Preston North-End’s Joe Garner will be in Glasgow tomorrow for a medical.

The slightly-protracted deal appears now to be coming to an end with the news the 28-year old hitman will run the treadmill at Murray Park tomorrow to hopefully seal his £1.5M move to Ibrox.

The deal had been subject to some speculation, with various sources claiming contractual disputes were holding the transfer up, but they now appear to have been resolved and only passing a medical stands between Garner and his big money transfer to Mark Warburton’s Rangers.

This would take the Magic Hat’s business up to circa 11, with Barton, Rossiter, Windass, Cross, Kranjcar, Dodoo, Hill, Gilks, Hodson and hopefully Lescott and aforementioned Garner incoming.

Swiss international Philippe Senderos remains at Murray Park and it is unclear what the future holds for him re: winning a deal but some outlets have suggested the 31 year old has done enough to earn a contract.

We shall see.


  1. Why would King invest in Rangers, he is not the majority shareholder with 51%, he is not a director of the football club nor elected chairman of the owning business or the football club, just a director of the owning business as he failed the sfa fit and proper test… Why would King invest heavily in Rangers? All popular misnomers. Eye opener folks, where is the cash coming from?

  2. King is fit and proper mate, dont know where you get your facts. You will see when we have another 3 top players in on top dollar. Don't see Brenda do much on the transfer market.

  3. Looks like we are not getting LeScott, he would have been brill for us. Sanderos is dross..!!!! Why is there delays with garner, rumour now that we cant match his salary aspirations and PNE want £1m this season for his transfer.. Anyone else heard that?

  4. I hope we are not left with ONLY Sanderos of the recent 3, he will join Hill on the bench as an expensive passenger. Why are we not investing in talent we can profit on when we decide to sell.?

  5. On Joleon Lescott’s potential move to Rangers…

    He didn’t agree personal teams with Rangers so it’s fallen through and he’s back with us now.

    Expect more nonsense on Mon/Tues on Garner, same thing personal terms. King has Warbs up and down the country chasing squirrels knowing the plank of wid at Murray park is the only real signing option.

    • I'm getting rather pissed off with so called fans though I do realise a lot are sad Tim trolls. Dave King has never said he will put £30 million into the playing staff. It's a long haul and they have made a great start. We will not have millions to spend on players for years yet it's about being clever in the market ie Jordan rossiter. People need to use their brains we are heading the right way and all us real fans should be very very proud. Can't think of another club that would have survived what we have. The good times will come back just be patient with the people now in place please. Thanks Hugh

  6. Heard from a mate of Miller's that Lescott brought th missus up for a quick look around Bearsden and then the city center. She says "no way ah'm staying in this shithole", exact words.

  7. Senderos and Hill….eh maybe in 1990!
    whit de wie expect when we're paying wae chump change.
    Sellick will win league by 20 points, but we are 2015 championship winners, yee-har

  8. Garner can't agree wages, PNE want most of the money up front, the Board are shitting themselves at the level to which wages are rising, ST monies will be gone �� Xmas, if not sooner, Puma and SD are going to sue the arse off us…………transparency from King, you must be joking.
    The whole thing could fall apart in 24 hours………but hey, Jacko and the Daily Radar will be telling us that they have been on the story since day 1.
    King and Murray know sweet FA about running a football club, Robertson is out of his depth…..just look at the SFA spat and this time next week CFC will be sitting on a £25m boost to their finances, and that's worst case scenario.
    If the Lescott failing a medical story emanates from the usual liars at Level 5 they had better get their lawyers on standby as Lescott is apparently coming after them for the millions that a contract elsewhere woukd bring him.

    We have been made to look like amateurs and the failed medical, family reasons PR shit has rebounded in our face.

    • dead right, money is still the issue.
      I would classify King as a chancer, huge risk taker. Same genus as whyte and it will end in similar fashion unless someone on the board finds some morals and balls

  9. PNE announced on twitter that the Garner deal is NOT done yet, should be on Monday but not yet, so some more porkies from king & co.
    Sounds like Warbs has remembered some of his hedge manager moves in his dealings with players & clubs. Something stinks at ibrox……..again.

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