Joleon Lescott?


While Switzerland’s Philippe Senderos trains away at Murray Park hoping to secure a deal (not a bad position to be in, where a former Milan, Arsenal and Swiss international who has not even reached 32 is trying to prove himself to win a contract) attention has equalled turned to Mark Warburton’s interest in former Man City and Everton defender Joleon Lescott, who has recently been effectively freed by Aston Villa.

Lescott, 34, a former England international, was the subject of colossal hype at Goodison Park such was his protracted move to the-then City of Manchester Stadium seven years ago at a mouth-watering £22M, a move which, it would have to be said, did not really work out and five years later he found himself without a club when Pellegrini’s team let him go.

It is unclear what the exact parameters of these two defensive stalwarts are; is it a choice between them? Is Warburton trying to sign up two marquee stoppers? Or is the Magic Hat just keeping Rangers’ options open?

Villa told Lescott his services were no longer needed, and while the 6ft 3 CB is still technically contracted to the Birmingham giants, they are likely to let him go without requiring any sort of fee.

He is of course not without controversy – that ‘flash car’ tweet rankles many, as did his performances at Villa and apparent attitude as well; which does not necessarily bode well. But ‘In Warbs We Trust’ and we will see who, if any, of the two of them arrives at Ibrox permanently.

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  1. Lescotts attitude has been questioned but get that right I would have him any day of the millennium ahead of that goat Senderos. The difference is simple – Lescott has proven himself at the top while Senderos has continually been a let down.

  2. Garner transfer talks break down!!! Is King now being tight on the contractual arrangements? I believe Lescott will have better options in England on the table, those teams relegated with parachute payments will have cash to burn and an experienced defender would be essential. Sanderos like Kranjcar has made his cash and want an easy life. We need hungry young players who want to improve and impress and who we can sell on, we do not seem to have that policy right now and it all feels short term.

    • Unfortunately thats the reality of "having" to win the league at first time of asking. Thats what ally did aswell by buying in old experienced and useless players like black et al as the pressure was so grate for promotion. It backfires for him and he was slated for it. Warbs is now buckling under fan pressure and is now going for expensive has beens. Will it backfire for him? Who knows but history tends to repeat itself

    • I suspect that when the sale of Tav is rubber stamped the Garner deal will go through along with one of Lescott or Senderos – would imagine Lescott is first choice and Senderos is backup.

    • Re: James 2nd (strange alias for a Rangers supporter, even these days, but each to their own)- The deal for Garner has undisclosed contractual arrangements still to be sorted out, but Warburton is confident that it will go through. It's a question of whether or not it will be done in time for Saturday's game. So talks have not "broken down." Lescott will certainly have better money options available, if that's all he's looking for, but Maybe he would want a new challenge, as he too has already "made his cash." But why do you say Sanderos and kranjcar are coming to Scotland for an easy life? Is that all you think playing for Rangers is? We have plenty of hungry young players, some who we will sell on, and obviously that IS our policy, but they alone won't win us anything and there needs to be a balance, so that's we also need experience. It's not short term, it's just realistic and practical.

    • No breakdown, read it right, he was tying up loose ends and is now sorted and is on his way to Glasgow.

  3. I suspect most of it is paper talk, PR.!! If we get 1 of the 3 I will be happy.
    If Celthic can take 5 off the Israeli champions with mostly internationals in their side and with them without probably their best player in Roberts then we need to invest in quality ad not guys who I suspect have seen better days and have nothing to prove in the diddy Scottish league.

    • Are Wilson and Kieran capable of keeping clean sheets in our diddy league ? Surely one or both of these really experienced CBs will tighten up our defence. I cant believe we (fans) are turning our noses up at this. Has Barton seen better days because of his age? has the 36 year old Kenny Miller not been fantastic for the last 2 years (his dundee finish was class). My point is age doesnt matter and we have plenty of under 25 year olds who will need to step up in order to play in our team.I believe Sendoros/Lescott would play a blinder in the spl for a year or two until our finance's improve

    • Finance gonna improve next season.. How will this manifest itself? Maybe a place in the Europa, hardly gonna allow us to bring in world class players. If we get garner we will be paying the bulk of that transfer fee next season it seems. We cant sell any more SBs, maybe King will add £100 to the price, that will certainly bring in more cash. We will at some point need to start repaying those soft loans, turning that into equity will need agm approval of the other shareholders as their share value will be negatively impacted. Losing a couple of court cases with personal fights from King will bankrupt us, those settlements will most likely take a year to run. Selling our best talent? Our policy this year is short term fixes with little or no resale value.

      Lets just say I do not share your optimism.!!

    • weres your fighting spirit m8. are u celtic in disguise??. we do have a squad of good players. McKay made great strides last year , Haliday has been solid, Forrester shit hot , Waghorn prolific. Wallace our leader. we have hardie , burt,murduch , thomson all coming through. with the expection of wallace none of these guys are in their prime and with the signins of top talent in windass , rossiter, dodoo and crooks. these guys need experience behind them . Barton,Kranjar, Lescott???, senderros??? . joe garner is abox player unlike waghorn and had a stormer the year before last and looks decent especailly for the spl. look at us since king took control!!! so much more improved , value in the team, spirit, management is great. we need to move forward together. ibrox packed , team gelling and the gers taking back our title. Why cant that happen??. money wise sponsorship,season tickets,cup competions,sky money, players sale and possible europian money. we are looking in great shape mr anonymous and u can stick ur optimism right up yer ar+e.WATP

    • FFS man get a grip!!! The soft loans are not something we need to repay, they are converted into shares. Yes it needs AGM approval as you say but that shouldn't be a problem.

      Being in the top league brings huge financial benefits – record season book sales, hospitality suites worth a lot more now. Finish first or second and prize money is at least a couple of million.

      Hell, if Celtic get to CL groups every premier league club gets around 150k.

      So revenue is going to be much higher this year and will off-setting extra costs (although one or two soft loans may be required later which would be fine if it's on same terms as prev)

      I love the fact we can just enjoy the football and not worry too much about the financial side anymore…..

  4. To be fair to him he arrived at Villa with alot of troublemakers like Agbonlahor and Richards.He should be OK for Scottish league.Give you two good seasons.

  5. Got to say , car tweet aside he is an extremely experienced guy with over 20 full England caps never mind all the games played for Everton , Man city and Villa. Villa are a shambles at the moment and lescott is not the only one to under perform so I think we can forgive him that. The question for me is at 34 is the 31 year old Senderos a better bet for the future ? I would take both of them , they have played together at Villa and that would help them settle into the squad and I think these two have something to prove to themselves. Hopefully both will sign along with Garner and our squad will be complete.

    • The "Car" tweet was explained . It was not his car but one of the younger players. A players Car his House, His Girlfriends or Wives are nobody`s business but his own. "Just Sayin !"

  6. Seem to remember Craig Bellamy telling a Clyde player he paid his gardener more than he earns. Didn't make him a bad player, just a numpty for doing it. Lescott is probably in the same bracket. Doesn't make him a bad player.

  7. I dont know if it's just this site or if it's a mix of obsessed Celtic fans in here, or rangers fans just doing the usual stupid moaning? Rangers are rebuilding from ruine this was always labelled a 3 year plan thats 1 year in. There are some short term fixes but most teams buy players every season so where's the problem in short term solutions to holes in the squad.

    MccoiSt was pressured into buying p!sh and ignoring youth purely from the fans unwillingness to hold their tongue and just support the club. 1 draw and this season is feeling totally different already. Rangers problem is about to be their own fans. The players heads will go down and rangers will be stuck chasing a mediocre celtic side.

    And who in celtics squad is going to really trouble Lescott and Senderos? You think they haven't experienced players of celtics quality. Rangers fans are starting to sound like celtic fans.

    Warburtons hands are tied there's no money. Hes Doing a stellar job and the football is enjoyable. Where's the problem 2 games in????

  8. Not the medical at all, it was financials that scuppered the deal.

    Senderos should be no problem, nobody else is interested in him, though Level 5 will come up with a suitable cover story.

  9. I already commented on this site about Philippe Senderos, who was a great player until about 2012. I remember though England supporters falling over themselves in front of me laughing around then when I tried to make a case for him. They were right. As a Swiss he won't come for buttons in pounds so my advice would be to leave well alone. I've never spoken to him but have been in his company and it saddens me to tell you this because, in human terms, the guy is a real treasure.

  10. Lescott deal fall's through, good news as he is done, just like Hill.
    Garner deal also in the air as King tries to re-negotiate the deals after they are agreed! We have no money and we are forcing the deals in the media. Look, coz we beat Arran doesnt mean we are back, sellick really are miles ahead, it is a five year project and one that will see us lanquish in the middle of the SPl for a few years.

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