Rangers linked to Newcastle striker


Rangers have tonight been linked with Newcastle United’s Adam Armstrong.

The 19-year old striker, who spent last season out on loan at Coventry, managed a very impressive 20 goals in 40 appearances for the Sky Blues in League One, and Rangers’ interest in him is said to be on a loan basis.

Rangers are potentially without normal striker Martyn Waghorn for a number of weeks after the former Wigan front man pulled up at Ibrox on Saturday with an apparent hamstring tear, meaning manager Mark Warburton is down to just one recognised goal scorer in the shape of Kenny Miller, with new signing Joe Dodoo more of a general forward.

Armstrong would be quite an impressive capture for McParland to secure, and it is not hard to see why he and Rangers are reportedly interested in his services.

As with all window stories, we will see if this one bears fruit.


  1. Well I guess Ashley will want to sell our new jerseys so I am sure that a deal can be done. Would be nice if we could tie in a central defender or two as well

    • Yup, after Dave King's wonderful, helpful, non-inflammatory comments and actions over the last few days/weeks/months/years, I'm sure Mike Ashley would be only too happy to help out.
      In the real world, however …

  2. Ashley is stubborn. After King's recent comments about Ashley quitting Ashley won't play ball.
    The only way Rangers will get anywhere near Armstrong is through the nose! And we're talking Andy Carroll type through the nose!

  3. If that fat c**t has any input in it there's no chance. Methinks it will have to be there manager that sanctions that to go ahead, Also if your bringing in a 19YO why not play Dodoo he is after all a Rangers player.
    Would still rather we got 2 defenders and add Tavie to the forward line!!!

    • Agree, particularly the bit about giving DoDoo a chance. The article classes Waghorn as a "normal striker" but I disagree – he's a modern day forward who does most his work outside the box and isn't a natural finisher.

      DoDoo looks a more natural striker so should get a chance with McKay and (if fit) Krancjar feeding him

  4. Haha that freak Ashley will want us to plow back into Newcastle team for any of his players #stayclearfromashley

  5. I don't think rangers will bring any1 in as they r skint ,if any good players were to have got signed,buisness would have been done agents and journalists are making all this lies up

  6. Can't wait to see what Ashley's response would be especially after King's latest rant……….King is a fool playing the support as bigger fools.

  7. Honestly if U were fat arse would you loan Rangers a cup of sugar never mind a Striker??!
    After what he's said and only selling a handful of tops I just cant see it unless its for the good of the young striker and there manager has a big say!!!!!

  8. This isn't the type of deal that Ashley couldn't afford to turn down no matter how he feels, it's a loan deal that can so easily be laughed at and may well be.

  9. Maybe we'd be better off having nothing at all to do with Ashley or any of his subsiduaries?just a thought.WATP

  10. Listen,we do not need to keep bringing in players we got what we need for now,we
    know there will be no 2/3/4 £million signings for the next few years so why bust the bank
    with spending more on wages let us go with what we got and bid our time we will stay up
    and there is no need to chase our dreams just now just stay up for now,why bring in more players and put the wage bill through the roof i am not going through all that again if we go bust again.

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