Why Rangers need revenge at Fir Park


In the lead up to Rangers’ first competitive match of the new season, a small yet significant debate about the ramifications of the trip to Fir Park has been doing the rounds among the fanbase in recent times.

That is, the last time Rangers travelled to Motherwell, the match was, in every sense, a complete disaster. From Stuart McCall’s men’s performance, to Cammy Bell’s humiliating flap, to the assault on Lee McCulloch, to the home pitch invasion, to Bilel Mohsni being strung out to dry for defending himself against Lee Erwin; everything about this match was wrong, and it summed up the dark place Rangers were in at the time.

Rangers, just over 12 months on, could not be in better fettle. A summer rebuilding job nearly complete following a complete stroll in the Championship under the wise guidance of Mark Warburton and David Weir sees Rangers developing both on and off the park in a truly professional, clinical, and businesslike manner which has filled fans and everyone connected to Ibrox with hope and pride.

However, today’s trip sees this much-better outfitted Rangers team travel again to meet Mark McGhee’s men and the question on some lips has become:

“Is this a revenge mission?”

Often on this site, we avoid taking sides – we analyse things from a neutral perspective in order to attempt to be fair and reasonable; it does not always work out – we are Rangers fans, after all, and our bias’ often violates our desire to be objective. But in this case I am not even going to try and remain ‘impartial’. This IS revenge, and is an opportunity to put a little ghost to rest.

The last time Rangers were at Fir Park, the club, the team, the management and the fans were attacked in every sense – on the pitch, off the pitch, in the media, and in general Scottish society. A terrible afternoon which depressingly reflected where Rangers were back then.

This is a chance to exorcise that demon. Sure, many fans might argue it is just another match, even the management and players will rightly say it is nothing to do with revenge, although midfielder Andy Halliday did come close by calling it a ‘marker’, but nevertheless, for many of us fans, who felt at the bottom of the barrel the last time, this is full circle. This really is a chance to lay something to rest that has haunted Rangers.

Sure, Halliday also makes a fair point that the result was a blessing in disguise for himself in that he would probably not have been signed had Rangers won that playoff, and things worked out really well for us on the back of losing in such circumstances.

But that does not alter that it has to be considered a revenge mission; another little chip away at Scottish football which has hung us out to dry for many years now, and direct riposte for that horrible afternoon at Fir Park all those months ago.

End of the world if Rangers do not prevail? Of course not – it is a long term project and nothing is decided with one result. And if you examine the scheduling, like Warbs says it is a long way from ideal.

But…let us not kid on – a win today would be sweet.

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  1. So what you're saying is;
    Hump them 6-1
    Barton invades the pitch and goads the entire Motherwell support to a square go
    McGhee departs with a corner flag up his fundament
    …perfect day – no?

  2. I totally get where your sentiments lie.For me this is about redemption a statement of intent when we give this mob and the rest of the premiership a pumping. We will let them know by destroying them with pacy excting swashbuckling football that we are well and truly back to claim our rightful place as the most successful club in the world. I feel like a wee boy again bursting to see my team clout all and sundry its going to be a magnificent season bring them all on we are aye ready and waiting. 55 no probs.

  3. Forget motherwell different time different place use next 4 games to blend in new players and see where we are I think it will be a difficult season

  4. A win thats all we need, Lets get it outta the way I march on,
    We will still get sh&te from other fans so Fkn what?
    As the song goes we are rangers no one likes us
    We can ram it down there throats by winning,
    End of

  5. It will be a good indication of how we will fair in spl this season my thoughts are we will have a successful season

  6. Why do people defend mohsni. He got pushed by erwin, pushed!!!! He then decided to try and spark the fucker clean out. U cant defend that at a club like ours. On a lighter note, i think we will pump these fuckers today

  7. STOP the REVENGE shite. Let's just outplay them and get on to the next match. I'm 77 years of age and I'm sick to the back teeth with all this hate, hate, hate bile. Come out of the dark ages. There is enough going on in the World without adding to it over a game of football. I'm also a season ticket holder and live in England.

    • everybody listen to this guy, let the others hate and be not consumed by their bile, not a thing we can do, we will always be hated, best response? smile, laugh and sing good songs and enjoy a season that will reverberate around the world
      #55 champions in waiting

    • one of the best comments ive read for a while on this site and I agree 100%just let the others get on with it, I would also like to wish our team and all the staff a great season .

  8. I wish Mohsni had taken a few more of those fuckers out. We were totally embarrassed and destroyed by that heap of shite so in my eyes it's payback time. We need to take them to the cleaners and let the rest of them know we are a different team and we mean business.

  9. Move on man…..last year was due to the legacy "Super" left us with….leave it to the "Hat" to work his magic today….let's show them all we're back big time !!!WATP

  10. Almost an entirely new Rangers team to the one humiliated last time so might be revenge for fans but not for the staff…

  11. Very good today I think Krancjar will be awesome this year,
    As per usual KM ran his heart out
    Wee forrester good game as did McKay,Wallace,
    I was impressed by the run Windass did, Wags played well and his & Tavs goal were excellent,
    BUT Kiernan & Wilson again looked poor
    All in All a good day apart from the ref who was shocking he cant manage another Prem game drop him down a league

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