A stroll in the Fir Park – Rangers’ player ratings


With Rangers’ first competitive match of the new season out of the way, while some might argue it is a little early to judge, at the end of the day midfielder Andy Halliday disagrees, describing yesterday as a ‘marker’ in the build up to kick off. And frankly I agree with him, as I alluded to with my piece on revenge. So, let us provide some player ratings to kick off the new campaign and see who looks ready for the step up, and who might be struggling.

Foderingham: 6

A mixed bag for the stopper. Some good saves bailed Rangers out more than once, but still lacks assurance at the back and fails to really command those around him and aerial balls. He is not filling enough fans with confidence at the moment, without necessarily making said supporters groan with disgust either.
Tavernier: 7

It was very much typical Tav, bombing forward and leaving the back recklessly exposed, but his goal was stunning and while his forward play took a little while to really click, he motored smoothly in the second half.

Wilson: 6

This partnership with Kiernan does not, never has and never will work. They are two binary stoppers who fail to lead each other. Wilson made one or two good interceptions, but was caught high too many times which a better attack might have punished.

Kiernan: 5

Failed to clear his lines half the time, caught high even more than Wilson was and was the architect of many Motherwell counters – Kiernan is desperately struggling these days and his inability to even jump with attackers some of the time was a bit worrying.

Wallace: 7

All of Motherwell’s early counter attacks came down Rangers’ right, which is because Wallace, while not perfect, rarely lost the ball, and knew when to get back. Rangers were fairly comfortably on our left thanks hugely to Wallace.

Halliday: 8

He might not be a DM by trade but he is doing his damndest to keep his place. He worked extremely hard, never stopped roaming, and took midfield by the scruff of the neck. Was caught a few times by Motherwell counters, but this was generally a very polished display by One of Our Own.

Holt: 6

He will be disappointed in himself after this one – he was not so much bad as quiet. His usual busy work and attacking guile was strangely tepid and while he did not exactly do a lot wrong, he also did not do a lot, period. Many fans are worried he may be one of the first midfielders to lose their place to the new signings. On this display, he might be worried about that too.

Forrester: 6

Capable of better – barely featured in the first half, got into it more as it wore on but by the time he was starting to click a little he got subbed. An underwhelming day for the normally composed creator.

Waghorn: 7

Beyond his goal he was heavily involved as a major outlet in attack – while he was not too composed with his finishing, he was in the right places to try, and there was obvious fear in the home defenders when he had possession.

McKay: 7

Actually a quiet day in productivity levels by his usual standards, McKay was on the ball a great deal in the first half especially but did not create a lot. But as ever, he was constantly available as an outlet which always takes pressure off team mates.

Miller: 6

Not his best display, and missed a couple of glaring chances – looked angrier than usual and frustrated with himself, but his track back and tackle was warmly appreciated by everyone of a blue persuasion and showed even when it was not his day, he always gives everything.


Kranjcar: 9

This is where things get tasty. This is where we see what quality our new recruits can offer, and to call it an upgrade is an understatement. Sure, Niko’s first contribution was an air shot with his left foot, and another simple chance went wide also with his weaker peg, but everything else about the Croatian maestro was a masterclass. From his feints, to his eagle-eye vision, to his sumptuous composure on the ball, Kranjcar owned the second half and almost everything went through him. For a guy just coming back to fitness, he slotted in Rangers’ midfield like a diva and was absolutely faultless.

O’Halloran: 8

Turns out Battery was not a false dawn. O’Halloran looked hungry, energetic, creative, and weaved his way through ‘Well players like they were not there. Just like Oduwa when Livi came to town last season, MOH was at the receiving end of the predictable rough treatment from the thugs who masquerade as defenders in Scotland – it was the only way they could handle him.

Windass: 8

Another quality display from young Josh, also showing Battery was no fluke – industrious, creative, and a great eye for a pass, this kid might be from League 2 in England but he is a serious upgrade for Rangers’ midfield.

No conclusion, that will be for another entry; but feel free to disagree/agree with the ratings in the usual place folks.


  1. What game were you watching? Halliday is not Rangers class, he will find it very difficult to get a game when the season really starts.

    • He's Andy's cousin.

      I like Andy's attitude. He's a real rangers man but that's not enough. He was woeful. He swans around on the ball thinking he's Baxter. he isn't. He gets caught in possessin when he tries that nonsense. He can't tackle and he has no pace. Guys running with the ball at their feet even outpace him. Won't do.

    • Not a bad overall assessment apart from Niko and Halliday parts.I'm positive we'll start the season with Keirnan and Wilson at the back,what is Weir doing/saying to this pair in training?High balls into the box ought to be meat and drink to a CH at 6 foot plus yet it will prove our downfall this season if we don't get someone who can win a header in the box.It wouldn't hurt to be able to take a proper corner and have someone to attack it either.Warbs seems loathe to play that old fashioned type of CH because he won't play high balls into the opposition box.He wants them all to be ball players and its just not possible.Really like the look of Windass,a 10 mill player in the making.I agree with Chris Murray re Gilks,he'll come of his line and take out everyone in his path,let's hope he cleans Keirnan out next game and renders him helpless for 6 month.

  2. Have to disagree with pretty much all of your ratings here pal. Niko was certainly not man of the match. Missed 2 chances i would have expected him to bury.

    Windass an MOH looked bright in the brief spell they were on but an '8' each? No chance.

    McKay lost the ball more than Kiernan, Holt ran his socks off as usual (doing a lot of work off the ball), Miller likewise.

    I agree with your analysis of the defence. Here's hoping Barton, Crooks, Hodson, Hill & hopefuly a new high quality centre half can address this.

    I do believe Gilks will come in and establish himself as pur number1. The big man is fearless and just as good if not better at shot-stopping than Wes.

    Overall it was difficult to pick MOTM. I'm not on the Waghorn bandwagon as his 1st touch is awful the majority of times. I was prove wrong yesterday, thought he played excellent and on only occasion I noticed his touch letting him down. I'd have to give Waggy MOTM.

  3. Generally spot on, very encouraged by all the subsitutes cameo appearances. Something needs done and done quick with regards to the central defence before we're really ripped a new one.

  4. I got happier as the game wore on – But we could have been 3 down at half time easy. It's bloody worrying. That defence has to be reworked and reshaped. No chance of us winning anything until we sort it out. I know it's early days and ultimately pre season BUT we were shipping 3 goals a game every game not so long ago and nothing seems to have changed really. Motherwell could easily have humiliated us again. Don't be fooled fellow bears. If we don't sort this defence out fast we are fkd.

    • Nothing seams to have changed??? We signed Barton Hill and Hodgson. It's pre season. He gave the team that gave us EVERYTHING last year their place which is right. The new boys will come in and take their place through performances. Again the right way to do it. Get a grip people. We just Dominated the 5th best team in Scotland with our team from last year AWAY from home.

      Time to put the doom and gloom away. 55 is on the cards. Just the fact that's possible from where we were 12 months ago is a miracle. Thank you to King and the board for all the amazing work and especially for appointing Warbs n Weir.

      Going for 55. WATP

  5. I often wonder what game people watch sometimes……to say Waghorn has an awful first touch is nothing short of ridiculous, anyway the last touch is more important than the first….. Agree with the comments of the 3 subs, all looked hungry, sharp and eager to impress. Defence still a concern but when you are left exposed like they are then it is difficult, hopefully Barton can use his experience and fill that obvious gap.

  6. The subs defo changed the game more fluent and faster in possession and attack, defence is very shaky they're good with ball at feet bt get caught out of position a lot and can't head the ball needs sorting. Halliday was everywhere doing a gd job in a position that not his own. Holt done nothing same with McKay couldn't get by a man. Miller never done much bt never got the supply. Waghorn was ok gd goal , saying he hasn't got a 1st touch is rubbish not much he's not gd at take a look at last years games n see how many times he's been let down by a first touch, not many!. All in all 2 games 2 wins n all the new additions who've had game time look the part n bettered the squad so it's been positive so far and I can see by the first premiership game 90% of the new additions will start player like McKay holt Miller Kieran Wilson and forrester will find there selves on the bench with defo starters niko Barton windass dodoo n ohalloran after the form he's shown n the new defender to cum in will b a starter.

  7. The scoreline was great,but in the first 10/15 minutes we were in trouble.We have to remember that was last seasons team and by the looks of things not much has changed.the only positive is that is a mickey mouse cup and the season proper hasn't started.The team we will be fielding was mostly on the bench. I can see a bit of a clearout continuing in January. When I read this post, I couldn't see too many agreeing with the ratings

  8. Waggy needs played through the middle, moh out on the right and mackay rotating with forester on the left, Waggy would hold the ball up,come deep when required pick a pass and make that burst into the box, think he is wasted out on the right, not that he has been bad hes still my favourite signing of the new era but feel he would do much better through the middle especially with windass playing cam, yesterday was never going to be a perfect performance but looking at the game as a whole there were plenty of positives to take from it…roll on the 6th of August

  9. I am with those that question Halliday meriting an 8. He is not and never will be a holding midfield player and the sooner that we have Barton and Crooks or the young Liverpool Lad in the starting eleven the better! I am not impressed by Fotheringham. His unwillingness or inability to come for cross balls and his failure to command his six yard box could cost us dearly. The two centre backs can do better although I do agree that it should be either or with a better quality centre back alongside.
    I am also surprised that McKay merited a 7, sorry but I just don't rate this guy as strongly as some do. He is a winger but he seldom takes men on and beat them and we get one good game in four. The last quality game to played was against Celtic and this is what we should be expecting every day. There are plenty of others to take his place so he needs to up his game 100%
    I didn't think that Kiernan was any better or any worse than Wilson but that said I wouldn't have given either any more than a 5.5. McKay for me merited a 4. When we have all players fit and a new centre back in place as well as the Leicester City Boy and another striker it is difficult to see how half of yesterday's starting line up will be starters in the league!

  10. They looked good when in possession. Agree that the 3 subs made a good impression. However any cross into our box is a disaster waiting to happen. Fods can make a save, but he should be setting the tone along that 6 yard line. He doesn't, so I would give Gilks a run and see if he steadies the back four. I see everyone has the same opinion about our two centre backs. If Warbs can't see this, and Weir is not screaming in his ear, then as Zippy B says, we're fooked. We'll score a lot of goals, but easily give up 2 or 3 or God forbid, more.
    What was wrong with the 6'4" American centre half? We desperately need a strong powerful presence to dominate in the box. Maybe Crooks can get a try out.

  11. It's funny how people see games totally different, i thought forrester was good in the first half, hardly misplaced a pass, was always looking for the ball, and made some great runs that weren't granted with a 1-2 return. Vanished second half, but ill put that down to fitness levels. Sub ratings i think you might be a little too generous (excitement ratings?) i was impressed by all 3 tho. Defense aside!! very exciting season ahead.

  12. I think weir having played along side Wilson will b in warbs ear sayin they need to get sum1 in to partner him, not that I rate Wilson cos I think he's far to slow bt I just think that weir will have a big say on that one n who ever cums in will b a first team player to partner Wilson Jst hope it's not Dom ball a like him bt he's no pace either. Can c Kieran n clint being bck up. On the other hand the way warbs wants us to play with full backs bombing forward the whoever plays CB they are gony b left open n out numbered a gd few times every game. Time will tell as the season gets on the way against the beta sides like hearts n Aberdeen cos we will get punished n could b a cple a heavy defeats of we re not carefull.

  13. As tav was ever present last year perhaps a move up the field for him and a purchase of a right back who can defend (not having a go at tav here his contribution can't be underestimated) would maybe see the centre halves improve. Agree with many of the contributors, until the mhanky mhob game I wasn't convinced that McKay was worth the hype, he was outstanding in that game though and showed the potential is there. I'm not a fan of playing miller or waggy out wide though.

  14. Foderingham, Tavernier, Kiernan and Wilson have to show more urgency and determination in making their territory their own. They are far too slack as a defensive unit.

  15. you can see niko is class but a think he should spend some time with u20s come in to team when ready guys like forrester holt windass looked much fitter but a think when Rossiter barton come in they will give better protection to back 4 and we need CB partner Wilson as long as we sort def out we will win league, happy with first game it was game of 2 halves first really bad but second much better.

  16. Kiernan & Wilson will be at best benchwarmers,
    I think crooks will slot in there & hopefully a new defender.
    I reckon Krancjar was ring rusty & he will come good,
    Mckay was good Miller was his usual industrious self & god loves a trier.
    i reckon when barton gets on we will be closer too the finished article

  17. Tav needs to either be a full back,overlapping when necessary, or a midfielder.He leaves Kiernan exposed to many times and contributes to negative feelings on Kiernan.
    Looking forward to seeing different line up on Tuesday.

  18. I thought I would add my own scoresheet.

    Fodderingham – 6

    While his shot stopping saved us from being 3 – 0 down in the first 20 mins.he still doesn't give me confidence when a cross comes in which is about 90 percent of what happens in football.

    Wallace -7

    Wallace for me is always in the mood for a proper game of football. He gets forward and tracks back well. He was constantly surrounded going forward down the left.

    Wilson – 5

    His partnership with kiernon does not fill me with confidence. Still lacks composure which I'm sure will come with age.

    Kiernon – -1

    Yes that's a negative and not a typo. We wud have been better of with ten men. He just got in the way, and not of the well players. Think he is struggling with the attacking play to rangers which relies on the cbs to show compose and dominate their defense which he doesn't do.

    Tav – attacking-7, defense-3

    While he gives an outlet for waghorn when he's surrounded, he leaves the back open and unlike Wallace, he's reluctant to track back. I like him alot but he is to warrant a new contract he needs to get back when rangers lose the ball. Miller saves his arse.
    Cracking goal tho!

    Mckay – 6

    Had lots of possession but was crowded out down the left by well players. They new where he was going and he had no real outlet in the centre of the park so had to go backwards slowing the play.

    Forester – 6

    Same as mckay. Crowded out down the left and struggled to get into the box. He was better down the right last year playing of waghorn.

    Hallyday – 6

    Thought he was marginally better than average, however I was not confident when he was on the ball. Always looks to take one two many touches and ends up in a mess.

    Holt – 6

    A bit hit or miss in the well game.had spells where he would be in constant contact with the ball and others where I wondered if he was on. I think again this has to do with supply through the centre rather than passing back to the defence.

    Krancjar – 7

    Gave me confidence when he was on the ball in the middle of the park. Looked extremely comfortable with the ball at his feet. Rangers seemed rushes last year which caused many mistakes. I belive with him and Barton in the team haliday may struggle to get a sniff.

    Windlass -6

    Reminds me of forester last year. Looks for the ball and is eager to get forward. He may well be in starting 11 this season.

    Miller – 7

    Industrious as always. Tracked back to right back position when our defender couldn't be bothered and as always his off the ball movement is fantastic. Hope he gets a coach position cos if he trains boys tae be more like him we will walk the league.

    Waghorn – 8

    For me a new contract should have been sitting in the dressing room after the game. Struggles at times to find a foot hold in games but his determination never fades. Always looks for goal and I think given the competition for places this year, he will improve and find the net as he did last year but with fewer penalties.

    Overall I think it was an impressive display for the first competitive match. There was alot of pleasing to watch one touch football and we actually seemed to be getting somewhere with the majority possession we had. Last year we wud have had 7 shots total. The well game I believe it was more than 20 which is a promising sign. Looking forward to Tuesday to watch and hopefully mw and dw allow the new defenders a shot to see what they can do and make Wilson. Kiernon and tav earn their place.

    P.s sorry fur the spelling. Fone keyboards too wee fur ma miss.

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