Rangers complete signing of Ghanian striker

 Article by Greg Roots

Rangers have completed the signing of Leicester City youth striker Joe Dodoo, it has been revealed to Ibroxnoise sources.

The forward, out of contract at the King Power Stadium, was offered an extension to remain with Claudio Ranieri’s men, but has opted instead to join Mark Warburton and Rangers after impressing in training.

Yet to be officially announced, the deal is said to be a four-year contract, with an as-yet undisclosed development fee the only cost due to the same cross-border youth rules which endowed Rangers with the services of Jordan Rossiter.

The striker has stated he is happy as a traditional 9, but is equally adept on the wings and considers himself an adaptable forward much in the mould the Magic Hat likes to see from his front men.

It is unknown if the Ghanian-born attacker will be in the squad for Saturday’s trip to Motherwell in the League Cup, but it now leaves just one more position requiring filling and Warburton’s summer work will be considered complete.


  1. i actually saw this kid play…got to say..warbs has done it again…hes fast and strong,good ball control,and knows where the net is.another top signing…cant wait to see him in blue.

  2. A good bit of youthful quality to keep Waggie on his toes for his place. It won't be automatic choices for most positions this season.

    Saturdays game will be a good benchmark of the season to come.

  3. Perfect player for our system and signing ethos. Young, hungry, flexible and of good quality and great potential.

  4. This one has potential to be one of the best signings Warbs has made… he'll be keen to get back to the premier league down south and that's what we want, players desperate to improve and therefore sell on for a healthy fee. Obviously a couple of hatricks against them lot on the east side of town won't go a miss.

  5. Great signing for rangers, thought this lad was brilliant having watching numerous times for Leicesters development squad. Quite gutted he hang stayed with us

  6. Frank mcP, mark warb and sir davie have worked wonders since coming to Rangers. We are building a team for today but also for the future.

  7. Hope this is for real…Your getting a bit of a rep for talking pish.
    If it is real then fantastic.

  8. If this is a 12 month turnaround where will we be in 5 years? Better get that 10,000 seat improvement on the drawing board, going to need it pretty quick. Everyone associated with Rangers take a bow.

  9. Not so fast were we not told how important the youth academy was in developing players but Ryan Hardie does not get a look in Murdoch is on his way out yet untried youth players leap frog Scottish talent. Clear message to young Scottish players don't sign for us.

    • If you're good enough you'll play. I've never been keen on Murdoch (too lightweight and small for a cm) and Crawford just doesn't do it for me. Barry McKay is all young Scottish talent need to see. We're not a development club, we go for the best we can regardless if they're Scottish or not.

  10. Happy days! I think this lad could be a big plus for us. I remember a certain young Ally McCoist getting slated as a signing. Look how that worked out! WATP

  11. Waldo said get him snapped up after seeing him on the training ground so he must have stood out ,so he must have something .plus obviously the magic hat n mcpharland have spotted him so I look forward to seeing him in action.

  12. It's all good just now. I am old enough to remember the uncertainty of signing a certain Alistair Murdoch McCoist who had only played with St Johnstone as well as a rather unspectacular stint at Roker Park. If this lad is half as good we have a gem on our hands.

    • I also remember a gangly youngster playing against us at Muirton back in 81 before departing for Sunderland, and the hard time he got when he first came to Ibrox in 83……This young lad will have to go some to even get near McCoist's scoring feats

    • His name maybe Dodoo, but that's no reason to compare him to that useless, lying, robbing shite without who Green and co could never have fucked us so comprehensively, WATP (McCoist is not)

  13. Heard a bit about this lad the fact that the prem league champs wanted to keep him should tell others that this kid has real potential

  14. he must have come up seen ibrox murry park and thought wow this club much bigger than Leicester city we are the people

  15. Krancjar very.similar to pedro mendes vwry exiting player dodoo. Is good business same as boumsong got him for penny's sold him for 8 mill

  16. Murry Park is very attractive another good bit of business get him for penny's then sell.him for a few million

  17. Odds slashed on vanPersie becoming no.10. If Magic hat pulled that out bag. It's defo 55!!. Cant see it tbh. Heard West ham n Boro interested

  18. Totally jumped the gun with this announcement…he has NOT signed.

    Official squad numbers published on official site just now and no mention of this guy.

  19. Loving the squad the magic hat is getting together, coverwell in Motherwell, you oldies will remember the ad, but it's about football now, hope the hat puts out a fairly decent team, love to see windass start. Could have been far worse we could have the mighty Lincoln Imps away. WATP

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