Rangers’ fan poll: Tavernier or Hodson?


With Rangers’ competitive pre-season underway in earnest, a great number of things have emerged, and one of them is the two-time selection of new signing Lee Hodson.

With three League Cup matches now under Rangers’ belt, established RB James Tavernier featured at Motherwell, but has not played since, with Northern Ireland’s Lee Hodson since taking that slot.

Without any doubt, while Rangers will face bigger tests than Annan and East Stirling, the backline does appear to have been a bit more solid and robust, with Hodson’s awareness of when to get forward and when not to being quite prominent.

As the season wears on, do Bears think Hodson will surface as the first-choice in that position, or is he literally fulfilling the purpose of cover and depth that Rangers lacked last season?

Will the traditional first choice Tav retain his slot and leave Hodson on the bench more often than not?



  1. Tavernier's better going forward and Hodson's a better defender. Keep them both battling for the jersey.

  2. Tavernier's better going forward and Hodson's a better defender. Keep them both battling for the jersey.

  3. I like the 2 I'd play the 2 together tav just in front of Lee ,Lee to do defending tav more for attack

  4. Play Hodson at right back and play Tavernier in front of him instead of O'halloran who has been trying but has no end product.

    • Hard to have an end product against a team with 10 men behind the ball… He can weave in and out of players but when you get circle jerked its hard to do anything. Wait until league games start and he'll make an impact.

  5. Tavernier is the best wing back at Ibrox, Hodson is a better defender but not a world beater. I'd keep Tavernier as first choice. Personally I am more worried about the centre backs!

  6. both for me – Tav's stats last year astonishing – combined goals and assists second top in Scotland – you simply cannot ignore that fact IMHO

  7. Both are shite hodson struggled at killie tav can hit a ball that's it teams like hearts aberdeen celtic will rip us down the right side

    • We will be tighter against these teams though, Celtic didn't rip us down there in the semi whether it was only one game or not. We also were tighter against Dundee.

    • Clearly you haven't watched Tavernier at all. look at the number of times he won games by being the only goal scorer or the man with the only assist. Hes a Game changer! He's got great ability and mentality not just a right foot.

  8. When u are a defender u have to be able to defend,some of u people have blinkers on,remember the scottish cup final tavernier got took to the cleaners in that game by a republican scumbag,lost a goal at the near post from a corner when's the last time u seen that,he's a good player but not as a defender,watch this space.

  9. Shut up ya fanny!! I trust the gaffer will get it spot on with the defence, the last thing we should be hearing that our players are shite.

  10. I do like Tav he is exciting to watch so that a bonus,
    But you cannot ignore the stabilty hodson gives us
    & thats what we need until we get the CB sorted out,
    Hopefully when that happens we can play both, Hodson can defend & Tav can bomb forward,
    Fingers crossed it will come sooner rather than later.

  11. Hodson "gives us stability " " is a better defender " .How do we know this ? , because he looked good against Annan and East Stirling , both teams who play at a lower level than the teams Tav was playing against, and having no problems against last season.So we doubt Tavs ability to step up a level but we know Hodson can do it even though we have never seen him play at this level.Give me a break , Tav will start because he has been excellent and we need his goals and creativity, it is part of who we are now, but we will be a lot tighter and he will have better cover from midfield .If Hodson gets his chance and plays well , good luck to him .

  12. For all those who didn't know Tav was carrying a bad injury in the cup final but didn't have a replacement hence reason Stokes ripped him love the guy get middle of defence sorted this guy will score for fun this season again

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