What does Brexit mean for Rangers?


Before I begin this piece I will issue an apology to the experienced economists among our readership and ascertain I am no fiscally-inclined financier. Far from it, but like many Rangers fans I learned far more about stocks, shares, corporate management and suchlike ‘thanks’ to Rangers’ admin period and the time thereafter.

As such the upcoming piece is heavily based in conjecture, which in itself is ironic given the basis for Brexit was indeed mostly conjecture and theory-based too.

This is not me making any sort of political point, I am not taking sides in this debate, but it is prudent for Rangers (and any British football club) to examine the ramifications for what an exit from the European Union means in real-time for our club.

The three main aspects that will significantly change, although the full extent is obviously unknown, are as follows:

Transfer fees. With the £ currently experiencing its most volatile period pretty much since its inception, and definitely in the past number of decades, the uncertainty is driving transfer fees through the roof. One Premier League chairman of England has revealed a deal which was set at a particular fee 24 hours ago has hiked by £3M such is the current fall in Sterling’s value. Admittedly Rangers have been remarkable in the window thus far, with barely a million outlaid on over half a dozen players, but the future impact on transfer fees when Warburton starts to need to shell out bigger money could be telling.

Work permits. This is a potentially big problem down the line; currently all EU member-state players who come to Britain are exempt from requiring any kind of ‘entry requirements’. Naturally immigration is declared through legal channels and that is really about it as far as major obstacles go. With EU membership to end, though, these players will now require a work permit (like players from the Americas and Africa), and must be full internationals too. In other words, Niko Kranjcar would require a work permit, but he does fulfil ‘full international’. But down the line, it gets more complicated. Imagine the players Rangers could well be denied in years to come as a result of this. Again, not taking sides, just pointing out some potential effects on our football club.

Under 18s
. Rangers will no longer be able to sign anyone under 18. Simple as that. Currently there is an agreement in place with FIFA that full contracts can be given to U18s for all EU members. That will be revoked, and the likes of Jack Adamson (16) who was recently head hunted to join Rangers’ Academy would now be presumably limited to part time youth schemes rather than being given a professional contract.

There will be many errors here, I am sure, and I am certain the comments section will tell me off for it (despite my disclaimer that I am no expert), and I understand a great number of Rangers fans, at least the ones I have spoken to, voted to leave the EU. But the ramifications for the club are truly up in the air like they are for all other British clubs and change is certainly afoot.

Whether these changes can be adapted to for the benefit of the club remains to be seen.


    • The positives being that ourselves aswell as the English league teams and epl clubs will have to give alot more faith in our youth systems therefore benefiting the whole of Scottish football which I'm sure most will agree is well below par these days

    • Fear not Britain will join the free market which will mean free movement of labour as well as goods, services etc. In effect all the uneducated fuckwits that voted exit on the basis of keeping 'themmums' out will find that the picture has not changed one iota in that respect.

  1. Unless the rules change. This is pretty terrible news for us. We would have been hoping to look far and wide for players looking to make the step to England. A year or so to prove themselves and get a big money move south. Earning us millions in the process. I can only see this becoming either impossible or extremely difficult. A valuable source of income lost. A massive market of players agonisingly close but out of our reach. Hopefully some compromise is made for the political blunder the country has made an we still have access to European players.

    • On the other hand this will effect English clubs greatly and their Bpl stock will decrease. Old firm to England could well be on the cards. Would that happening even strengthen the uk , quite possibly if it means the old firm fans get a ticket to the Bpl . Just a thought

    • I am starting to wonder if this will start to gain legs as the EPL are always desperate to get money in & they know what a draw we are

  2. Could ra Sellic decamp to a European base, maybe a capital city not a million miles from Scotland?

  3. It will take over 2 years + to Officially leave Europe, so its business as usual. In fact until the U.K. Government activate article 50 we are still in Europe.

  4. Good points about work permits and u18 players but frankly they are small issues compared to the damage this disaster of a vote will cause.

    Racism has caused the UK to vote for its own demise, even those who support this must surely realise that Scotland will leave, the nhs will fail and the wealth of the country will erode.

    • Don't u talk nonsense European Union was a failing and costly economy to be part of…. We will start a revolution start new trade agreements and it will benefit the major player e.g uk Germany France…. Don't be stupid country's wealth when was the last time we had cash reserves? And on top of that its disgusting to say we voted because we are racists….

      We wer fukd if we do and fukd if we don't and we won't lose the nhs either so pipe down the at the negativity we are the people 2 referendums 2 wins close wins but w win is a win none the less

    • How dare you call me a racist!!! It's people like you that made me vote leave. Just like the Rangers the economy will recover and flourish with or without pricks like you

    • You may not be racists, but there you go: Britain's over thanks to people like you who opted to 'Leave'… I once used to blame Nationalists, I won't do it anymore this time round. YOU killed the UK.

  5. There is great news. Now English teams will no longer be able to have as many forgin players and have to rely on home based talent too. The bbc did an artical on football after Brexit the other month. In theory it will actually cut the tv rights in England as most of there teams will struggle to even field 11 uk based players 😂😂 hopefully it should in the long run help pull the spfl and the epl bk to a more even keel

  6. Right now I guess that no one knows but from a British perspective it has to be good news for the International Football Teams and for young British talent is things do change. As for Rangers being adversely affected, right now we don't have the finances to co mete for quality European Players and it will be a long time before we are playing in that league and then, only if we are in the EPL, so I am not too worried. Indeed if all NON British people require a passport to travel to the UK it could be a positive thing in terms of keeping hooligans away from some of our matches!

    • But once Nicola gets her way and returns Scotland into the EU and breaks away from England, it will be all change again.

  7. I don't agree with this article and I therefore demand a referendum takes place until such a time that I have my way!

  8. As usual England ran the show so Scotland's out despite the will of the majority of Scottish voters. The Untied Kingdom is no place to be.

  9. We are nor spending fees on anyone , never mind shelling out for European talent , so the weak pound at the moment is irrelevant .As for work permits etc , who knows what the rules will be , all things are now up to be changed to what suits , probably the EPL .Anyway , there will probably be an Indy Ref 2 and we will be in the EU and the English outside , which makes them foreigners and we would require work permits for them .That may be a bigger problem for us , given the makeup of our current squad.

  10. There will be no impact on the club with regards to buying players from outside the UK.

    The UK market is the only one which Warbs and co operate in.

    There is no scouting system in place outside the UK despite us being told for the last 4 years that one would be put in place as a priority.

    A bit like King's promise to sign up to the living wage scheme as a priority………..what happened to that Dave?

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