Report: why Rangers fans are so split on boycotts


 Richard Fillingham

I am really pleased with the
feedback that Ibrox Noise has received recently regarding whether to boycott
away games or not.
First the result of the recent
vote which started on Thursday 9 June and finished on Thursday 23 June 2016:

The vote to boycott is: 65% YES and 35% NO
I try to make my articles as
interesting and as informative as I can, however with this boycott topic it
really has split the opinion of our very loyal support. So much so that a poll
to find out the percentage of the fans feelings would probably help everybody
to decide the way forward – and what is best in the long term for our beloved
club. I would like to address the outstanding question for a lot of the Rangers
supporters for the forthcoming season.
Ibrox Noise has discovered
through the fans’ polls, comments and replies that we receive, that there is a
definite split of opinions with almost every subject we write about. Some fans
want the past to be exactly that – in the past, and let’s move on! Others say,
“We have to pay the b*st*rds back”, for what they did to us in 2012!
The best of the comments are:
“Pay some of the swines back who were instrumental in
booting us out. Hit them in the wallet and on the pitch with the possible
exception of Ross County and Kilmarnock.”
“Time we moved on for me. Need be the “bigger
man” and accept that our opposition fans dislike us for a reason (or
multiple ones). Time to start
building bridges again, not burn
the last remnants of them. Stand up, be counted, be respected and most of all,
be decent people. Boycotting incites hatred, hatred leads to trouble. For fans
with young families it’s disgraceful behaviour to witness. Time some of our fan
base grew up and stopped acting like they are in primary school. “But he
did/said this to me”. So what! Be a grown up and deal with it properly. I
support my team on the park and would hate to think an empty away stand has
cost us points. If you can live with that then boycott but losing games are on
“Absolutely spot on… we can’t dwell on the past.
Even though they deserve it we’ll get the flak from the world press.”
“We are back where we belong and it is time to get
over what has happened and get behind our team home and away. We can show all
the other clubs that we are the best fans and that we don’t hold grudges and
maybe just maybe we can then move for the good and benefit of Scottish
“I agree to boycotting away matches to an extent…but
are we really not going to go to Parkhead??? Or to the grounds of clubs who did
not not vote to put us down to the bottom division?”
“No one likes us we don’t care. I will never go to
another away game of those teams who threw us out of Scottish football. If they
could they would do it again tomorrow. I can’t see the point of giving them my
money for them to better their clubs when I can spend that money on my own
“I agree the Old Firm should have equal allocation for
each other’s ground. But I honestly think it’s time to start moving forward and
support the team. Forget the past few years. We did what we had to do. Now it’s
time to go and smash all of them on the park and we should be there at every
ground to see them do it. I understand why fans want to boycott as they feel
it’s hurting the clubs that kicked us out but c’mon think about it. We DID go
into administration and the rules are the rules. It’s the governing body that
f*ck*d up allowing us to go down and in doing so putting Scottish football into
darkness. We’re the best support in the world. I think we should show everyone
why that is WATP.”
“Excellent article! Season tickets at ‘all’ clubs are
at an all-time high due to the Rangers being back! This is a year to showcase what
the Rangers can do and that’s not just the 11 on the park. Rangers have an
immense support and we are the envy of every club in Scotland
and the majority of the UK.
We can get those b*st*rds back by winning trophies. Our team needs us at home
and especially away! Forgive but don’t forget! No55 will be all the sweeter
doing it with our heads held high.”
“Envy of every other club is just wrong. I fear with
us being back amongst the big teams our song sheet will get us into trouble.
The thousands singing up to our knees need to think about the trouble it will
bring us.”
“I will never forgive or forget when you see how much
hate they have for us no way.”
“Got to laugh at those saying let’s put it behind us,
move on etc. No chance! They didn’t demote us they kicked us out of Scottish
football altogether because the SFL wouldn’t play their corrupt game and let us
into Div. 2. We had to re-apply for entry and licence! Fortunately the SFL
allowed us into the 4th Division but could have said no, then what? Never forget
and never forgive! Hit them where it hurts, in the wallet!”
“For how long? This is shocking
how separated the fans have become over this issue. Pay them back by becoming Scotland’s No 1
“The best revenge is to win every away match. Send
them home miserable as we dance in the stands. We need to grow up and move
“I’ll never forgive and never forget, but rather than
boycott the away games, I’d rather we were there supporting our team, how I’d
love, and they’d hate, to see Rangers fans celebrating a victory at their
grounds. Let’s go to these grounds and rub their faces in it that we’re back
and we’re better.”
“It is a very tough choice. There are those who will
follow on anywhere and those who will pick and choose away games. I will miss
the Old Firm games at their place but will be ever present at home and Killie
away as well as lower league cup opposition. I think we should investigate
opportunities to withhold tickets for Hibs and Motherwell games at Ibrox given
what has happened. As long as all Rangers fans turn out in force for every
game, we should be in better shape for it.”
“Never forgive any of them for their bigoted,
anti-Rangers actions. Have any of the afore
mentioned offenders in this thread asked for
forgiveness? Have any of them offered an apology to Rangers FC? Nope, not a
“hope in hell” of that ever happening. However, the “Mob from
Mordor” are the worst offenders in this scenario and as Tom Pollock asked,
“Are you really going to boycott Parkhead?”. I really don’t think so,
the desperation to obtain a ticket for these matches will be as massive as
ever, this year’s Scottish Cup semi-final proved that for sure. So, forget what
they did? No chance. Forgive them for what they did? Never in a million years,
but always support the Bears, wherever and whoever they play. That’s what Mark,
big Davey and the team as a whole would want too.”
“I voted no. Boycotting away games, imo, will have a
bigger effect on our team than it will the pockets of those who gave us a wee
push when we were on the precipice. Our team needs us. Fans can bring a team’s
performance up a notch or two. Why deny our players this advantage? Buy every
ticket and sing your hearts out! On the 18th and 72nd minute marks, remind the
opposing fans and team who Rangers are and what we represent. Someone more
creative than me can come up with a way to do that but what it must not be is a
song that only reflects badly on Rangers. No need to give them ammunition. How
about a one-minute chant of “You’re not Rangers”? Will remind all
those wee teams of who they are whilst having a wee sly dig at those who
question our history. C’mon the Bears!
As an older Rangers fan…who, when he lived in Scotland used to follow Rangers from Southampton
to Aberdeen….do
I think boycotting away games would help our club….the answer is a definite
Here are my reasons why…
1. To win away games, in tight battles, the away fans
did make a difference between winning and losing..
2.If Rangers fans boycott away matches, it won’t only
affect the leagues other teams but will affect our team, financially also.
3.I believe this would also have a very negative effect
on Scottish football, in general, as the last 4 years have (till Warburton and
Weir arrived, thanks to Dave King).
4.Scottish football contrary to what the Scum fans
think, would be in a terrible financial mess and that would include Celtic (the
only reason they made any money was because of their free league
5.As long as we play with other Scottish clubs, we
have to only care about one thing. The Rangers!! and that’s why, our main team
song…Follow, follow, we will follow Rangers, is most important to me,
personally…Boycotting, could be disastrous for us.
Please, do what’s ALWAYS been done and follow our
team, where ever they play!”
“Boycott for one season to make a point give the money
to Rangers for investment.”
“Superally39 I am with you on this one. Mass boycott
for one year to make sure all the clubs understand our pain on missing out on
the donations of the most loyal supporters in Scotland. And get the supporters
clubs to collect it and invest it back into our club. Bang on brother. WATP”
“A lot of people have short memories. Four years in
exile in the lower divisions and it’s time to be pals again? Some want us to
build bridges, be “decent” and “grow up.” Seriously? Do
none of you nice, sensible people read papers or keep up with with social
media? The last thing on many non-Rangers supporting minds is bridge building
or the hand of friendship. Hostile would be putting it nicely. And if people
honestly think things will improve if we come crawling back with our tails
between our legs begging for everyone to be our pals will make things ok, they
must be very naïve. Anyone thinking that the last four years has been bad, but
that things can only get better, should wait till they see the hate-fest in
store for us next season. These clubs and (especially) their supporters have no
wish to be our friends. Anyway, a boycott would never be 100% successful or
anything like it. Whatever happens, there will always be thousands of Rangers
supporters at away games, and that means that plenty of others who feel
strongly enough can boycott without feeling that the team’s being abandoned. We
should be giving these teams as little as we can, just like we said we would 4
years ago. It’s a sad situation, but if Scottish football is to be repaired,
the onus must be on every team and its supporters to change attitudes and not
just us.”
“Some folks hate of other clubs outweigh their love
for the teddy bears. Never mind the boycott p*sh. Take over the towns and
cities like never before. We will need our support more than ever next season
in our first season back. We need to win this league first time of asking.
Second is last.”
“I am sick to death about people saying move on and be
bigger than they are, well just take 60 seconds, and if you can honestly say
that these clubs and their fans would not want to this day still try to take
our titles away, then you are living in the twilight zone. These morons hate us
for all the things we stand for, and they would have danced on the ashes of our
club. Remember that when your handing over your hard earned cash, they hate
you, and Rangers F.C.”
“There quite simply must be a reaction via a boycott!
Why should we as Rangers fans help other teams by supplying revenue? We cannot
damage the dirty unwashed however all the others would certainly feel the
financial implications of no Rangers away support. We have been away for four
years so a boycott for that length of time would seem appropriate.”
“Well I’m going to try & get to as many games as I
can & I live in England, I don’t give 2 f*cks for anybody but Rangers, On
the other hand if we petition Mr. King could he open up Ibrox to X amount &
show the away games on the big screens or would the SFA not allow that, just a
thought, but as I said at the start, I just want to see the Rangers!!!”
“Let me ask you all people… What is going to really
irritate these clubs the most? Obviously it’s us winning the league and in
order to do that we have got to travel in our usual masses to these places and
back our team to the end and give the opponents some hell too by making us loud
and clear. Do you really think your Motherwell and Aberdeen fans etc? Are going
to be more annoyed at not getting our ticket money, or us celebrating the title
in the home ground? Come on guys.”
“Go to the away grounds if you must, but deny them any
income such as programmes, pies and bovril or anything that could be a source
of income to them.”
“I like how they put the word RE-APPLIED to get back
into the split, how can a new team RE-APPLY? Surely it would be classed as a
first time application if it were a new team? This sevco nonsense is getting
really old, holding companies and football clubs are two different things, the
mighty Glasgow Rangers are still alive and well and truly kicking their way
back to the top, with an exciting brand of football, a good management team and
a board that actually cares about Rangers. Let’s not boycott and follow follow
to all grounds, yeah don’t buy anything from the ground while there I agree,
but the team needs our support guys, so let’s not forget to help push our team
all the way against these haters and prove once again why we are the most
decorated club in the world!!!”
“Boycott definitely! Put your money into Rangers, Dave
King won’t!”
The fans have made their views clear. While the poll result was pretty heavily weighted in favour of boycotting, nevertheless more qualitative comment results suggest a number of caveats and a more even split of intention.
The only way we will find out how us fans have voted is with our feet next season. 


  1. Point 2 how will it affect our finances not going to away games, I for one would not give anyone my money who despises me and others in our support. I have never understood this Aberdeen, Celtic are the main 2 I would rather cut my hands off than give these 2 a dime

  2. we've got a big job to do and our player's need our help going for 55 how many people in the poll would knock back a ticket for porkhead not many time to move on but never forget what these cunts done watp

    • do you think fans of the other teams care if you travel or not,,singing bile,causing trouble,,stay well away as your scum n not wanted,hh

    • It's not about the fans it's about the people who ran the club's if they never wanted us to go a away game why r the moaning about not getting more game with us at home ya fun where up to our knees in EBTs

  3. I'm stuck in the middle. We got voted out by all the teams in the SPFL, although some stayed with us but the likes of Patrick, Motherwell and Hamilton now complain because they are not getting enough money from us. I want to support my team as all other loyal supporters do but why should we finance the turncoats who stabbed us in the back just because they were jealous of our previous success.

    • Just an idea. Why don't the club just ask for 500 tickets for the away games as there will always be a following. They hate us but want our £ fuck the lot of them

  4. I think the idea to go to the away games but don't buy anything,programs, pies, or anything being sold in the stadium at away games could have some merit without damaging our support for the team.

  5. I will follow Rangers everywhere anywhere I will always follow on… I wont however give these clubs a brown penny at the games piece and ham for me it seems.

  6. Seeing a lot of "I'm not crawling back with tails between our legs" arguments from those favouring boycotting. For avoidence of doubt and I reckon I can speak for everyone who voted not to boycott, building bridges again, being the bigger man, accepting we are disliked, moving on etc. Is not surrendering. We are not ever going to grovel, not for what happened, not for one second. Boycotting is not the answer though. It's aggressive and confrontational and solves nothing. Stop singing sectarian songs, stop getting into fights, stop giving opposition fans a reason to hate us except for being successful. We did do wrong, stop pretending we didn't. Rules are rules and we got demoted as a result. Am I happy with the spl clubs reason for rejecting us? Of course not! Their version of sporting integrity is shambolic and downright insulting that they spew their reasons as anything but bigoted hatred. We are rangers though. We expect our management to act like rangers men and be respectful and act in the right manner. Expect that of yourselves as well. Opposition fans may wish to act like confrontational children, we are better than them, prove it!

  7. Listen they will moan & twist & turn & lie at every opportunity to have a go at as,
    But FK Em, Go & SUPPORT THE RANGERS that way it will help the team and thats what our job is to SUPPORT THE RANGERS, A
    And when we beat them [and we will] we can then rub there noses in it.
    We will have off days but not as many as we would have under the McCoist muppets now we have decent players [I mean krancjar c'mon] so dont deny yourself the chance of seeing some games cos you hate the opposition fans/chairmen, Go & SUPPORT THE RANGERS

  8. Fuk them all give them a taste of wat we've been through past 4-5years. Boycott!!!!! No surrender to the foe!!!

  9. I think rangers should be apologising to all of Scottish football for all there wrong doings in the past something they have never done it wasn't their fault yous are lucky to be still in football you reap what you sow

  10. A referendum is the only answer. I now have a referendum every day to decide what socks I am going to wear and what I have for dinner etc. I cannot get enough of them.

  11. I, like many bears have mates who support Celtic who told me as long ago as thirty years ago when Ibrox was rebuilt that they wouldn't buy anything at Ibrox because it made us richer. Surely we can do the same and deny them any extra income, however small, and that goes for all the other teams who tried to shit on us. Eat and drink on the way to the parks, not in them.Just like them,don't bother flushing.

  12. The only away games I see myself going to this year are Dingwall and possibly Kilmarnock. However, it is NOT the ticket money that pays these "clubs". It is the sponsorship and TV money that our club brings to Scottish football. I wish we could have stayed out of the "top tier" of Scottish football for a few more years and got our way into Europe by winning the Scottish Cup. Celtic were dying without us and I would prefer that we never had to play them ever again. They are nothing without us. They should use their real name. They are not "Celtic". They are "AntiRangers".

  13. Fuck they clubs that quite happy Rangers no being there. Look at the clubs that r complaining no getting 3 old firm games. They went intersered 4 years ago fuck them

  14. Why should love of the team mean putting money into clubs that have stabbed us in the back in the past and will continue to do so as it suits ?
    They don't want Rangers FC just they money they bring in.

  15. No one stabbed you in the back.

    SDM sold the club for a £1 to a chancer, knowing exactly what was going to happen.

    Failing to get a CVA killed the club, not the other teams , not their fans.

    Open your eyes, King is selling the same sh*t that Green and White did………… £60k is the total cost in fees of the signings so far.

    Rodgers has a £20m war chest to play with….rest assured he won't be looking at Accrington Stanley frees to boost his squad.

  16. It doesn't really matter if 65% of fans want to boycott. 35% of say 40,000 season ticket holders is 14,000 so unless the pro-boycott side manage to sway the 35% otherwise we will still be filling away stands around the country. We support our team in numbers and create 'home' atmospheres everywhere in Scotland. As a long-term view, our support adds to the Scottish game as a whole and makes our product more marketable which means more money for our European ambitions. We have bigger fish to fry.

  17. Moussa Dembele in Glasgow today for his medical.

    19 year old, lightening fast. Hill, Wilson and Kiernan will have their work cut out.

  18. There you go….Moussa Dembele, 19 hrs old, quick as ☇ v Clint Hill, going on 38 yrs young.

    My money's on Moussa.

    Whose the latest 34 yr old at training today…….hasn't kicked a ball for 16 months but I'm sure Level 5 will provide a more appropriate CV.

    Is Warbs taking the piss……is there an over 30 ' s league kicking off this season in Scotland?

    Free transfer- tick
    Over 30 – tick

    I hope Warbs is also beefing up the medical team……..they are in for a busy season patching up a pensioners eleven.

  19. Mr Fillingham
    I have a question can you or another organisation ask Rangers if it would be possible to open up Ibrox on away games so we could go & watch the Big Screens, £10 for adults £5 for weans etc.
    We would get extra revenue & probably a godd crowd as well, especially if its away game at ICT or Aberdeen on a freezin cold January

  20. What the feck is going on?

    A bunch of over 30 ' s signed so far yet Warbs, with his well advertised English connections,watches Dembele go to Celtic for £500k.

    If this guy continues to develop he will be punted in a couple of years for £10m plus, meanwhile we have Miller and Waghorn for the forseeable future.

    Not a single signing has a resale value, not one.

    Warbs is making a point to King that if no money is available for fees then he will just sign experienced players as signing youngsters is a risk, especially when running with a small squad.

    If Warbs gets truly pissed off and finds another job, his replacement is going to be stuck with a bunch of has beens on 1 or 2 year contracts.

    Rodgers will spend £10m minimum in the next few weeks to add quality to his squad whilst Warbs can only look on and wonder when King will open his war chest. ……….no laughing at the back.

  21. I think a poll on boycotting matches is deflecting attention from more important matters……like our transfer policy.
    A raft of over 30 ' s plus 2 free transfers from Accrington ……..with a £60k development fee eventually paid.
    What happened to Warbs statement that he would sign players who would add value?

    He was also critical of Hearts breaking up the team that skooshed the Championship……….is he not doing the same?

    There's obviously no money to spend on fees.

    Dembele has kicked off Rodgers spend..,. £500k development fee plus a 7 figure signing on fee.

    As an earlier poster pointed out Dembele v King in a chase for the ball……..?

    At this rate Barton could be one of the youngsters in the dressing room.

  22. I wonder if any of the people who said "I'm not setting foot in an away ground for a team that booted us" have visited Easter Road or Tynecastle in the last year or two??? Plenty fans did and they will fill the other stadiums too as we are the best supporters in the World and follow, follow anywhere

  23. Bottom line is that a boycott won't hurt Celtic as the stadium will be filled anyway; in fact there would be more fans inside if Rangers refused their ticket allocation. Seeing as most of the bile being spewed here is against Celtic, a boycott is pointless.

    As a Celtic fan I don't hate Rangers or your support; I have some very good friends who are Rangers fans and can (to an extent) sympathise with what you went through over the last 4 seasons. However, there has to be an acknowledgement that the custodians of the club (including David Murray, Paul Murray and Dave King) showed no fiscal probity and caused the initial damage to Rangers that was exacerbated by Craig Whyte and Charles Green.

    Administration and liquidation were the prime factors in seeing Rangers having to re-constitute and apply for entry to the SPFL, not the other clubs. I would ask each and every one of you who supports a boycott to answer honestly: if Celtic had been in the same position as Rangers were in 2012, would you have wanted them to remain in the top tier of football or start at the bottom?

    I can assure you that an acknowledgement from Rangers that rules were broken and that previous boards were responsible for the decimation of your club would significantly change the attitude of fans from other cubs towards Rangers. It’s the “We are rangers, no one likes us, we don’t care” attitude that rankles with most people, especially when the responses on this board show that you absolutely do care.

    I personally don’t give a shit about the previous titles; we were beaten on the park and that’s what matters to me as a Celtic fan. It’s now our turn to dominate (and we will) but we welcome the chase (to coin a phrase). So enjoy supporting your own club and stop worrying too much about the fans from other clubs and you will probably enjoy the coming season a bit more!

  24. Frank Sheeran,

    spot on, well rounded, objective statement. i am reealy curious how many Rangers fans are wise enough to come to terms with what you said and let go of delusions, seeing reality as it is.
    as they say – truth shall set you free, only then they will be able to rebuild their club without costantly making others shoulder blame for what happened which resulted in a situation they are in now.

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