Rangers fan poll: is 55 coming next season?


With various media outlets confirming Niko Kranjcar’s impending medical, his signature will take Mark Warburton’s summer captures up to six.

Josh Windass, Matt Crooks, Clint Hill, Joey Barton, Jordan Rossiter and now the Croatian playmaker will bolster the Ibrox ranks come next season, and from Kyle Hutton, Ian Black and Nicky Law a year ago it is one hell of an upgrade.

However, despite the clear quality on display now in Govan, is it enough to make Rangers realistic challengers for 55?

With EPL quality now plying their trade for Mark Warburton, there is no doubt Rangers have gone up a serious level and are a far cry from the Cribaris and Coles who insulted the jersey in years gone by, but fans want more than just an improvement; they want a team who can feasibly push for top spot in the Premiership.

Ergo this one goes over to the readers;

Can Rangers challenge for or even win the SPL?

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    • And 22 years ago Celtic finished 6th in the league or something – what is your point…?

      Next season will be a triumph

    • As you say LAST 12 results, the best thing about football is the NEXT game,
      So we will get on with it & see where we go, We have been away for 4years & now were back.

  1. It's going to nearly half a new team again with lots more experience so I really don't think the end of last seasons results will matter much…. Evn tho some may like to think it will, we will be playing much better football than we were and we played very well… WATP

  2. Strong challenge but I'd be very surprised if we toppled the tramps at first time of asking. I love Warbs but I can't help thinking our defence will fall short. I have no doubt about our attack. We could have won the prem last year with our attack. Unless we sign another couple of strong defenders and or Joey Barton plays a blinder all season I think we will fall just short. Hope I'm wrong though WATP

    • Its gonna be brilliant man we are back lets enjoy it,
      We have some quality players coming in which are gonna be better than anything we have had too watch in thelast 4 years so bring it on I say.
      Niko Krancjar as opposed to Kevin Kyle,Samdaza, Templeton,Clarke its gonna be great!!

    • Disagree I think Clint Hill is what we need in the defence, Wilson & Kiernan will benifit from him, Wilson goes missing too often for me & I think it will be him that will be warming the bench this season. Also with Crooks & Barton playing in front of them that is only going to help there confidence!. I think we will do well this seasom. TBH im like a kid at xmas i cant wait

  3. Last seasons results go out the window these players been brought in are better quality n have cut it at a higher level. A mix of the better players in existing sqaud with a few rations with new experienced better quality ones coming in to the positions that all need strengthened I.e 2 CD, 1 DM n 1 striker I really believe we won't b far away. In warbs we trust! No surrender Dave King!

  4. One of my biggest concerns about all Rangers teams over the last 25 years, is their level of fitness. Souness ensured that we were a fit team and it was clear for all to see. Since then I've struggled to see us fitter than anyone else.
    Then came lack of money and the lower divisions. Had we invested in fitness coaches and put a few extra ponds on muscle on our younger players, we would have breezed through every game.
    Along came Warburton and sport science. Suddenly Rangers looked fitter, stronger and more professional than I had seem them in years. In fact, I thought physically we were immense against Celtic.
    My point is, Rangers will be fitter, stronger and even more professional than last year. No matter if other teams have better individual players, no one will have as good a unit as Rangers.


  5. I think we will do well, Im not sure whether we will top the league
    1 thing I do know is that we will need everyone & I mean everyone [Mr Holt,Halliday] to focus 100% & not go missing as every single game will be massive [As footy folk say]
    So bring it on FFS if you cant get excited about being back after where we have ben then you must have spent too long listening to all the sh*te we have had to put up
    Bring it on!!! lets Fkn get em boys!!

  6. I like what Mark and co are doing but a big strong keeper who doesn't fear coming for cross balls would be a godsend. The same goes for the central defenders although Hill is not shy at getting his head where people don't put their boots.
    The one really big issue I have with Rangers is their PR dept as compared to the beggars across the city who never ever seem to do any wrong, does anyone agree that the gutter press are always dishing the dirt on us and the scum get away with all sorts.

  7. BTW on another point has anyone heard anymore about whether the fat man is still selling our new kit, or do we need to call Puma?

  8. I'm not knocking what we are trying to do but even with our signings Ceptic have a better team and they are looking at quality players like Sinclair and Allen to bring in and King seems reluctant to spend any money whatsoever on players, has he got any money and if so where is it?

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